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    Cold War two is a conflict between China and Russia and SATOball vs NATO-icon.png NATO, QUAD, Siberia, Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium, JCPenney-icon.png Redrock, Blank-icon.png Bedrock, Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball, Empire of Alaska, Guy-icon.png Democratic Republic of Guy, Sodor-icon.png Island of Sodor and File:Oceanus-icon.png Oceanus.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

    The Conflict started in June 28th as Russia-icon.png Russia's war in Ukraine and Siberia-icon.png Siberia and Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium's war in Green-icon.png Westopolis continues.

    Brics and Brickstions are turning into a Military Alliance as this war is emerging, Brics is applying Iran-icon.png Iran and Argentina-icon.png Argentina, Brickstions is Applying Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam, Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball, Blank-icon.png Bedrock, Venezuela-icon.png Venezuela, Mexico-icon.png Mexico, Cuba-icon.png Cuba, Empire of Alaska (the A will count, not the E) and Island of Sodor.

    on June 29th Hong Kong has Fallen, Sodor was preparing for War by painting it's engines black, Bedrockium was putting more force into it's war with Westopolis, Siberia is managing to fight off Russia. NATO was putting 300,000 soldiers on high alert in Eastern Europe, Bedrockium and Siberia was putting 1,000,000 soldiers each on high alert in Siberia and South Korea.

    On the Same Day, Brickstions has applied Zedroball in the alliance, Brickstions is gonna turn into a military alliance if China starts a war.

    on June 30th, Bedrockium is putting more force into it's war with Westopolis and Siberia-icon.png Siberia is making China-icon.png China it's Worst enemy now.

    On the same day, NATO-icon.png NATO has at least than 324,000 troops in Eastern Europe, Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium has 1,000,000 troops in Siberia on the west part and itself and Siberia has 2,000,000 troops on borders with China

    Bedrockium and USA-icon.png USA also has 1,000,000 Troops in South Korea-icon.png South Korea to take on North Korea-icon.png North Korea

    On July 1st, Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium, Siberia-icon.png Siberia, NATO-icon.png NATO and QUAD predicts that this Cold War 2 will turn into a World War 3, War in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine, Siberia-icon.png Siberia and Green-icon.png Westopolis is already showing that.

    NATO-icon.png NATO Expanded into Asia, With Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium, Blank-icon.png Bedrock, JCPenney-icon.png Redrock, Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball, Siberia-icon.png Siberia, Japan-icon.png Japan, South Korea-icon.png South Korea, Australia-icon.png Australia and New Zealand-icon.png New Zealand participating in the summit. the summit ended on July 1st. NATO-icon.png NATO and Brickstions are moving into an agressive move to counterattack another aggressive move. the aggressive move by Brics and SATO.

    SATO responded by adding and Sri Lanka-icon.png Sri Lanka to apply to the union. It also tried to lure in India-icon.png India, but failed (a mutual trade agreement was met though).

    Brickstions Responded to SATO by immediatly adding Malaysia-icon.png Malaysia, Singapore-icon.png Singapore and Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladesh to apply to the union. Brickstions is planning a Full scale invasion of Libya-icon.png Libya in case. Threatened, SATO befriends Russia-icon.png Russia and Russia-icon.png China, and applies more members into the union; Iran-icon.png Iran, Palestine-icon.png Palestine, Burundi-icon.png Burundi, Bolivia-icon.png Bolivia, Myanmar-icon.png Myanmar, Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia, Eritrea-icon.png Eritrea, Sudan-icon.png Sudan plus South Sudan-icon.png S. Sudan, CAR-icon.png CAR, Guinea-icon.png Guinea, Yemen-icon.png Yemen, North Korea-icon.png North Korea, and Nigeria-icon.png Nigeria. All were sanctioned by the EU-icon.png EU unfairly, so most joined or observed. This is an anxious move but SATO didn't actually want war yet, just to "liberate countries" from poverty and western "neocolonialism". This was mistake EU did that empowered SATOball.

    Libya realizes that it needs to plant headquarters all around, so that if Tripoli is captured the idea of SATO can survive. This will also make Libya time to develop itself instead of focusing it's survival on alliances. So it is given based in Addis Abada (Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia), Luanda (Angola-icon.png Angola), and Nadiyaw (Myanmar-icon.png Myanmar)

    Brickstions, then Applies Morocco-icon.png Morocco, Argentina-icon.png Argentina, Colombia-icon.png Colombia, Peru-icon.png Peru, DR Congo-icon.png DR Congo and succeeds into applying Venezuela-icon.png Venezuela then applies Algeria-icon.png Algeria, Egypt-icon.png Egypt, Iraq-icon.png Iraq, South Africa-icon.png South Africa, India-icon.png India (actually applies as a member), and Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan. But Venezuela-icon.png Venezuela needs to get rid of Maduro first.

    Then SATO does the unthinkable, SATO Applies Green-icon.png Westopolis into SATO membership, however, this process was taking forever and SATO worries this would ruin its role in world politics.

    NATO-icon.png NATO and EU-icon.png EU Cracks down on SATO Expansionism, NATO-icon.png NATO told SATO if SATO expands, they would be dismantled.

    Brickstions told Kazakh-icon.png Kazakhstan that they can trade with SATO, but not become a member for it. Kazakh-icon.png Kazakhstan agreed.

