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    File:Buganja-icon.png Buganjaball File:Buganja-icon (hat).png Kingdom of Buganjaball
    Un hablante de español en Asia
    GovernmentPresident-icon.png Unitary presidential constitutional republic
    PersonalityHappy, nice, friendly
    Language(s)Spanish-icon.png Spanish
    TypeSPQR-icon.png Latin
    AffiliationASEAN-icon.png ASEANball UN-icon.png UNball
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christianity
    • Catholic-icon.png Roman Catholicism

    Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism

    • Theravada-icon.png Theravada
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsSpain-icon.png Spainball (mother)

    Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball

    Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball

    El Salvador-icon.png El Salvadorball

    Japan-icon.png Japanball

    Philippines-icon.png Twin Hermano

    Costa Rica-icon.png Costa Ricaball

    Panama-icon.png Panamaball

    Honduras-icon.png Hondurasball

    Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball

    Italy-icon.png Italyball

    Papua New Guinea-icon.png Papua New Guineaball

    Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball

    East Timor-icon.png East Timorball

    France-icon.png Franceball

    Portugal-icon.png Portugalball

    Brazil-icon.png Brazilball

    USA-icon.png USAball

    File:Bingostria-icon.png Bingostriaball

    Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball

    Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball

    Macau-icon.png Macauball

    Israel-icon.png Israelcube

    Dominican-icon.png Dominican Republicball

    China-icon.png Chinaball

    India-icon.png Indiaball

    Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball

    Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball

    Russia-icon.png Russiaball

    South Korea-icon.png Free Products

    Thailand-icon.png Thailandball

    File:Nutossia-icon.png Nutossiaball

    Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball

    Ecuador-icon.png Ecuadorball

    Singapore-icon.png Tringapore

    Awzbseki-icon.png Awzbsekiball

    Malichka-icon.png Malichkaball

    File:Totomarina-icon.png Totomarinaball

    Autotopia-icon.png Autotopiaball

    Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball

    Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball

    File:Gonelandia-icon.png Kebab Brother

    File:Lanesonida-icon.png Lanesonidaball

    File:Lorgatia-icon.png Lorgatiaball

    Canada-icon.png Canadaball
    EnemiesSaudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball

    Haiti-icon.png Haitiball

    Palestine-icon.png Palestineball

    Bangladesh-icon.png Fake Refugees

    Gabon-icon.png Gabonball

    Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball

    Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball

    Catalonia-icon.png Stop trying to separate from mi madre!

    File:Islina-icon.png You are fake

    File:Donlaida-icon.png Donlaidaball

    File:Zarifisthund-icon.png Flag stealer
    LikesHimself, Parties, Carlos Jugente, Forests
    DislikesSaudi Arabia-icon.png Catholic Killer
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No
    BörkDrigo Drigo, JA JA JA
    FoodSpanish Food, salad
    Can into Latino like my twin brother!
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