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    Russian invasion of Siberia

    The Russian Invasion of Siberia happened on May 1st 2022, this was due to Bedrockium putting a skyscraper tall fence in the Ural Mountains on Feb 28th, Russia thought this was Siberia's doing and Russia was quickly blaming Siberia for Bedrockium's doing.

    History[edit | edit source]

    on Feb 26th after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Bedrockium was making Russia it's enemy. Bedrockium was thinking about Asian Russia called Siberia and thought to itself "Maybe Siberia should have independence!" so, Bedrockium urged Siberia to be Independent, but Siberia refused the request, So Bedrockium did some drastic measures.

    on Feb 28th Bedrockium started to build a skyscraper tall fence in the Ural mountains. Bedrockium finished the fence in one week.

    It wasn't until April 1st when Russians saw a fence and posted a picture, this picture got to the Russian Government and thought that Siberia was being rude to it's father, turns out it was Bedrockium but Russia didn't know this. Then on May 1st, Russia declared war on Siberia but Siberia was safe due to the fence in Ural mountains, Kazakhstan then built a fence of it's own and banned any Russian troops from Coming into the country. Siberia wondered what the heck is going on and Why Russia declared war on Siberia, Russia quickly did the same thing as USA and North Korea is doing, putting troops near the wall. Siberia rounded 1,000,000 troops and put it's troops near the wall, then Siberia rounded up 5,000,000 more troops for reserves.

    on May 5th, Russia found a way to invade Siberia, by Sea, Siberian troops is now fighting on the northwestern province in Siberia. The Russian invasion of Siberia is now official in May 10th.

    Siberia was still fighting up to June. on June 10th, Siberia was conducting nuclear weapons to counter attack Russia.

    on June 13th after weeks of fighting Russia, Siberia still refused to be independent. this is the opposite of Taiwan, Taiwan wants to be independent with going to War with China, Siberia is already at war with Russia but for some reason Siberia is refusing to declare Independence. "Declare independence, Siberia! You are at war with your own father! get that thru your head!" Bedrockium told Siberia, but Siberia is saying that they are at war with Rebels, Bedrockium stated that Siberia is fighting it's own father, Bedrock also stated that, then Redrock, then China, then Japan, then Kazakhstan, even Ukraine stated that Siberia is fighting the same country Ukraine is fighting. then the Whole Europe except Belarus was stating that Siberia was fighting Russia, every single European country except Belarus was praising Siberia for the defense against Russia. Why didn't Belarus tell Siberia or praise the country? Belarus is on Russia's side, that's why. Belarus did state that Siberia didn't put the fence there, but no one listened to Belarus as Belarus was the bad guy. then North America stated that Siberia was fighting Russia. then South America, then India then Saudi Arabia, then Egypt, Then Thailand, then Malaysia and Indonesia, then Vietnam, then Oceania, a lot of countries was stating that Siberia was fighting Russia, Those statements didn't work,

    on June 14th, the UN stated that Siberia was fighting Russia, that's what got Siberia to listen, Siberia couldn't believe it was fighting it's own father. Siberia tried for a peace treaty, but when Russia was blowing up buildings in Siberia, that's what got Siberia to change it's mind and to try to Declare independence.

    on June 15th, Siberia was on the move of declaring indepedence, Bedrockium's plan is working, The UN was doing a smooth and swift delcaration of independence effort, Bedrockium, Bedrock, Redrock, All of Europe except Belarus, all of North and South America, then all of Africa, then all of Asia, Japan snuck Taiwan in for Taiwan to help Siberia get independence, Taiwan dressed as a Belorussian offical. the UN was surprised to see Taiwan as a Belorussian offical, the UN thought Belarus never stood up for Siberia, Japan told the UN that he was keeping sharp eye on "Belarus" in case "Belarus" tries to rip all the papers for Siberia's independence. the UN agreed and soon after that, Taiwan's vote went in but Taiwan put Belarus's name in place of Taiwan's as Taiwan wasn't offically in the UN. Japan and Taiwan aka "Belarus" headed for Japan, and Taiwan secretly headed for it's home. Taiwan's vote for Siberian Independence was in! Japan told Taiwan that going in Belarus's spot and posing for Belarus was going to be the safest route for Taiwan to vote in the UN.

