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    Polandball Fanon Wiki
    Can into talking animals!
    GovernmentFile:Parliamentary Monarchy-icon.png Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
    Language(s) English Animal sounds
    CapitalCreature Cityball
    Affiliation UNball NATOball
    Religion(s) Christianity Animism
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsEveryone, especially:


    Brother who also likes animals

    Another brother (eh?)

    File:Australia-icon.png Kangaroos, koalas, dingos, wombats and more

    File:New Zealand-icon.png Kiwis


    File:Italy-icon.png Italyball

    File:Spain-icon.png Spainball


    File:Portugal-icon.png Portugalball

    File:Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball



    File:India-icon.png Jai Hind


    File:Czech-icon.png Krtek

    File:Sweden-icon.png Bork

    File:Norway-icon.png Tough Vikings

    File:Finland-icon.png Angry Birds

    File:Denmark-icon.png Creator of Legos

    File:Brazil-icon.png Mr. Hue


    Kebab Remover

    File:Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball


    File:Russia-icon.png Bears

    Siberian Huskies

    File:Snowland-icon.png Snowlandball

    Throat singing

    Real Chinas

    British Asian

    Asian Las Vegas


    Trade Partner

    File:East Timor-icon.png Portugese Asian

    File:Buganja-icon.png Spanish Asian

    Another Spanish Asian

    File:Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball

    File:Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball

    File:Vietnam-icon.png Pho

    El Kadsreball

    File:Republic of Guy Icon.png Republic of Guyball

    File:Peru-icon.png Machu Picchu

    File:Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball


    File:Janorotia-icon.png Janorots

    File:Robotia-icon.png Futuristic Land

    Talking Car Land

    File:Geometria-icon.png Geometriacube

    File:Narbot Island-icon.png Narbots

    File:Jamaica-icon.png Jamaicaball

    File:Bahamas-icon.png Bahamasball

    File:Dominican-icon.png Dominican Republicball

    File:Haiti-icon.png Haitiball

    File:Vicnora-icon.png Vicnoraball

    File:Colono-icon.png Colonoball

    File:Cirlametya-icon.png Crabs and Lobsters

    File:Sentan-icon.png Sentanball

    The nerdy furry guy in Asia


    File:FoxFallsball-icon.png Foxes

    File:Fishland-icon.png Fish

    File:Bug Forest-icon.png Bugs but don't bite me plox
    EnemiesFile:North Korea-icon.png SHOO JUCHE!

    File:Saderafa-icon.png Sadmerafaball

    File:Tokiakled-icon.png Tokiakledball

    File:Venezuela-icon.png I like capybaras but Guaido is the real president
    LikesAnimals (duh!), nature, life, more animals being discovered, Zootopia, Cartoons with animals as the main element
    DislikesAnimal abuse, PETA (They kill animals!), Squirrel and Hedgehog, being called a furry because of his dog ears
    Historical information
    PredecessorAnimal Kingdomball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes!
    BörkAnimal Animal, random animal sound random animal sound
    FoodWhat animals eat
    Animals galore!
    Animalandball is an inhabited land of talking species an island countryball in North America.


    Friends/Animal Lovers

    • UKball - My father. Had an awesome idea of making animals talk in my clay.
    • File:Geometria-icon.png Geometriacube - Nice idea for a country that has everything shaped like all kinds of shapes.
    • Malichkaball - The nerdy furry guy in Asia. I like how he acts. Dvoreki is such a beautiful capital. What's weird about him is, he sometimes mistakes me for a furry just because I have dog ears. (I'm not a furry!)
    • Garfieldiaball - Cat friend.
    • Siberiaball - Hey, I guess you are Just a region in Russ--
      • : Say I'm Just a region, SAY IT!! because no good things will happen if everyone tries to call me a region!! I am an Independent Country!! so you better watch what you are saying!!

    Don't Know What to Say About These Guys

    Enemies/Animal Pussies

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