    Things were not going well for SATO though, the Westopolian membership was toxic for SATO, but SATO did not know this. it made Myanmar-icon.png Myanmar's troops leave Myanmar-icon.png Myanmar's military, Myanmar-icon.png Myanmar's troops attacked the SATO base in Nadiyaw, Myanmar then Myanmar's troops went and got enlisted for Thailand-icon.png Thailand's military. this was out of Myanmar's control and this wasn't Brickstions's fault. Brickstions did voluntary warn SATO about Westopolis, but SATO didn't listen.

    Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan then descended into a Civil War. again, Green-icon.png Westopolis did this.

    Sudan-icon.png Sudan then did the same thing as Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan did. yet again, it was Westopolis, but SATO refused to take Westopolis out of the application for membership.

    Somaliland-icon.png Somaliland broke off of Somalia-icon.png Somalia and Joined Brickstions, Brickstions did not want Somaliland as Brickstions told Somaliland that Somaliland belongs to Somalia-icon.png Somalia. Somaliland-icon.png Somaliland then left Brickstions.

    Congo-icon.png Republic of Congo then Joined Brickstions along with DR Congo-icon.png DR Congo, then Botswana-icon.png Botswana Joined Brickstions, then Madagascar-icon.png Madagascar, then the countries that Brickstions applied for as members.

    the FormerTurkmen-icon.pngUzbek-icon.png SSR Stans Tajik-icon.pngKyrgyz-icon.png created a union called "Stan", Stan remained neutral. the union excluded Kazakhstan.

    Kazakhstan established a trade deal with SATO, but Kazakhstan told SATO that they are already a member for another union.

    Brickstions added Belarus to it's union, being the only european nation that wants to Join Brickstions.

    Turkiye then plans to attack Syria, Turkiye is gonna start an invasion of Syria, SATO Responded and applied Syria as a member.

    Brickstions then applied Ukraine as a member and Brickstions turned into a Military Alliance as the wars continue. there was now two new wars, Pakistani Civil War and Sudanese Civil War, there was also Mexican Drug War which Brickstions is on Mexico's side for, and the Syrian Civil War.

    Protests went to the max in Ecuador as the people did not want the country to be in SATO, the people know that SATO is pro Russia and the people said that Russia is the attacker. so Ecuador left SATO.

    SATO started to realize what was going on. So it started to stop the alliance with Russia-icon.png Russia and denounce it for "expansion into Ukraine", and keep the relations with China who was neutral Taiwan-icon.png for now Taiwan-icon.png. SATO said that Bricktions was dragging country into the union only to make quick exploitation out of them, but SATO offered peace as long as Bricktions didn't add anymore members from the southern hemisphere.

    Brickstions and SATO made a peace treaty, they would not add anymore members, but Green-icon.png Westopolis got angry because SATO Rejected Westopolis to be a member of SATO, so, Westopolis went and invaded Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Libya but was quickly stopped by Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium who decided to defend Libya instead of invade it. SATO told Bedrockium that they got it from there, Bedrockiunese troops left Libya-icon.png Libya for SATO to fight Westopolis. Brickstions told SATO that Westopolian equipment were the cheapest quality equipment on earth and that SATO would have no problem on defending Tripoli.

    Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium is now putting a full scale invasion of Green-icon.png Westopolis. Russia-icon.png Russia is now going to use Ballistic Missiles against Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine and Siberia-icon.png Siberia now, Siberia-icon.png Siberia condemned this act and warns Russia-icon.png Russia of Missile attacks from Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium. Bedrockium agreed with Siberia-icon.png Siberia, While Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine couldn't do anything about it except fight for it's life. Meanwhile, NATO-icon.png NATO could see that SATO ended aggression and retreated it's invasion of Libya plans.

    on June 2nd, Westopolis sent multiple SATO members into Civil Wars, It send Iran into a Civil War, It made the Syria-icon.png Syrian Civil War more deadly, It also sent Somalia into a Civil War, It even sent Bolivia-icon.png Bolivia into a Civil War. and it made the protesters in Ecuador turn deadly, it even sent a Brickstions member Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball into civil war, Brickstions responded to this and is making plans to dismantle Westopolis once it is captured. This time, with the alliance of SATO.

    Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

    Bedrockium has been watching the China-icon.png China's invasion of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan thing, it hasn't actually happened yet, but when it does, Bedrockium will be ready.

    On June 3rd, Siberia-icon.png Siberia took back land from Russia-icon.png Russia and called for it's weapon industry to produce more weapons and artillary and stuff, the industries agreed.

    Bedrockium then invested more into Siberia-icon.png Siberia with it's tank manufacturing plants, this was to help Siberia with it's war with Russia. China-icon.png China wants Siberia's natural resources but Siberia-icon.png Siberia said "Go find them somewhere else!". this made China-icon.png China upset so China called on Russia-icon.png Russia to step up it's attack on Siberia-icon.png Siberia, Russia agreed. This made SATO upset with Russia and so SATO cut ties with Russia and started to sanction it. but Brickstions told SATO that sanctions won't work against Russia. meanwhile, Russia-icon.png Russia invaded Siberia-icon.png Siberia again with more force than before.

    On the same day, Pakistani Taliban fought with the Rebels against the military in Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan, this came from Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistan.

    on the same day, Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistan had another earthquake, India-icon.png India once again provided food for the Afghan people, but India avoided being in contact with the Taliban-icon.png Taliban. and this time, Bedrockium also provided food for the Afghan people, but Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium also avoided being in contact with the Taliban.

