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    Autonomous Region of Dalawoball

    File:Dalawo-icon.png Autonomous Province of Dalawoball File:Dalawo (Dictator hat)-icon.png
    Corruption, Jews and Muslims will die one day!
    GovernmentOligarchy-icon.png Oligarchist Colony-icon.png Autonomous region under an Identitarian Dictator-icon.png Identitarian Dictatorship
    PersonalityStern, intelligent, reprehensible, drastic, evil
    Language(s)Dalawoan, Tibetan, English, Hindi, Xakawese, Xienite, Russian, Xecotite, Arabic, Xhokan, Sxulesulese, Nepali, Xlashaoan, Dzongkha and Sikkimese
    AffiliationUN-icon.png UNball

    File:XTOC-icon.png Xakawese Tactical Oceanic Commissionball (Defunct by 2018 after Mjaushyu won the Xakawese Election 2018)

    File:Mjaushyu Sphere-icon.png Mjaushyu Sphereball
    Religion(s)File:Xawmxamasifism-icon.png Xawmxamasifismball

    Protestant-icon.png Protestantball

    Buddhism-icon.png Buddhismball

    Atheism-icon.png Atheismball

    Hinduism-icon.png Hinduismball

    Catholic-icon.png Catholicball

    Orthodoxy-icon.png Orthodoxyball

    File:Baptists-icon.png Baptismball

    Mormon-icon.png Mormonismball
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsVatican-icon.png Vaticanball

    Fascism-icon.png Fascismball
    Nazi-icon.png Naziball
    Identitarian-icon.png Identitarianball

    CSA-icon.png Thanks for bringing Baptist immigrants to my old Republic
    EnemiesCurrent Enemies (oh boy racism incoming):

    China-icon.png CH*NK
    Israel-icon.png K**E
    Palestine-icon.png AR***SH
    File:Sxulesu-icon.png SADEH
    File:Xien-icon.png SHEYEN
    File:Xecot-icon.png COTTY
    File:Xhoka-icon.png KUCHE
    File:Xlashaoa-icon.png The Corruption Factory
    Jew-icon.png K**ES
    Islam-icon.png M*SLEMS
    Soviet-icon.png GOD-DAMN COMMIES
    Venezuela-icon.png SP*C
    Communism-icon.png COMMIE IDEOLOGY
    New Zealand-icon.png BOGAN
    UK-icon.png BOER H***R
    Canada-icon.png M***EF**KER
    Australia-icon.png SECOND BOGAN
    Capitalism-icon.png LITTLE CAPITALIST SHITS

    Former Enemies:

    File:Xakaw-icon.png Mjaushyu File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png
    LikesIdentitarian-icon.png Identitarian Movement of Dalawo, Nazi-icon.png Nazis, Fascism-icon.png Fascism and many more
    DislikesHis past, Xlashaoan people, Commies, Capitalist pigs, mass immigration, Jews and Muslims
    Historical information
    FoundedDec 2, 1952
    EndedMay 15, 2019
    PredecessorTibet-icon.png Kingdom of Tibetball File:Republic of Xlashaoa-icon.png Republic of Xlashaoaball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No
    BörkXlae Xlae
    Dalawoball is an autonomous province located in China also border with Tibetball when Chinaball controls them! Dalawoball will one day wants to get independence from Chinaball with the Identitarian Movement of Dalawo!
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