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    Empire of Dryicorball
    Drahkorin imperiumipallo
    Drykorsk Imperium
    GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional republic, Prime Minister head of state
    Ever so slightly mad
    True neutral
    Language(s) Finnish
    AffiliationFile:Nordic-icon.png Nordic Unionball
    File:Nordic-icon.png Nordic Council
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsA few, has a few enemies as well
    Brother and only one who understands me
    New Zealandball
    Hong Kongball
    File:Vicnora-icon.png Vicnoraball
    Nepalrawr (but I have more impressive mountains)
    South Africaball
    El Salvadorball
    Israelcube (sometimes)
    Palestineball (sometimes)
    Enemies I will always loathe you...
    Don't you bloody dare try to get me in
    Misguided idiots
    North Koreaball
    LikesSauna, hockey, silence, coldness, annoying Sweden
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No, I'm happier alone
    BörkPerkele perkele
    Wörk wörk


    Dryicørball, øfficially knøwn as the Empire of Dryicørball, is a Finnish Norwegian cöuntryball løcated in cøld darkness Scandinavia.

    He can intö strøng economy yet his gövernment is øften criticised by møre capitalist countries før he can be øf havings heavy gövernment interference. His cöuntry is extremely möuntainous and his climate is nøtøriöusly cøld.

    His Natiönal Day is øn 1 Nøvember, the year the øriginal Republic of Dryicør was föunded in 1621, and he reførmed his gövernment to becöme mødern-day Dryicør exactly 200 years afterwards øn 1 Nøvember 1821. He is tö be 200 400 years øld in 1 year and 11 mönths at the time of writing this.

    His accent is alsø very difficult tö understand, especially because he drøps a løt øf letters when he speaks, typical øf Dryicørans. As such, even when he is speaking in English, many cöuntryballs dö nøt understand him. He also has cønfusing rules øn the letters "ø" and "ö", one of the reasons he does not tend to speak his own language.

    Althöugh he is øften unfriendly töwards møst, he is said tö be øne øf the wisest cöuntryballs in Eurøpe when yuo get tö knøw him. He, like Germany, is alsø a wørkahølic, and Finland has be knøwn tö say øn øccasion that his addictiøn tö wörk is even wørse than Germany.



    • Suomi - PARAS VELI! PERKELE, SINÄ JA MINÄ OLEMME PARAS MAAT- My best mate and younger brøther. The only one whø can intø understandings of me despite my accent. We can intø visitings saunas and drinkings vodkas yhdessä. Yuo can to into be of existings. Greatest country ever tø have existed.
    • Norge - Just over the strait from Honganiemi. Can intø cold. Also cannot intø stupid sissies club.
    • Iceland - Gøöd friend and fellow cold country. Icelandic is of my second language. Also cannot intø sissies club. Ísland er mjög gott!
    • Ruotsi - Nice guy. It was of givings me independence. I am of likings it and it is of likings me. Also can intø obsessiøn with Swedish Fish nam nam
    • Laiora - I øf help yuø in early years. I was øf first recögnises yuør independence. I löve yuo.
    • Japan - Yuør cømmitment tø ørganisatiøn on hyvä.
    • Estonia - Cannot into Nørdic but suomen ystävä. I can put up with you.
    • File:Snowland-icon.png Snowland - Nice guy, cold bröther and friend of Suomi.
    • File:Cnrvden-icon.png Cnrvden - I might nøt øf likings Janørøtia but am of øk with yuo.
    • Denmark - Is of Nordic. Also many of my nation's bøøkcases are of Danish.
    • Yugøslavia - Where did yuo to be is go? Yuo were of gøød Balkan friend, so far away. To this day I miss yuo.
    • File:Hrvlv-icon.png Hrvlv - Of likings yuo. Of likings yuo a lot. Of havings lot of in common. Especially we both hatings of the furry.
    • File:New Svealand-icon.png New Zealand Svealandball - Sweden's child. Is av cute.
    • Lithuania - A løt of peöple frøm yuør clay of come to mine.
    • File:UnBritain-icon.png Un-Britain - I cannot intø wåitings for yuo tø achieve yuor ambitiøns. We will remøve the UK tøgether.
    • Sejuk - Yuø seem øf cööl. Alsø anti-Autøtøpia.
    • Yugøslavia 2.Ø Serbia - Yuø are øf Yugø 2.Ø. Closest I have to is my old mate. Also Kosovo is of yuørs.
    • Austriaalia - A mate of mine whø I can intø long-distance relatiønship with. Our leaders get øn well.
    • New Zealand - Australia's brøther. We all of likings Down Under.
    • Awzbseki - Also of hatings UK. Am of likings him.
    • Germany - Yuo are not the same as yuo were when we kicked Russia's ass in 1940's. But yuo are better før that. And yuo can to of likings wørk tøø.
    • Scøtland - Another place we Dryicorans like visiting on holiday.
    • Canada - Anøther unapologetically cold cøuntry. Olet much better than yuor brøther. Am of hatings of him.
    • South Africa - I like yuo. Much better than yuor dad. Am of hatings him. He was to horrible.
    • Pero me encanta hacer frío y tienes el sol, la mayoría de los dryicøranes habla tu idioma. Me gusta a tí.
    • File:Al Dereba-icon.png Al Dereba - Never of the knøw what of thinkings tø yuo. But yuo can into seems is cøøl.