    Taiwan got Independence as "Republic of Taiwan-icon.png Republic of Taiwan", this was Siberia's encouragement for Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan to get independence from China-icon.png China, but things were getting worse between Siberia-icon.png Siberia & China-icon.png China, Republic of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan & China-icon.png China and Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium & China-icon.png China, Bedrockium pulled back on China's "One China Policy", and so did Siberia. China-icon.png China then invades the Taiwan strait.

    On June 4th, Green-icon.png Westopolis sent Libya-icon.png Libya into a Civil War and it also sent North Korea-icon.png North Korea and South Korea-icon.png South Korea against each other.

    China-icon.png China wants to make Taiwan a SAR, and is very mad of the failed reunification and is making aggressive moves in the South China Sea and East China Sea. Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam and Philippines-icon.png Philippines claims South China Sea. and Japan claims East China Sea. Japan-icon.png Japan already had a sea called Sea of Japan, and now Russia has entered the China-icon.png China seas. China might invade Republic of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan but everyone doesn't know when it's gonna happen, but Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium predicts 2023 is the year that China-icon.png China is gonna invade Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan.

    SATO on the other hand, starts heavy drone strikes against Westopolis. It also launches missions to the members and other countries at war.

    Russia-icon.png Russia then threatened SATO that use of heavier equipment would likely cause for Russia-icon.png Russia to declare war on SATO. Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium then threatened Russia-icon.png Russia and says "You've changed sides did ya?! you've always been an impret moron!", Russia-icon.png Russia then declares war on SATO. then BRICKSTIONS and NATO-icon.png NATO are forced to respond to this. EU-icon.png EU is now putting all force on sanctioning Russia-icon.png Russia, and Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium & SATO will have to fight two nations now. Bedrockium then blames Green-icon.png Westopolis for what Russia is doing and putting heavy equipment against Westopolis.

    "Wait, if Westopolis has the cheapest equip than how are they so effective of making wars?" -SATO's comment.

    Meanwhile Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia notices the situation in Westopolis but wants to apply for SATO. Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia accused the USA-icon.png US and EU-icon.png EU of aiding Tigray-icon.png separatists and is planning to suspend all ties with them temporarily. SATO doesn't want to break the peace between BRICKSTIONSbricks but asks first if it can add Ethiopia.

    The African Union-icon.png African Nations couldn't handle a War as intense as the war in Green-icon.png Westopolis, Their foriegn money hit as low as 1 Billion combined, Brickstions couldn't lose the N in their name, so Brickstions replaced Nigeria-icon.png Nigeria with New Zealand-icon.png New Zealand as New Zealand had more money than Nigeria did. Africa's money combined hit 500 Million Dollars, that is over 9 Million Dollars each. the African Nations tried going to the IMF-icon.png I.M.F to get a bailout. turns out all of African Union-icon.png Africa was in debt with China. China-icon.png China was playing off SATO and Brickstions. Brickstions saw this coming and immediatley went and kicked all of it's african members out.

    SATO's government gets informed of the debt and advises the African Union-icon.png African Union to pay the loans. However success is not so successful, and this led to riots in the African continent. Some of these riots led to a growing community known as the "African Populists", who are actually Socialism-icon.png socialist. SATO is stuck between helping them reform the African Union-icon.png AU and get a new powerful ally or maintaining relations with outside nations. With BRICKSTIONS not responding, SATO starts to incorporate Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia. From this, Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Libya starts to halt from Green-icon.png Westopolis and Russia-icon.png Russia and to resolve a deal with China-icon.png China.

    Brickstions finally responds saying that they will help SATO's members with their debt. but Brickstions said that the bailout cannot be used to pay China back.

    Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Libya went bankrupt having only 1 million dollars in bank. this was surprisingly low compared to the other African nations. and soon, the other african nations is gonna declare bankruptcy sooner or later. later, Angola-icon.png Angola declares bankruptcy then Myanmar-icon.png Myanmar. SATO does not know this but China-icon.png China is trying to get SATO countries to give China money that they do not own.

    Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium then offered to build SATO a new base in Richmondium, Bedrockium, as a new capital. Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium then said that Bedrockium would protect the new SATO Capital at all costs. SATO accepted it.

    Meanwhile, Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium is fighting for Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball as they fight rebels in that area. Brickstions is helping Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball in the situation.

    Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Libya no longer having a running economy, starts to destabilize. All it could do now offer ownership to the SATO office to Iran-icon.png Iran (this is temporary). The bankruptcy in the African Union-icon.png African countries led to Socialism-icon.png socialists gaining more power. The DR Congo-icon.png Congo is the first to fall into civil war with the File:Congo-Léopoldville-icon.png Lumumbist party, who follow the ideas of former president Patrice Lumumba. Nostalgia for pan-African presidents also help the African Populist Union seek power in Mozambique-icon.png Mozambique.

    China-icon.png China is so mad on the reunifucation that China-icon.png China wants to invade Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan. Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium said that Bedrockium would not follow the one China policy. Making China-icon.png China mad. Siberia-icon.png Siberia said the same thing, and then India-icon.png India. but neither Bedrockium nor Siberia trusts India-icon.png India, as India is friends with Russia-icon.png Russia.

    Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabia wants to build nukes, Brickstions is helping with that.

    Qatar-icon.png Qatar is applying for Brickstions membership, so is UAE-icon.png UAE, Bahrain-icon.png Bahrain and Kuwait-icon.png Kuwait, these countries are from the Northern Hemisphere. these are also NOT African nations so Brickstions is fine with it, plus, these countries are very rich, so Brickstions is gonna have a good time with these 4.