    on June 16th, Siberia noticed that Belarus's vote was actually Taiwan's but Siberia was glad anyways, "'Belarus' snuck into the UN and voted for me! Thanks you 'Belarus'!", but actual Belarus got mad at this, they didn't even go to the UN and vote because they didn't want to. then Belarus noticed that Japan was keeping a sharp eye on the "Belarus" imitation, Belarus tried to go to the UN and ask for a re-vote. the UN said that all votes are final and cannot be redone. The UN knew that it was Taiwan, but The UN stook up for Taiwan and said that the vote was from Belarus. The UN knew that China would get extremely mad if the UN told China it was from Taiwan. on that evening, The UN went to Taipei to suggest a way for Taiwan to sneak in to the UN without China noticing. The UN told Taiwan to keep posing as Belarus as and that Actual Belarus would not be in the UN anymore. Taiwan was delighted. They was on Siberia's side in the first place when Bedrockium tried to break Siberia from Russia.

    on June 17th, The USA, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia told Siberia that Siberia was able to Join The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, also known as Quad. Siberia as a Member could ramp up defense against China who was posing a threat to National Security in the Indo-Pacific.

    on the Same Day, Siberia was still fighting Russia as Siberia cut ties with Russia completely.

    on June 18, Russia dug a way to Siberia and then Invaded Siberia in the south, Siberia deployed 1,000,000 more troops and more artillary into the war zones. Siberia is fighting Russia for 7 weeks and is still fighting Russia to June 18th. on the same day, Siberia became a member for Quad. Quad's defence was strengthened because Siberia's troops knows the mountains and how to climb them. Siberia also has a troops pass with Mongolia, Just in case China does something aggressive, Siberia can pass thru Mongolia to get to China, Siberia does border China and Can invade China in an instant, But going South, Siberia will also have to pass thru Mongolia to invade China further in the most north parts of China.

    on June 20, a country called Green Ukraine declared Independence from Siberia, This Independence blocked parts of China's borders with Siberia, Siberia couldn't even border North Korea anymore, Siberia got into the Quad for a reason, To Counter China and North Korea and Green Ukraine's Independence blocked Siberia from Bordering North Korea, and it cut China's borders with Siberia is half. Siberia told the Quad that they have to have a different plan to counter the two nations from the north as Green Ukraine is blocking the way.

    On June 21, The QUAD figured a way to North Korea from Siberia, hold North Korea off in the south and when China attacks Taiwan, invade China from the north then get to North Korea, if China attacks first, invade China then get to the borders of North Korea, when North Korea attacks, invade North Korea and finish invading China as you invade North Korea.

    on June 22, Russia was threatening everyone with nuclear Actions, Russia was going to use them against Ukraine and Siberia, NATO Responded to this and so did Bedrockium, NATO was an ally of Ukraine, and Bedrockium was an ally of Siberia, Bedrockium retaliated against Russia and threatened Russia with nuclear actions against Russia. NATO also retaliated and threatened Russia too.

    On June 23, Siberia suspected Russia and China to be in a group called BRICS, Siberia told the QUAD and NATO Members that all BRICS Members should be eliminated, Apperently Brazil Heard this and told South Africa and India, India begged Siberia to not be eliminated but Siberia told India that India was being friendly to Russia. Siberia is not going to tolorate that. They Told India "TO GET OUT OF BRICS OR BE INVADED!!" Siberia did the same with Brazil and South Africa, but the three kept repeately saying that Brics is not a Military Alliance, it's actually an Economic development between five countries, Siberia asked the three why is China and Russia are in this group, India told Siberia that China still needs economic development dispite India and Siberia having China on their enemies list, India told Siberia that India themselves needs economic development too.

    India told Siberia that they could make an Imitation of BRICS called BRICKSTIONS, India said that Bedrockium, Redrock, Indonesia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Thailand, Israel, Oman, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia can be members of this group. Bedrockium already Agreed and so did Redrock, dispite them being developed countries, they could teach the others on how to be developed, Siberia then created the Bricktions, This was to Economically go against the BRICS. BRICKSTIONSbrick will be shown on the other page.

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