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    20th Century

    21st Century

    As Bedrockium got ready for new shows in the 21st century, thing were already getting bad. not for Bedrockium but for the rest of the world. The Taliban bombed Twin Trade towers in USA in 2001. USA Invaded Iraq in 2003 and Decided to invade Afghanistan. But USA was getting support from allies. no sanctions against USA.

    Food Lions in malls

    in 2019, When the Pandemic hit. Most businesses in Bedrockium were Getting Bankrupt. JCPenney was Bankrupt. Sears was Bankrupt, Sears Almost Bankrupted Kmart, But The Bedrockiunese Government sued Sears for getting Kmart into Bankrupcy, Sears then set Kmart Free under the influence of Walmart which the Bedrockiunese Government wanted Walmart to watch Kmart. Walmart Bought out Target. Food Lion bought out Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods, Bi-lo and IGA. Kmart bought out Sears in revenge of Sears buying out Kmart and Started planning to close all Sears stores. Dollar Tree bought out Family Dollar, but this also happened in USA, so Dollar Tree stretched it and bought out Dollar General, Dollar Tree also bought Roses and Ross out, Every Starbucks in Target will be left alone while Target will now also have a Walmart Logo on Target's building. Petsmart bought out Petco. Yum! Bedrockium was born and bought out all cafe business except McDonald's, They were unsuccessful on that one. The UN saw this as a Civil War in Bedrockium. But Bedrockium did not know that it's businesses was buying each other out. Bedrockium allowed the companies to Militarize as Bedrockium said that they could be Major armies, Bedrockium allowed Walmart to have 1,000,000 troops. Bedrockium themselves would have 5,000,000 troops excluding the ones owned by companies. Companies promised not to use the troops to buy out companies. Switzerland then organized a UC, the United Companies. The United Companies said that the companies need to stop buying businesses if the bought out businesses was not going for bankruptcy, The UC also told them that they could keep the businesses they bought out as long as they don't buy anymore that is not going for bankruptcy. UC Told them that they can keep their armies for peacekeeping uses. the Companies agreed.

    in 2020, 2 Major Malls in North Bedrockium were getting redone. TangleKmart Mall had a hospital put in it. Carilion Children's clinic was put in the JCPenney Space, Food Lion was automatically in a mall as Kroger was built there. A Kroger Gas Station was put in there. then in 2022, An off building was built, welcoming Panda Express, Jersey Mike's, A Domino's-Pizzahut Combination along with a Taco Bell.

    In 2021, Walmart closed a store in Bedrockium, Bedrockium did not like this and started to look for clues on why Walmart closed a store, Bedrockium quickly found out that It was Amazon that did this, So Bedrockium quickly banned Amazon from being in the country. This is what got Amazon to be more aggressive in USA.

    in 2019 as Kmart closed a Sears in Valley View Kmart, A Food Lion bought out the Sears Space, Food Lion in a mall. How crazy is that?

    in 2021, The Staunton Kmart mall closed, out of Kmart's control, Kmart said there were consequences if they demolish the mall. JCPenney was about to Be Demolished when a Food Lion bought it out and Opened inside that space, Food Lion and Belk said severe consequences if they demolish the mall. They tried in later 2021 but got sued by Food Lion. tried again and got sued by Belk, Kmart, Food Lion and Belk was gonna sue HotWok if they left the building, A lot of suing threats over this mall. Dollar Tree Joined the action along with McDonald's and Red Lobster, threatening to sue the owners if they demolished the mall. Sprint Couldn't sue but Got bought by T-Mobile and Sprint got quickly replaced by T-Mobile, T-Mobile bought out the extention and expanded it. in 2022, Food Lion and Belk quickly Militarized the whole mall, Food Lion and Belk were not Joking when they said not to demolish the mall.

    War in Ukraine

    On Feb 24, 2022, Russia Invaded Ukraine, Bedrockium thought of this as War, And Bedrockium was doing a lot more stuff than Before, It imposed a Ban on Russian goods, It tried to Sanction China but USA rejected that. then in March Bedrockium was cutting oil trade from Russia, Bedrockium had it's own oil so it did not matter, Bedrockium needed more Oil than before so Bedrockium banned oil trade with everyone except countries on it's own continent which are Bedrock, Redrock and Zedro, Bedrockium needed more Chips than before too and started to build a lot more Chip plants than before, Bedrockium secretly invested in Siberia without Russia knowing and declared Siberia independent. Bedrockiunese maps was showing Russia split in half with Siberia being independent and having all of Asian Russia belonging to Siberia, so far, Bedrockium and Bedrock are the only countries to recognize Siberia's independence. Then in April, Bedrockium recognized Taiwan's independence derailing the One China Policy, making China mad, Bedrockium urged USA to recognize Siberia and Taiwan, USA then recognized Siberia but guess what?! It won't recognize Taiwan! Maybe USA is sticking with the One China Policy. anwyays, Canada then Recognized Siberia as an independent country, and on Feb 28th, Bedrockium was building a fence as high as a skyscraper over the Ural mountains and was complete in one week.