    "What? You applied Nigeria!" - Brickstions's comment

    Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium then establishes a trade deal is SATO's South American and Asian countries. even though it means having to trade with Iran.

    on June 8th, Libya defuncts.

    Bedrockium is still questioning SATO on if having African countries as members is a good idea. SATO says that it does.

    then Bedrockium investigated on how Libya defuncted, turns out, China was the main player to this. Bedrockium then saw a civilian military grow up in China called the "Chinese Liberation Front". also known as "CLF". Bedrockium told Brickstions this and Brickstions then seek to hide these troops in Vietnam, Thailand and Bedrockium.

    The CLF then hides in Vietnam and Thailand and Bedrockium, Bedrockium told CLF that the CLF troops would not be used in the war with Westopolis, CLF agreed. they said they are only interested in toppling the Chinese Communist Party and Bedrockium understood that.

    After conflict ends in Mozambique-icon.png Mozambique, the African Populist Union (APU) nationalized Mozambique's resources. This prevents China-icon.png China from claiming them, and is believed to help revive the economy. The APU demands the African Union-icon.png African Union to cancel all payment to China-icon.png China and surrender its government to the APU, but the African Union-icon.png is too corrupted to appect. This leads to more Sinophobic sentiment and Anti-AU protests, China-icon.png Chinese business fear of being targeted by the local population, and seek contact to the Chinese government for help. SATO with no response, decides to actually arm the APU.

    Bedrockium then tells SATO that Libya-icon.png Libya defuncted.

    Bedrockium told the CLF to be ready in case China invades Taiwan. The CLF are currently hiding in Bedrockium. some were also hiding in Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam and Thailand-icon.png Thailand, all three of those countries are in Brickstions, the CLF are actually in fond of Brickstions and said if China's communist party gets toppled and the CLF turns China into a Democracy, The CLF will automatically apply the New China into Brickstions.

    There are now two civilian Militaries, The CLF and The APU. Brickstions is helping the CLF while SATO is helping the APU.

    It seems China-icon.png China is using the resources from Africa to greatly invest into the military and national defense. The protests led to disruption, which China offers to help the African leaders to put down. But China has to deal with Taiwan first.

    Meanwhile, Westopolis sunk the USS Bedrock. this was an attack on USA-icon.png USA by Green-icon.png Westopolis, USA-icon.png USA was trying to help Taiwan by preventing China from declaring war on Taiwan. but soon got derailed by Westopolis. Bedrock also got mad as they are the ones that made the ship and gave it to USA.

    Later on, USA Declares War on Westopolis.

    China is getting inches closer to declaring war on Republic of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan, so close to doing so, but yet so far. Siberia warns China of declaring war on Taiwan, but China doesn't give two shrimps about what Siberia says.

    on June 10th, Westopolis tries to send telegrams to Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. trying to get them to take back Brazilian land. all of the telegrams were intercepted by Bedrockium then Bedrockium sends them to Brazil.

    Later on, Brazil Declares war on Westopolis.

    The Chinese Liberation Front (CLF) also warns China about declaring war on Taiwan. they said they will have no problem on attacking China is China does declare war on Taiwan.

    The Chinese Liberation Front befriends the African Populist Union

    Redrock realized that Romania and Rwanda also starts with an R, Redrock then proceeds to befriend them. Redrock Just does not want to befriend Russia because Russia is attacking Redrock's friends.

    In Addis Ababa, the African Union-icon.png African Union is overthrown by rebels, who favor themself to the APU.

    Siberia is still at war with Russia and yet Siberia is able to do something else at the same time. Siberia's machinery must be doing a good effort into the war, more Russian machinery is being destroyed than Siberian machinery.

    Meanwhile, Siberia befriends the Chinese Liberation Front. The Chinese Liberation Front is not communist and Siberia will be happy to hide the Chinese Liberation Front until China attacks Taiwan. then both Siberian troops and CLF Troops can attack China.

    China is still getting inches closer to attacking Taiwan.

    Bedrockium is getting inches closer to capitulating Westopolis.

    Siberia is getting inches closer to getting it's territory back.

    and Russia is getting inches closer to capturing the Donbas region.

    two of these are good news and the other two are bad news.

    Bedrockium succeeds into ending the Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroan Civil War caused by Westopolis. the rebels had to pay Bedrockium BED$1 Trillion, that is USA$10 Trillion. they also had to pay Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball BED$100 Trillion, that is USA$1 Quadrillion, that is also 50 Trillion Zedroan Coins. the rebels didn't have enough money in their pockets to pay Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball, but they did have enough to pay Bedrockium 5 times. they paid Bedrockium but were soon dealt with a death penalty with Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball, it wiped out half of Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball's population. Westopolis got mad at this and is trying again on Supporting more rebels in the area, Bedrockium then soon killed every single spy that Westopolis had until Westopolis had no more spies.

    The APU decides to cancel all debt from China-icon.png China and remove corruption from the union. Then they formed the African Contiental Council to implant socialize/redistribute and future meetings.

    China is still getting so close to declaring war on Taiwan, but yet so far on doing so. China is like that person who is making empty threats towards a smaller person. the smaller person is Taiwan. Taiwan is like that smaller person that has the most important manufacturing stuff called Semiconducter chips, China doesn't have those and has to rely on Taiwan's chips making China not wanting to declare war on Taiwan. but China is trying so hard on doing so.

    Brickstions, CLF and APU hold their first meeting together. they all want a certain country gone: Westopolis.

