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    File:Chorna-Drizdia-icon.png Avian State of Chorna-Drizdiaball File:Chorna-Drizdia-icon.png
    Chorna-Drizdia with blackbird.png
    GovernmentAvian Constitutional State
    PersonalityCaring, friendly, active, nature lover, peaceful, harmonious, meticulous, cheerful, grateful, considerate
    Language(s)Drizdian Ukrainian
    File:Belarus-icon.png Belarusian
    TypeAvian (Main type)
    File:Slavs-icon.png Slavic
    Affiliation UNball
    Religion(s)🐦 Avianism (main)
    • Orthodoxy
    • Catholicism
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsFile:Chikotenia-icon.png Chikoteniaball
    File:Hirska-Drizdia-icon.png Hirska-Drizdiaball
    File:Bilobrovia-icon.png Bilobrova-Drizdiaball
    File:Spivocha-Drizdia-icon.png Spivocha-Drizdiaball
    File:Belarus-icon.png Belarusball (Usually)
    File:Czech-icon.png Czechiaball
    File:Slovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball
    File:Russia-icon.png Russiaball (Frenemies)
    File:Ukrainian Malibu-icon.png Ukrainian Malibuball
    Green Ukraineball
    File:Bluethecat-icon.png Federal Republic of Bluethecatball
    File:Musicland-icon.png I would like to sing in harmony with you
    File:Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball (Kinda?)
    LikesBirds (especially blackbirds), singing in the dawn and night, forests, trees, sinister and natural settings, woods
    DislikesDeforestation, wildfires, habitat destruction, no dawn choruses at all
    Historical information
    FoundedOctober 3 2021
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No
    BörkBlackbird blackbird

    Chorna-Drizdiaball (Drizdian and Ukrainian: Чорна-Дріздія, Belarusian: Чорна-Дроздія), also known as Chorno-Drizdiaball (Ukrainian: Чорно-Дріздія, Polish: Ptasi Stan Czarno-Drozdija), and officially the Avian State of Chorna-Drizdiaball is an Avian countryball in Central and East Europe.

    Bird Species Representation of the Countryball

    The bird species that represents Chorna-Drizdiaball is the common blackbird (Turdus merula). Blackbirds are also excellent singers, which is why Chorna-Drizdiaball in the fanon loves to sing harmonically with blackbirds in forests and the woods, mainly at night or dawn. Blackbirds in Drizdian are called чорні дрізд and the blackbirds (and people) that are the citizens of Chorna-Drizdiaball are called Чорна-Дріздівцї (Chorna-Drizdians in English).


    First Establishment - October 3 2021

    Chorna-Drizdiaball became established 2 days after the establishment of File:Hirska-Drizdia-icon.png Hirska-Drizdiaball, as some more Drizdian nations started to form. It became the third Drizdian nation to be established, after File:Hirska-Drizdia-icon.png Hirska-Drizdiaball and File:Chikotenia-icon.png Chikoteniaball.



    • Ukraineball - Absolutely a very good neighbor for all of us Drizdian nations near you. I never forget about your mysterious forest in the North of you, so my citizens sing a lot in there. Your citizens are also very welcome to my clay, and my citizens will also welcome you as well. You definitely have a lot of influence on us Drizdian nations. We will never forget our times with each other. Also, Crimea's truly yours.
    • File:Chikotenia-icon.png Chikoteniaball - Hey brother, we share our love for forests. Fieldfares and blackbirds also get along together. I love your forests, too. Even also my citizens come to your forests. There are many things to do with ourselves. :D
    • File:Hirska-Drizdia-icon.png Hirska-Drizdiaball - My very close mountainous brother, so much to like for. Ouzels and blackbirds also get very much along as well, even as for so, ouzels are like the mountainous equivalent of blackbirds. Perhaps yeah, you very much like it when I sing. As so I very much love forests and the woods, but please eh... Don't think that it's very extreme. And yes, we shall agree on the union of Drizdian nations. Btw, I like your mountains. :)
    • File:Bilobrovia-icon.png Bilobrova-Drizdiaball
    • File:Spivocha-Drizdia-icon.png Spivocha-Drizdiaball
    • Polandball - West Slavic neighbor, very much nice to see you're near me. There goes very much how there is something you had about, but don't ever worry. There's something that's needed to be done about it. :)
    • File:Belarus-icon.png Belarusball - Pretty much the same opinion I have with you from Chikotenia. As for so, I also love your forests and the woods, my great neighbor. You also don't need a union with Russia, just be yourself. :)
    • File:Czech-icon.png Czechiaball - My West Slavic friend, there goes by your thing. I am thinking of like, how is nature there in you... You know, I will sing in there. Even for so, our citizens also get well along with Czechs. (^,^)
    • File:Slovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball - Same as for what I said for Czech Republic, blackbirds and Slovaks also get along together, even for so with the thing that ouzels also come to visit there. :D
    • File:Ukrainian Malibu-icon.png Ukrainian Malibuball
    • Green Ukraine Republicball
    •  Animalandball
    •  Malichkaball
    • File:Bluethecat-icon.png Federal Republic of Bluethecatball
    • File:Musicland-icon.png Musiclandball - Perhaps we both like to sing!


    • File:Russia-icon.png Russiaball - Same opinion as said by Chikotenia.
    • File:Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - Sadly, I can't recognize you as independent because of the neighbors I have. However, I like you cause we have very similar name origins. :D

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