    War in Westopolis

    on Feb 25th 2022, Bedrockium and Bedrock launched an invasion of Westopolis, a day after Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine, most of all countries supported Bedrockium on the invasion, Even Russia supported Bedrockium though Bedrockium didn't support Russia. Westoplian Equipment were the cheapest quality ever, cheaper than China. even cheaper than most poor countries. on March, Bedrockium is making slow progress, the reason why is because Bedrockium was going easy on Westopolis because Westopolian equipment was so cheap. Westopolis was putting all effort into the war and yet it's not making any progress, Bedrockium is putting so little effort into the war, and it's making slow progress, That's what Bedrockium wanted, slow progress, not Fast progress, because heavy Bedrockiunese equipment would make progress too fast and Bedrockium didn't want that. meanwhile, Everyone was sanctioning Westopolis, they sanctioned the country that's being attacked! Even Russia sanctioned Westopolis. Everyone made the Westopolian currency as weak as a Jellyfish.

    Russian Invasion of Siberia

    It wasn't until April 1st when Russians saw a fence and posted a picture, this picture got to the Russian Government and thought that Siberia was being rude to it's father, turns out it was Bedrockium but Russia didn't know this. Then on May 1st. Russia declared war on Siberia but Siberia was safe due to the fence in Ural mountains, Kazakhstan then built a fence of it's own and banned any Russian troops from Coming into the country. Siberia wondered what the heck is going on and Why Russia declared war on Siberia, Russia quickly did the same thing as USA and North Korea is doing, putting troops near the wall. Siberia rounded 1,000,000 troops and put it's troops near the wall, then Siberia rounded up 5,000,000 more troops for reserves. then in May, Russia captured Mariupol, Bedrockium was devistated and decided to give Ukraine weapons, Kmart closed it's Russian stores completely, McDonald's was closing it's Russian businesses, all Bedrockiunese businesses was suspending business in Russia, then China was moving closer to attacking Taiwan, Bedrockium was making sure to counter this. North Korea stepped up it's missile attack.

    More Dangerous stuff

    In June, 10 Countries including Britain, Bedrockium, China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, USA and Russia was stepping up their Nuclear games, 3 countries including Siberia, Bedrock and Redrock was starting to make nuclear stuff.

    China is Building more than 300 missile Silos, Bedrockium Is Putting full speed on making Nuclear missiles along with ICBMS and Tests for ICBMS, Siberia is planning to make Nuclear missiles, Britain is increasing Nuclear stockpile limit, France is making nuclear powered submarines, Israel is modernizing it's nuclear arsanle, North Korea is putting it's ICBMS missile test on full spead, Redrock is making ICBMS with USA's help, Bedrock is trying to make some Nukes but is having a hard time.

    There is currently 20,267 and with 13 countries making more, it will go over 25,000.

    War in Ukraine and Siberia

    Russia troops couldn't invade Siberia as there was a fence there, but the Russian Army figured a way to get to Siberia, thru sea, By then Russia Invaded Siberia, but Siberia had an army much stronger than Ukraine's army, Bedrockium was investing in Siberia too much though, but it is helping Siberia fight thru a war, Bedrockium wondered why Russia got to Siberia, Bedrockium had put a fence between Russia and Siberia! Bedrockium thought there was no way Russia got to Siberia but Russia did anyway. Siberia put troops along the Siberian-North Korean Border too, and Siberia put a fence there too. North Korea responded and removed the Fence and gave it back to Siberia. Siberia told North Korea that Democracy and isolated Communism should not border each other and Siberia put the fence back up. China asked Siberia if they was going to build a fence between China and Siberia, Siberia said China is fine, It's North Korea that's the problem. Russia was now focusing on two fronts now. Ukraine and Siberia, Russia rounded up every men Russia had and put them in the front lines. Russia was making more artillary faster than before.

    So Far Bedrockium is trying to Help Turkiye, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and now it's trying to help Laos. Bedrockium is also helping Thailand and Vietnam pay off the Chinese debt. Bedrockiunese loans are not like any other loans, Bedrockiunese loans has no intrest rates and Bedrockiunese loans can be kept to pay off any other country. Others say these are not loans and that this is Just free money from Bedrockium, Bedrockium has plenty of money, about 999 Quintillion Dollars.

    on June 15th, Bedrockiunese-Westopolian war had reached over the 100 day mark. Bedrockium was destroying more Westopolian equipment than Russia was destroying Ukrainian equipment, about x10 more. Bedrock was also in this war. and now, Redrock Declared war on Westopolis. Zedroball Did nothing.

    Siberia was holding off the Russian troops as the Russian troops made absolutely NO progress in Siberia. Siberia still refused to declare independence and yet is in a war with it's dad. the fence is Bedrockium's doing and yet Russia blames Siberia. Meanwhile, Siberia made 2,000 Nuclear missiles, Bedrockium and North Korea kept testing ICBMs, While USA is blaming North Korea for these Tests, USA is praising Bedrockium as USA thought Bedrockium could counter attack North Korea.