    China is conducting drills with Pakistan in the Indian Ocean. This was a threat to India, meanwhile India is still buying stuff from Russia, this is making Brickstions want to declare India "Stupid as a snake". the only thing that Brickstions is letting India get by with from Russia is oil, Brickstions knows Russian oil is cheap priced. and India needs a lot of oil, so Brickstions told India that Russian oil is fine, Just nothing else from Russia or India is gonna get out of Brickstions. Brickstions told SATO not to add India if India is being so friendly with Russia. SATO Agreed.

    The Democratic Republic of Guy declared war on Westopolis.

    Westopolis caused more rebels to appear in Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball, They are trying to make a military revolution in that area. but Bedrockium stopped that shortly after that.

    Stan tried to include Kazakhstan but failed. then Kazakhstan did a peace treaty with Stan.

    A new country has been created called BlueStone-icon.png Blue Stone. this was a creation from Bedrockium. Blue Stone already had stuff put into it's area so it was ready to be a country. Bedrockium Invited Blue Stone to be in Brickstions. Blue Stone immediatley applied and became a member.

    Blue Stone Declared War on Westopolis.

    Redrock became friends with Blue Stone as they have the same president.

    A new Economic Corridor was created by China and Bedrockium for themselves and the rest of the Pacific Continent this Economic Corridor was called the "China Pacific Continent Economic Corridor" or CBEC, China knew CPCEC wouldn't work so China used Bedrockium's first letter in place of PC (Which stands for Pacific Continent), China was to build structures in all the pacific Continent and was to own all the structures in all but one country. that one country is Bedrockium, China said to Bedrockium that China can build Bedrockium structures but China also said that China cannot own them as Bedrockium is richer than China is, Bedrockium said that would be okay. China said to Bedrockium that all the structures built built by China in Blank-icon.png Bedrock, JCPenney-icon.png Redrock, BlueStone-icon.png Blue Stone and Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball would be owned by China, this was going to be a problem for Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball as they thought China would own all the structures in Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball, this would also put Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball in so much debt with China that Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball wouldn't be able to pay China.

    China started building in the Pacific Continent, and China said that anything built in Bedrockium would be owned by Bedrockium.

    on June 13th Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball went into about 50 Trillion Zedroan coins worth of Debt with China, that is BED$100 Trillion, which is USA$10 Quadrillion. Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Said that Zedroball ain't paying China the debt money. so, China siezed Zedroball's military equipment until Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball had no more left.

    Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

    Siberia-icon.png Siberia is still fighting Russia-icon.png Russia and is now on the European side for the battle. Siberia-icon.png Siberia has now invaded Russia. Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium knew that Siberia would one day winning the battle, and now Siberia IS winning the battle. But Siberia knew that he would have to fight China-icon.png China if China invades Republic of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan.

    Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium is not sparing China-icon.png China. Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium said that USA-icon.png USA, Japan-icon.png Japan, South Korea-icon.png South Korea, Philippines-icon.png Philippines, Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium, Siberia-icon.png Siberia and The Chinese Liberation Front would all attack China if China invades Taiwan. China-icon.png China is so afraid of this that still it's so close but yet so far.

    Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium has now made the letter K as a currency symbol K100 bill is the biggest bill Bedrockium is gonna have because a K500 bill is too weak

    Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium's currency trade with Russia-icon.png Russia is now K1 to P1,000,000,000,000. Russia did not want this and so Russia-icon.png Russia illegally made the Bedrockiunese Dollar an offical currency of Russia.

    "WTF?! WHY IS RUSSIA USING MY CURRENCY?!!" - Bedrockium's Comment.

    Russia-icon.png Russia encouraged Iran-icon.png Iran to use the same currency as Bedrockium, Iran agreed.

    "NO!! NOT IRAN TOO!!" - Bedrockium's Second Comment.

    Meanwhile, Siberia-icon.png Siberia and Russia-icon.png Russia are at a stalemate, with Siberia-icon.png Siberia controlling Russian land. Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium's plan is working. a fully developed Siberia is what Bedrockium is aiming for. and so far, Siberia-icon.png Siberia is still on the developing stage. Siberia-icon.png Siberia will need more investments into it's area to be fully developed. so far, Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium is doing most of the work on Investing into Siberia-icon.png Siberia followed by USA-icon.png USA, Japan-icon.png Japan, Europe, Canada-icon.png Canada, even Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia found lots of Oil in Siberia. Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabia knew Siberia needed the oil. plus, Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabia has it's own oil in it's area so, Saudi Arabia did not need the oil in Siberia. Republic of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan put 500 Semiconductor chip plants into Siberia.

    Sodor-icon.png Island of Sodor then finished painting it's engines black. The engines are now war ready.

    NATO-icon.png NATO Put 26,000 more troops in eastern Europe.

    China-icon.png China is still getting so close to invading Republic of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan, but still, it's yet so far.

    China-icon.png China is now building in Redrock, Blue Stone and Blank-icon.png Bedrock, China is still going to build in Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball. But why bulid in the cities of countries wanting to attack you? Maybe for surveillance?

    Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium is asking Siberia-icon.png Siberia to build more troops on the border with China-icon.png China, Siberia-icon.png Siberia says that China-icon.png China is becoming too much of a threat to everyone and that China-icon.png China must be taken down, so, Siberia-icon.png Siberia built more troops on the Siberia-China Border. India-icon.png India wanted to fully implant claims in Jammu and Kashmir. But India almost fought bigger, such as creating a "liberated" buffer state in Tibet-icon.png Tibet.

