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    File:Crossovers-kia10-icon.png Crossovers-kiaball File:Sebastian Malovec-icon.png
    GovernmentNATO And USA And His friends mission Countries.
    PersonalityVideo Games,Movies,Anime,Comics and More.
    Language(s)English-icon.png English,Slovakia-icon.png Slovakia & more Language.
    TypeHeroic-Crossoverist Group
    CapitalRussia-icon.png Kallinigrad to Crossovertropolis.
    AffiliationHeroes Mission's Group
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsSlovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball,Czech-icon.png Czechiaball,Austria-icon.png Austriaball,Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball,Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball,Poland-icon.png Polandball,USA-icon.png USAball,NATO-icon.png NATOball,Mario,Sonic,Crash Bandicoot,Spyro,Rayman,Freddy Fazbear,Candy the Cat,Jenna,Proffesor Malovenco 5,Sebastions,Captain Wormalovec & More Friends. Slovakia-icon.png Sebastian Malovec (A.K.A Slovakiaman)
    EnemiesIslam-icon.png Islam

    Fascism-icon.png Fascismball

    Nazi-icon.png Naziball

    Communism-icon.png Communismball

    Russia-icon.png Russiaball

    CSTO-icon.png CSTOball

    ISIS-icon.png ISISball

    VillainsedMachine-icon.png Villainsed Machineball
    LikesVideo games,Movies,Foods,Drinks,Anime & More Everwhere
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes! Why not, i liked in Space.
    FoodI like foods and more.
    After the war hostile Islamists and we will dominate us Heroic-Crossoverists, Slovakiaman stands to be friends and heroes.
    Crossovers-kia and his friends Countryballs defeated ISISBall and joined NATO & USA
    — Sebastian Malovec (A.K.A Slovakiaman)

    Crossovers-kia Union Republic as know (CKUR), He's Sebastian Malovec still Alive in Kallinigard Russia and War Attacks in Change CrossoversTropolis Future. USA-icon.png USAball and NATO-icon.png NATOball Joined new Mission's Heroes.

    The Crossovers-kia Union Republic representation in Polandball may vary. In some comics he is seen as a single independent entity, his appearance based on the Black Standard, but some communities (such as the Crossoverskiaball Polandball Reddit) portray it not as a single ball, but as other countryballs (such as Slovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball and Czech-icon.png Czechiaball) & More Friends Mission Complete Heroes by Heroic-Crossoverist.





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