    Russia is still fighting Ukraine and Siberia in June 16th. Russia gave Bedrockium "Super Oil", Only USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Bedrockium, Super Oil actually fills the space about the size of Yooperium, Communist Bedrockium, Bedrockium. Russia is giving Bedrockium free stuff, USA saw this and gave Bedrockium Free stuff, Bedrockium didn't know what's happening, Russia countered this and tried to give Bedrockium K1,000,000,000,000 Dollars in one bill, Bedrockium told them that this is a weak bill, and told them that if they want to give Bedrockium K1 trillion, they have to give it to Bedrockium in K100 Bills. they took it back and and did what Bedrockium told them to do.

    There are currently 3 wars going on, The Russo-Ukrainian War, The Russo-Siberian War and the Bedrockiunese-Westopolian War, These 3 wars could turn into World War 3. There is soon gonna be a Chinese-Tawainese War. that will make it 4 wars.

    See, The reason why Westopolian stuff is cheap is that they make a lot with what little they have. they make more stuff than Russia is making and yet it's getting Bedrockium is destroying more stuff than what the rest of the world has. Westopolis is producing more stuff than the rest of the world is producing and yet all of it is getting destroyed. Westopolis is gonna run out of resources to make the stuff by 2023. Meanwhile, Siberia has a lot more resources than China does and and produces almost as much as Westopolis does, unlike Westopolis, Siberia has plenty of resources and can produce stuff at the same quality as USA makes stuff. Siberia will run out of resources but not until 2100. Bedrockium will run out by 2100 too unless luck happens and resources regenerate overtime.

    on June 17th China invades Taiwan waters and warns that all foreign watercraft will make China mad. Bedrockium ignores China's warnings and continues to do what China told Bedrockium not to do, But Does Bedrockium care?! No! It's doesn't! And No, It's not going to be a problem! China's warnings are a problem, China's Warnings are telling Bedrockium to do the wrong thing, and yet Bedrockium did the right thing and ignored China, Making China cross. China wants to claim Taiwan as it's state, like Bedrockium claims Siberia as Independent but it's the opposite, what Bedrockium is doing to Siberia is the opposite of what China is trying to do to Taiwan. Bedrockium says Siberia should be independent, While China, doing the opposite says Taiwan should not be independent, Both Siberia and Taiwan refused to follow Bedrockium and China's footprints on wether to be independent or not. Bedrockium is much more diplomatic than China is though, Bedrockium can do a lot more to force Siberia to be independent without military warcrimes than China could force Taiwan to be a part of China without military warcrimes. Bedrockium did threaten war with Siberia, but Bedrockium doesn't threaten as much to Siberia as China threatens to Taiwan. Bedrockium makes 1 military threat per month to Siberia, China makes about 10 times as much to Taiwan than Bedrockium does to Siberia. Why is no-one recognizing Siberia or Taiwan? It could be months to Recognize Siberia, so, Bedrockium is making easy progress. But No one dares to recognize Taiwan. and a Taiwanese Independence could mean an all out war with China. not with Just Taiwan but with the countries that recognized Taiwan.

    About Siberia trying to get independence, Siberia is not even making an effort to try to get independence, and yet Siberia is at war with Russia, Siberia did cut ties with Russia but Siberia refused to declare independence.

    About Taiwan trying to get independence, Taiwan is putting so much effort into getting Independence without getting into war with China, and even USA is helping Taiwan by supplying Taiwan with guns in case of an invasion of Taiwan.

    on June 20th, Green Ukraine got Indepedence from Siberia, and Bedrockium was the first to recognize Green Ukraine's Independence. Siberia Got a little mad but soon said to forget about Siberia getting mad.

    On June 22nd 2022, Bedrockium was getting statements from Former Soviet Countries that Russia wasn't gonna recognize them anymore, Bedrockium did a retaliation and Warned Russia that a de-recognization from Bedrockium will happen if Russia de-recognizes Kazahkstan, Russia doesn't recognize Ukraine, MRNC, Siberia, or Green Ukraine as Russia wants all three countries to be fused into Russia

    On the Same Day, "WHATSHISNAME" (Don't like him so I'm not saying his name!!) Threatened everyone of Nuclear threats and say that he will use them against Ukraine and Siberia, Is he bluffing? or is this real? if it was real and he did use them against Ukraine and Siberia, This would be a threat towards NATO as NATO Borders Ukraine, This would also be a threat towards Bedrockium as Bedrockium will not tolerate that action, Bedrockium will use nuclear actions Towards Russia if Russia did use nuclear actions.

    War stopped in Siberia but keeps continuing in Ukraine

    on September 24th, Russia and Siberia meet a peace treaty with it being done in New Delhi.

    on September 26th, Someone blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline and no one knows who did it.

    on Early October, someone blew up the Crimean Bridge, again, no one knows who did it.

    on October 6th, Redrock's President died.

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