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    File:Chikotenia-icon.png Avian State of Chikoteniaball File:Chikotenia-icon.png
    Chikotenia with fieldfare.png
    GovernmentAvian Constitutional State
    PersonalityCaring, friendly, joyful, nature lover, peaceful, wants to avoid controversy, rational
    Language(s)File:Chikotenia-icon.png Chikotenian (Language of the fieldfares, sometimes considered dialect of Drizdian as Piskun dialect)
    File:Belarus-icon.png Belarusian
    TypeAvian (Main type) File:Slavs-icon.png Slavic
    Affiliation UNball
    Religion(s)🐦 Avianism (main)
    • Orthodoxy
    Relations and opinions
    Friends Ukraineball
    File:Belarus-icon.png Belarusball (Usually)
    File:Russia-icon.png Russiaball (Frenemies)
    File:Hirska-Drizdia-icon.png Hirska-Drizdiaball
    File:Chorna-Drizdia-icon.png Chorna-Drizdiaball
    File:Bilobrovia-icon.png Bilobrova-Drizdiaball
    File:Spivocha-Drizdia-icon.png Spivocha-Drizdiaball
    File:Bluethecat-icon.png Animals have rights!
    File:Ukrainian Malibu-icon.png Ukraine's son in North America
    Green Ukraineball
    File:Musicland-icon.png Musiclandball
    File:Lithuania-icon.png Lithuaniaball
    File:Latvia-icon.png Latviaball
    File:Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball
    EnemiesFile:Russia-icon.png Russiaball (Frenemies)
    LikesBirds (Including fieldfares), Slavs, berries, potatoes, trees, forests, fields
    DislikesDeforestation, wildfires, habitat destruction
    Historical information
    FoundedSeptember 22 2021
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No, cuz birds aren't made for into space
    BörkFieldfare fieldfare, chikoten chikoten

    Chikoteniaball (Chikotenian: Чікотенія, Ukrainian: Чикотенія), also known as Rabinniaball (Belarusian: Рабіннія), Piskun-Drizdiaball (Ukrainian: Піскун-Дріздія, Belarusian: Піскун-Дроздія), and officially the Avian State of Chikoteniaball is an Avian countryball in East Europe. It is the first Avian countryball made by Pigeon Project to exist on the fanon.

    Bird Species Representation of the Countryball

    The species of bird this Avian countryball represents is the fieldfare (Turdus pilaris), which is the bird species that this countryball consider as their only citizens and the only part of their population (despite that people also live there too) unlike any other Avian countryballs, which consider both the birds that represent their nation and people as citizens and count also the people as part of their population. Fieldfares are called Чікотен in the Chikotenian language and the fieldfares considered to be the citizens of Chikoteniaball are called Чікотенянці (Chikotenians in English).


    The First Establishment - September 22 2021

    Chikoteniaball was established by Ukrainian ornithologists that have planned to establish a state that represents a certain type of bird so that the birds can have advanced intelligence to work in the established society. It has been first established on the day of autumnal equinox in the Northern hemisphere in 2021.

    Effects Into the Bird Species Representing the Nation Living There

    This resulted in fast evolution of fieldfares having human-like intelligence when the state representing them gave them enough needs that are needed for them to establish their own society and even also speak their own language which isn't exactly based on human speech, but it's very much like it in an Avian way as they take from what they hear from human speech. The idea spread around to the establishment of other Avian countryballs, many of which that aren't on the fanon yet, and they have achieved the same effect with the bird species that are the main part of the Avian state.



    • Ukraineball - My neighbor I am proud to have with me. Thank you for your support to our fieldfares and me. Also, some of your people come to me for enjoying the time with my fieldfares and even caring for them, not doing anything wrong. Even for so, Crimea is yours! Also, our languages are very mutually intelligible, literally almost infinite amount of the words in our languages are very similar, yet the way we speak it out is vastly different. My Chikotenian citizens will surely welcome your citizens to my proud Avian state, too! :D
    • File:Belarus-icon.png Belarusball - Also my neighbor I am proud to have with me, though we have kinda complicated relations. I love your potatoes. I don't care that you have recognized Crimea as Russia, but you do seem to be against it. I support the opposition in your protests though, but you know... It seemed like pain. Anyways, I feel okay that you call me Rabinnia, as you call fieldfares "Rabinnik" in your native language. I never think of you as a puppet of Russia, as you will never like being referred as that. Plus, I don't think you really need a union with Russia, you'll have to be yourself. :)
    • File:Hirska-Drizdia-icon.png Hirska-Drizdiaball - My mountainous brother who loves living in the mountains with ring ouzels as citizens representing you! Fieldfares and ring ouzels also come along together, as all along with themselves, to express our love and peace around the Drizdian nations!
    • File:Chorna-Drizdia-icon.png Chorna-Drizdiaball - My amazing brother who loves to sing in the woods, even in my woods. Your citizens also sometimes come to my clay for the support with us and even to show off their songs. Very precious and melodious boi. Even my citizens also come to your clay as they also love your forests, even I love your forests also.
    • File:Bilobrovia-icon.png Bilobrova-Drizdiaball
    • File:Spivocha-Drizdia-icon.png Spivocha-Drizdiaball
    • Animalandball
    • Malichkaball
    • File:Bluethecat-icon.png Federal Republic of Bluethecatball - Animals have rights too. I have my fieldfare rights in my clay, and so do your cats in your clay.
    • File:Ukrainian Malibu-icon.png Ukrainian Malibuball - My neighbor's island
    • Green Ukraine Republicball - My neighbor's brother
    • File:Musicland-icon.png Musiclandball - Hey, how about you come and play melodious music with my fieldfares? :D
    • File:Lithuania-icon.png Lithuaniaball - Baltic friend. I love your forests like I love Estonia's forests. I would like to come to there.
    • File:Latvia-icon.png Latviaball - Another Baltic friend. I love your potatoes like I love Belarus's potatoes.
    • File:Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball - Even another Baltic friend. I also love your forests.
    • Fascist Republic of Andrew DAball -


    • File:Russia-icon.png Russiaball - Neighbor of my 2 neighbors. Maybe you may be okay with me if you don't ever to threaten and destabilize Ukraine even more with what you have and what you are doing. After all, I don't want any more instability into my very caring neighbor. Anyways, it's nice that you also like the type of bird that represents me, but I don't even accept your excuses about Ukraine. Seems fine that you also like Belarus very much, but about your relations with Ukraine? Oh well... I want to avoid controversy. Anyways, I respect your people though, not hating on you entirely. Just maintain good relations with my very caring neighbor, no more extreme destabilizing. Also, don't continue supporting the separatists in the Donbas war and please solve it along with Ukraine.

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