    Meanwhile, SATO had found more records; an exposed secret plan to base missiles in Westopolis, aimed at the capital of Bedrockium. SATO reported this to Bedrockium.

    Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan Almost declared war on India-icon.png India for trying to implant claims on Jammu and Kashmir-icon.png Jammu and Kashmir. Siberia-icon.png Siberia did see this and threatened Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan that if Pakistan declares war on India-icon.png India, Siberia-icon.png Siberia declares war on Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan.

    Siberia-icon.png Siberia isn't too happy with India-icon.png India either. India is friends with Russia-icon.png Russia, Siberia is fighting Russia and Siberia tells India-icon.png India that being friends with Russia is toxic. Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium is enemies with Russia-icon.png Russia because Bedrockium made Russia it's enemy. USA-icon.png USA then tells Siberia that being neutral isn't bad, USA tells Siberia-icon.png Siberia that India is neutral. Siberia-icon.png Siberia listens to USA-icon.png USA.

    China-icon.png China then proceeds to damage Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Libya's economy again. Libya breaks ties with China-icon.png China in response, and further pushes the "Third International Theory" in action with the APU, developing the economies of African Union-icon.png African countryballs and distancing them from both the NATO-icon.pngEU-icon.png west and Russia-icon.pngChina-icon.png east. This leads to quick prosperity in the continent, as never seen before.

    Iran-icon.png Iran is giving Russia-icon.png Russia it's nukes and drones for it's war with Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine.

    Brickstions is trying to tell SATO that China-icon.png China is playing off SATO. This time, SATO listens. The Chinese Liberation Front warns China of war if China invades Taiwan.

    On June 17th, Africa moved North to where Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabia was actually touching the african nations, The Red Sea Closed, Morocco-icon.png Morocco lost land and the Mediterranean Sea was about to be closed. luckily there was no ships in the red sea.

    The Pacific Continent moved too, it moved a little bit closer to South America but no where near touching South America.

    Brickstions did not want the African Nations touching the Asian Nations, nor the European Nations, because Brickstions thinks that China-icon.png China is gonna play off Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabia and Spain-icon.png Spain, as in, put them in debt.

    Brickstions is afraid that China is gonna play off Brickstions.

    Bedrockium found out that Russia is the one backing Westopolis. Bedrockium threatened Russia of War with Bedrockium if Russia keeps supplying Westopolis.

    The Chinese Liberation Front threatened war against Westopolis if Westopolis keeps being alive.

    on June 18th, Africa kept moving North to where both Saudi Arabia and Yemen touched Africa, Israel lost its coastlines, and the ships had to find a different trade route around Africa, making trade routes more expensive. Djibouti is gone, Djibouti disappearing was caused by Yemen's stronger borders, Eritrea lost some of its land because of Yemen, and Ethiopia lost a tiny bit of land because of Yemen. SATO is mourning the loss of Djibouti and is about to declare war on Yemen because of this.

    Island of Sodor was preparing its engines for War with Russia, Island of Sodor got a visit from a Russian Engine named Ivan, The Engines were not happy about this and decided to rip him wheel from wheel and toss his remains into the key.

    on June 21st, Europe is getting ready for war with Russia, Europe is increasing their military budget, USA, Russia, China, Bedrockium and Siberia are also increasing their military budget. Europe is increasing by 8%, USA by over 60%, Russia by over 125%, China by over 500%, Bedrockium by almost 1,000%, Siberia by almost 2,200%

    There are now new terrorist groups called the CSA, CSC, CSS and CSB and CSZ (Confederate States of America, Confederate States of China, Confederate States of Siberia, Confederate States of Bedrockium [this is located in Redrock on the peninsula] and Confederate States of Zedroball), and a new Super Terrorist called the CSL (Confederate States of Libya), Bedrockium not having land lost went to find out why there were new terrorist groups, The CSB are neutral, they only attack when provoked, the other new terrorist groups are hostile, The Bedrockiunese Army went and asked who formed the CSB, The CSB told them it was Russia that did that. Bedrockiunese Army then told Bedrockium, when Bedrockium heard that, it made Bedrockium Very VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY ANGRY!!!!! So Angry that Bedrockium almost Declared War on Russia. Bedrockium halted that but Bedrockium and Russia are in VERY HOSTILE Relations, So much that Everything can trigger a war. Brickstions soon followed Bedrockium and has made it that Everything can trigger a war with Russia. Saudi Arabia lowered relations with Russia but refused to follow Brickstions, Brickstions says that Saudi Arabia can be the exception, but not the other members, they have to comply with Brickstions's rules, the others agreed.

    "ONE WRONG MOVE AND I WILL DECLARE WAR ON YOU RUSSIA!!!!!" - Brickstions's Warning.

    Siberia has no Choice but to Fight two nations now, The CSS Said that they will surrender in 5 hours, they did Just that. now Siberia has one Nation to fight, Russia, Siberia's relation with Russia have hit a new low, it's now -999, earlier it was -100.

    Bedrockium has had it with Russia, Bedrockium is warning Russia of War if Russia makes one false move.

    China is now in a Civil War. The CLF did not cause this and China knows that the CLF didn't cause it. The CSC were Fascist, not Democratic nor Communist. the CLF is still Democratic. they are coming from Turkistan and Tibet Provinces.

    The USA States of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas were Ceded from USA and Joined CSA. Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee stayed in USA.

    Libya, SATO's President country is now in Civil War with CSL.

    Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball is now fighting for it's life because the CSZ took all of it's weapons.


    it's now safe to say that Brickstions has made SATO it's friend.

    Brics is not happy that they made two enemies, Brickstions and SATO, Brics already had two enemies called NATO and EU. now Brics has 4 enemies now. Brickstions told Brics that Russia is Bedrockium's Super Enemy, meaning that everything can trigger a war with Russia. Bedrockium also had it with China too, but not much because China isn't doing much to cause the relations with Bedrockium to be lower than -250.

    Redrock and Blue Stone are trying to be peaceful Nations. but their relation with Russia are still as low as -500.

    If NATO declares war on Russia, Brickstions will follow NATO and Brickstions will also declare war on Russia.

    BlueStone-icon.png Blue Stone Changed its flag to BlueStone-icon 2022.png this Flag by adding the white on top.

    Blank-icon.png Bedrock also changed its flag to Bedrock-icon.png this flag by adding the black in the middle.

    US President Joe Biden Called Chinese President Xi Jinping, This was not successful, China exchanged threats to USA. The Bedrockiunese President Texted The Chinese President, This was semi-successful. Bedrockium said it was not interested in Taiwan. That part was successful but Bedrockium asked China to cool ties with Siberia who is threatening China, that one wasn't, China is saying Siberia should not play with Fire, China said the same thing to USA by saying USA shouldn't either.

    Bedrockium was actually secretly interested in Taiwan. Siberia was too. it was 3 countries against one over Taiwan.

    A Bedrockiunese Official will visit Taiwan the same time than the USA Official will visit Taiwan. Bedrockium is worried that China might explode a Bedrockiunese Plane during the visit.

    Siberia is doing the same thing. It's like Siberia can do more stuff than Ukraine can during a war. Reason is Siberia is a lot larger than both Russia and Ukraine. Siberia also has a stronger Military power than Russia does. Siberia is keeping it's power below USA's and Bedrockium's as being 3rd. Bedrockium is #1, USA is #2, Siberia is #3, China is #4 and Russia is #5, Germany is #6, Britain is #7, Japan is #8, France is #9 and South Korea is #10, Saudi Arabia is #11 and UAE is #12. Siberia is allies with Bedrockium, USA, Britain, Japan, France, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and UAE, It's sketchy about Germany because of WW2 and it's enemies with China and Russia.

    Russia-icon.png Russia blew up it's own Prison with Ukrainian prisoners.

    Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium is keeping Russians Prisoners because of the War with Ukraine and Siberia.

    Siberia isn't doing the thing that Ukraine is doing. where the president is in all of the videos. Siberia does believe it can win a war, but not that way.

    Siberian troops and Ukrainian troops train their troops different ways. Siberia does it the proper way. That's why Siberia is being successful on Russia's invasion of Siberia. Meanwhile, Ukraine is starting to do it the proper way. but they can't train in their own country, Ukraine will have to Train in allied territory.

    Kmart Productions, Disney and others worked together against Mattel to make their first Movie on Sodor. Their Budget was $20 Million Each, there was 14 Production Companies Working on the movie so it was $280 Million Dollars. it ending up being a HUGE Success, every company got 500 Million each for box office. This ended up making Mattel Very Angry, Mattel then plans to invade Sodor.

    Later, Sodor got a Nasty Surprise Invasion by it's longtime Rival Mattel. NATO and Brickstions then started to cut ties with Mattel, even the production studios including Disney started to cut ties with Mattel.

    Brickstions asked SATO to cut ties with Mattel. Brickstions is waiting SATO's Response. "Of course, and we will give you some arms." SATO said.

    SATO's good pro-soverginety internationalist policies and government spending made SATO grow as a union, where Venezuela opened their first SATO headquarters. The problem was presidents critized the movement for being "too full of hatred and isolation towards NATO and deems that SATO's locked sphere of cooperation can lead to distancing from the rest of the world" But anti-alancists grew famous with it. It is predicted that Gaddafi will last until the 30's or 40's.

    Disney and Dreamworks are setting aside their rivalry to focus on a bigger enemy called Mattel.

    Bedrockium is Giving Sodor It's artillary, It's a small island, plus Mattel doesn't really have that much money so, Sodor will be able to handle Just fine. SATO is also giving Sodor it's artillary.

    Siberia and Russia are still in a stalemate, and so are Ukraine and Russia. Russia is not making any good progresses so far.

    Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

    On July 31st. There is a propasal for a new scramble for Africa, The USA-icon.png USA, Canada-icon.png Canada, EU-icon.png The EU, Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine, UK-icon.png Britain, Siberia-icon.png Siberia, Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockium, India, Japan, China, Brazil-icon.png Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Israel are all trying to scramble for Africa. Brickstions is also participating in this. Brickstions thought that kicking it's African members out would be good news for Brickstions and yet it is. And now, Sodor is even doing this, it hasn't before, but Sodor wants bigger land. The Western Powers and Eastern Powers are all trying to scramble for Africa, they might even invade Africa for the second time in history. This was to SATO's closure of access to resources and wanting to create more destabilization, slavery, and post-colonial conflicts and genocide

    Brickstions asked if SATO is worried, SATO said yes, it is worried. "THE ACTUAL HECK?!" SATO was very angry and started to do heavy police force. SATO wrote a heavy complaint to NATO, UN and EU to prevent this. By the way, Colonialism is illegal to practice according to the International Criminal Court.

