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    Divraball is a Kashist nation in Asia bathed by the Arabic Ocean. Its only neighbour is India-icon.png Indiaball


    The country used to be part of the British Raj-icon.png British Raj, UK-icon.png the UK always wanted to spread Christianity in all the world. But what they didn't thought is that there was a big variety of religions in the penisula: Islam at the Northwest, Hinduism in the Middle, Kashism in the Southwest to South, Taoism to the East, Buddhism to the West and the list goes by.

    UK didn't aproved that, so they decided to make a religious clean-up, some religions survived, like Hinduism, but other, well, were totally massacred like Taoism and (partially) Buddhism, meanwhile some moved to other places (Nowadays Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Middle East). But Kashism, well, survived, but lots of people died

    The country separated in November 4, 1910.

    At War-Template-1.gif WW1, Divra joined thhe Triplice Entente trying to defeat the  Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empire. Divra asked for UK-icon.png UKball and France-icon.png Franceball if they could spreed Kashism in the Middle East, but they said "no"

    In 1929, a secular revolution happened to the country stop being a Theocratic Monarchy and become a Regular Democratic Republic. It ended in 1933 with the victory of the seculars

    The Divran Republic was invaded by Fascist Italy-icon.png Fascist Italyball in 1942. After the WW2, the country was kinda destroyed by Fascism

    The Soviet-icon.png USSRball tried to make Divra communist, they failed

    A Kashist revolution happened in 1974, they won this time. People that were a sin to Kashism were expelled for another countries

    They sended Army to the USA-icon.png USA fight Afghanistan-icon.png Afghanistan

    He is suffering of the IKPSball since 1991 (International Kashist Power State)


    He isn't that Pacific, he is kinda worried, brave, happy, smart and fanatic religious


    It's a Centrist Kashist republic



    USAball - Yeah, you're a good friend/ally

    Zetaball - Bestie!


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