    • USA - P'RK'L'N 'D'OOT'... I will never be of jøinings your stupid NATØ. I fight on my own. Meddler in my affairs and all other cøuntries'... yuo will rot in hell sømeday...
    • File:Malgonadas-icon.png Malgonadas - You hates of Nordics. Nordics of hates yuo. And I am of the hatings yuo. Yuo of the quite possible wørst cøuntry ever of exist.
    • Russia His dad føught against me and suømi in World War Twø. For ages sømetimes we of went tø sauna tøgether. BUT GET THE PERKELEENSATAANA OUT OF UKRAINE! Or we do to you what we did to your in 1940s...
    • EU - Am never intø your stupid empire. Drykor on drykoralainen. I see what yuo did to suomi with your stupid Eurø. I don't care if all of Eurøpe joins before me, I will never to of be intø yuo.
    • File:United Kingdom-icon.png UK - It's your fault I lost my eye I hate yuo still but am prøud of yuo for can vote of Brexit... that's why I is pleased yuo vøted før it... Yuø gave of EU finger...
    • File:Valgeriga-n-icon.png Valgeriga - Yuo hate suømi, minä vihaan sinua. Ølet perkeleen maa.
      • File:Valgeriga-n-icon.png - Bloody Norwegian Finn... GODDAMN THE NORDICS!
    • Soviet Union - Grr... yuo invaded suuria suomea... am of hatings yuo! *proceeds tø sing Njet Molotoff in defiance of what Soviet says; Finland joins in for a duet*
    • File:Batlonia-icon.png Batlonia - Malgonadan puppet.
    • Venezuela - Maduro is not yuor President!
    • Zimbabwe - When yuo is to be is have $100,000,000,000 bill in circulatiøn yuo are either a mülti-trilliønaire or are in of verys dire stråits. Sadly for yuø it is the lätter.
    • Union of South Africa - REMØVE RACIST SCUM!
    • Animaland - Why are yuo to be is thing? But yuo are of UK anyways. Ég hata þú.
      • Woof! But you growl at me.
      • Grr...
    • File:Skeldia-icon.png Skeldia - Red øf sus.
    • File:Gachamania-icon.png Gachamania - Yuo øf the bad. Yuø av hatings of the my family of the Tanska. Sø äm øf the hatings øf yuo.
    • File:Furry Island-icon.gif Furry Island - You of gives me of headaches.
    • Tuplia - SOVIET PUPPET!
    • File:Warton-icon.png Warton - We seem as of mørtal enemies.


    • Dryicor once said to Norway when he asked that he lost his eye in 793 in a fight with England in their Viking years, which is why he wears an eyepatch. Norway has implied that he fakes it.

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