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    Topic on Talk:Industried Ukraineball

    Rebuilding Ukraine

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: Hey, Siberia, I think this place needs Starting over.

    Siberia: WDYM?

    Bedrockium: Siberia, All these Buildings are Soviet Era Buildings, and they have been destroyed. the only thing left is the McDonald's in Kyiv.

    Siberia: What should we do?

    Bedrockium: You tear down the buildings, I'll find empty spaces for Manufacturing plants to be built.

    Siberia: Good Idea. [ Takes Excavator and starts tearing down the destroyed buildings ]

    Ukraine: [ Cries ] I got nothing left!

    Redrock: Bedrockium and Siberia are helping you.

    Ukraine: These building are unfit for people to live in.

    Redrock: That's why Siberia is demolishing those buildings.

    Ukraine: I'm gonna change my language. I don't like the Russian type of Ukrainian Language! I'm switching to English. Ukrainian English.

    [ Meanwhile ]

    Bedrockium: Okay, this Steel Plant in Mariupol needs replacing. and we need to build a Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing plant in Rivne, in fact, we need 20 in Ukraine. and the Nuclear Power Plant in Zaporizhzhia needs to be Repaired. but Carefully, there's still chemicals in there.

    [ Meanwhile ]

    Siberia: I feel like these roads need to be torn up and replaced with new ones.

    Uhack: Hey, Siberia, I'm here to help. what do we need to do?

    Siberia: We need to tear these Soviet Era things up and down. they have been destroyed.

    Uhack: Yeah, I get you, what I am seeing is Horrific!

    Siberia: We better get to work.

    Uhack: Yeah, I guess we better.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    [ Meanwhile ]

    Bedrockium: It feels like I got the harder part, but I am willing to do everything I can for Ukraine. Hey, Guys, how is the Semiconductor Chip plant in Rivne coming along?

    Workers: Going as planned Bedrockium!

    Bedrockium: That's what I like to hear.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Russia: Siberia, WTF are you doing?!

    Siberia: I'm tearing down these buildings that you destroyed! Plus, These are Soviet Era Buildings! I'm gonna replace them with Modern Buildings!

    [ Meanwhile ]

    Bedrockium: Feel your eyes, they all over me, don't be shy, take control of me, get the vibe, it's gonna be lit tonight! I wonder where else we should build the factories?

    USA: Hey, Bedrockium.

    Bedrockium: Hey, USA. Where do you suggest we build the Industries?

    USA: I say Everywhere there aren't any cities.

    Bedrockium: Yeah, good Idea. Siberia is tearing down the Soviet Era Buildings that Russia destroyed.

    Siberia: [ Calls Bedrockium on Phone ] Hey, I got Uhack here helping me and Redrock is here with emotional support for Ukraine.

    Bedrockium: say Thanks to those two.

    USA: I'm also here.

    Siberia: USA?

    USA: Yes, Siberia, me.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Russia: Let me Fix them!!

    Siberia: No, Impret Moron! You're the one that dealt the damage, you can't fix what you done yourself!! in fact, Ukraine won't even let you fix his area!!

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Ukraine: I need to speak English. I HATE THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE NOW!!

    Siberia: Good Idea.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: USA: What are you gonna do?

    USA: I'm gonna turn Ukraine into a big Israel.

    Bedrockium: That is a good Idea. We Just need to build Industries in his area.

    USA: What happened to his old Industries?

    Bedrockium: Goddammit, USA, they got destroyed by Russia! You should know this!

    USA: Yeah, I forgot, Sorry...

    Bedrockium: Boy, you are dumb... but you are still my ally! you ain't doing anything wrong!

    USA: I'm gonna invade Iraq...

    Bedrockium: Wait to do that, USA. Iraq isn't doing anything wrong right now. you should invade North Korea, he's doing something wrong.

    USA: Nah, I don't want to.

    Russia: [ Launches a Nuclear Bomb towards Australia ]

    Siberia: WTF?!! [ Grumbles ]

    Bedrockium: Oh, Frickin Moron!! [ Launches 5 Nuclear Bombs Toward Russia ]

    Russia: Bedrockium! Why did you do that?!

    Bedrockium: I had it enough with this stupid idiot! This Destruction in Ukraine is his fault!! and he had the guts to launch a Nuclear Bomb towards Australia?!! This Country is out of his mind!! and other countries should know this!! Being friends with Russia is Super Duper Very Frickin TOXIC!! but some of these countries continue to ignore my warnings about that! and what worse, some of those countries are actually Military Allies with Russia! They will might alongside Russia when Russia declares war on another country, Just like he did with Ukraine!! Russia should be killed!! I'm serious!! I'm Frickin Serious!! I'm so serious that I am not even smiling when I say it!!

    USA: I get you.

    Russia: Siberia, let me repair Ukraine! I'm closer to him! in fact, we are neighbors!

    Siberia: Yeah, you being neighbors with him is what caused this mess!! I'm am literally tearing down already destroyed building because of you!

    Russia: I wanna help.

    Siberia: You didn't help, you only made it worse!

    Russia: I JUST WANNA HELP!!

    Ukraine: Redrock and Uhack, please keep me from yelling at Russia, cause if I yell at Russia, all bets are off!

    Redrock: Let's go to the McDonald's and get you a burger. that should calm you down.

    Ukraine: I hope it will.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Uhack: [ Continues to tear down Destroyed Buildings ]

    Siberia: [ Does same thing ]

    Russia: Can't you Just repair them?

    Siberia: These buildings are destroyed beyond repair, Impret Moron!

    Russia: Why are you calling me that?

    Siberia: BECAUSE!! You started this crap by invading Ukraine!!

    [ 1 Month Later ]

    Bedrockium: Okay, I built some Manufacturing plants including 2 Semiconductor Chips Plants in the western part of Ukraine.

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