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    Anderaal Civil War (Illageriaverse)

    Anderaal Civil War (2027-2034) is a Civil War where Anderaalball collapses during his conquest of Zealandia.

    Alternative Endings to the War

    • Liberal Republic Ending - Liberal Republic of Anderaalball wins the Civil War and began encouraging Zealandia nations to unite under one powerful Democratic State.
    • Communist Ending - The Socialists won the Civil war and began turning all of Zealandia into one socialist superpower like the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics.
    • File:Maori-icon.png Maori Ending - Maori Freedom Fighters win the Civil war, unifies all of Zealandia and turns Zealandia into a Maori traditionalist state and demolishes modern structures and buildings and replacing them with Maori structures.
    • Rei Ayanami Ending - Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, wins the Civil War and turns Anderaal into a Rei Worshipping place.
      • : Third Impact ending - Rei with the embryo of the first angel, Adam, merges with the Second Angel, Lilith, and initiates the Third Impact, exterminating all of humanity by turning them into LCL.
    • John Ending - Johns Kiwi Gang wins the civil war and unifies all of Zealandia under a Despotist dystopian state.
    • Brendan Ending - Brendan the former president of West Anderaalball, with his General former cricketer Brendan Mcullum, wins the Civil War and unifies Zealandia under a Neo-Conservative Republic, while Mcullum spreads his 22bet scam ad to every network in North America and Asia. Sadly for Mcullum, the AHP banned his aggressive advertisement of 22bet gambling site in parts of North America.
    • Heaven Ending - Enrico Pucci wins the Civil War unifies Zealandia under a Holy Roman Empire System and prob be isolated out of the Outside World.
    • Mother Anarchy Ending - Black Militia wins the Civil War and unifies all of Zealandia under a Free Territory anarchic state in the name of Mother Anarchy.
    • Falangist Ending - The Emergency Government manages to win the civil war and unifies Zealandia under a Falangist Dictatorship and also isolate itself from the outside world.
    • Revived Ghost Austrian Artist Ending - Ghost of Adolf Hitler manages to becoming the Leader of Falangist Anderaalball and wins the Civil war and unifies Zealandia under a New National Socialist Dictatorship and blitzkriegs the rest of Oceania, creating the neo-axis, and causing WW3 with AHP.
    • Taupo Supervolcano Ending - Taupo Volcano erupts during the Civil war, and kills the entirety of Zealandia and made a large Ash cloud covering the near entirety of Oceania and causes large tsunamis hitting the Pacific Coasts of the US and Asia, and spread ash dust to the Middle east part of North America. After 10 years of eruption the remains of Zealandia were recolonizee by AHP and the United Kingdom.
      • AHP Ending - after the taupo event, the AHP members go to colonise the remains of zealandia and take it over as a democratic and liberal protectorate of all of the members of the AHP combined.
    • Hipnolandi Ending - Hipnolandball takes advantage of the civil war and invades zealandia and makes a hipnolandist Satanist colony on the continent, and proclaims the Hipnolandi Empireball from it and the mainland. Hipnoland also brings back slavery on the continent and holocausts the File:Maori-icon.png maori population there, forcing them to work in coal mines, slavery fields, and even in extremely dangerous spots, leaving many maoriballs to die.

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