    NATO, UN and EU Gave into SATO's complaint, (won ylterces acirfa rof elbmarcs ot yrt ot evah lliw yehT)

    China-icon.png China then proceeds to damage Libya-icon.png Libya's economy yet again. so much that Libya-icon.png Libya defuncted again, Italy-icon.png Italy wants a chance on this but refused to do it. "CHINA, WHY ARE YOU EVEN DOING THIS?! GO WRECK ECONOMICS SOMEWHERE ELSE" SATO's comment.

    Mattel has now become the Russia-icon.png Russia of Companies, the Other Companies are now calling Mattel a Terrorist.

    Brickstions meanwhile called Russia-icon.png Russia a terrorist too. Brickstions is now making plans to invade Russia if the war spills over into NATO-icon.png NATO.

    SATO addresses the situation in China and announces they will stay neutral. However they will secretly give arms to the CLF outside of the conflict hoping they will be a more peaceful and neutral ally. It also starts to reincorporate back Myanmar-icon.png Myanmar and made Indonesia-icon.png Indonesia a trade partner. However, SATO realizes that China is also getting more aggressive Towards Taiwan

    Bedrockium, CLF, USA, Japan, Siberia, Thailand, Philippines, and South Korea are all watching the USA Official, China might start WW3, and When is Does, Taiwan, Siberia and India will be the first to be at War with China. then it will be Bedrockium and CLF, and then USA, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Philippines.

    Taiwan is now being surrounded by PLA Forces, CLF Forces are not happy about this. China is about to Declare war on Taiwan. India and Siberia will Declare war on China after that. 23 Million lives are at stake, Taiwanese people are at risk of dying. The PLA is about to invade Taiwan, The CLF is not going to happy if this happens. The PLA (People's Liberation Army) is an Army of China, the CLF (Chinese Liberation Front) is an army against China. The People's Liberation Army has 2,200,000 troops, The Chinese Liberation front has over 3,500,000 troops.

    Bedrockium has 5,000,000 Troops, USA has 1,500,000 Troops, Siberia has 10,500,000, 2 out of the Top 3 has over 2,500,000 troops.

    A new Country called Uhack-icon.png Uhack had Joined the world. Brickstions immediatley Applied Uhack as a Member for Brickstions, NATO and Quad applied Uhack as well.

    Uhack has the same relations with other countries as Bedrockium does. No need to ask why. Uhack is Just that way.

    SATO Went ahead and made Uhack trade partners.

    Uhack has the same wargoal with Westopolis as Bedrockium and immediatley Declared war on Westopolis. Bedrockium was happy shocked on this.

    Bedrockium then started Heavy investing into Uhack. especially the Semiconducter Chips. Bedrockium is teaching Uhack and Siberia at the same time how to make Semiconducter Chips. Bedrockium is also giving Uhack it's weapons in case Westopolis tries anything funny.

    Uhack realizes the situation that China is trying to start with Taiwan, Uhack, Just like Bedrockium, is breaking the One China Policy, Uhack is using Bedrockium's One China Policy, Bedrockium's One China Policy means for PRC, Turkistan and Tibet to be one China, this does not include Taiwan, Bedrockium sees Taiwan as an Independent Nation.

    Uhack saw that there's a Civilian Army called the CLF, The CLF is anti-China, Bedrockium saw the two meet and Uhack and The CLF became Best Friends.

    On August 5th, Green Ukraine became a member for Brickstions. Siberia then began to arm Green Ukraine for war with China if China attacks Taiwan.

    The CLF is getting very mad about the Military Drills done by the PLA, The CLF Has now got a flag. Republic of China-icon (1912-1928).png This is the flag for the CLF. The PLA Already had a flag so why didn't the CLF have a flag? well it does now! The CLF is using the flag that was once used by China in 1914.

    China Just made Zedroball an SAR, Zedroball is now gonna try to get independence once again, but China now sees Zedroball as a breakaway province.

    China then redid the One China Policy to where it included Turkistan, Tibet, China itself, Taiwan, and now Zedroball and the CLF. Bedrockium is not gonna follow this Policy and is gonna stick to the old one. Bedrockium also has it's own One China Policy, The Policy doesn't include Taiwan, Zedroball, nor the CLF.

    Bedrockium is still ready for war with China, if China does attack Taiwan, Siberia and India will declare war on China first.

    China is ready for an invasion of Taiwan. Bedrockium is ready for an attack from China onto Taiwan.

    "China is gonna declare war, I Just know it!" - Bedrockium's Comment.

    Sweden is gonna be in NATO and so is Finland, Russia warned them two about Joining NATO.

    A Siberian Official is visiting Taiwan and more USA Officials are visting Taiwan, A Bedrockiunese Official is also visiting Taiwan, China is saying nothing about Siberia and Bedrockium but China is speaking out against USA for it's officials visiting Taiwan.

    Savoyball started to appease the west by opening more to resources. It tried to bulid Relationships to the Russian rebels.

    Siberia has now got Military Bases in Thailand and Vietnam, Siberia plans to get Military bases in Myanmar and Laos, Siberia is gonna be planting bases in India with India's permission because India and Siberia are allies, Siberia still questions India about it's friendship with Russia. India says that Russia IS a problem to Siberia but not a problem to India.

    the Russian Rebels and the Chinese Liberation Front are seeing each other as PRO-Democratic rebels.

    Bedrockium has now got Military Bases in Redrock, Indonesia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Thailand, Israel, Oman, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia as a part of the Brickstions Pact, Bedrockium also has Military Bases in Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Philippines, Green Ukraine, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Krysikstan and even Afghanistan and now even India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

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