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    East Anderaal-Wildenese Conflict

    East Anderaal-Wildenese Conflict is a war that started in 4 May 2023 and ended in 13th May 2023 that took place in the Pacific, between Falangist State of Anderaalball and Wildenball.

    Events in the war

    • 4:00 PM 4th May 2023 - East Anderaal troops land on Wildenese lands and began advancing north until the Wildenese shows defense by entrenching in the Jungles.
    • 4:32 PM 4th May 2023 - The Falangist Navy and air began destroying the Royal Wildenese Navy in the South Seazone of Wilden.
    • 8:00 PM 4th May 2023 - The US Navy and the Royal Australian Navy aid the Royal Wildenese Navy to defend the Wildernese homeland from the Falangist invasion.
    • 8:02 PM 4th May 2023 - The falangist and the wildenese and its allies ensue a naval battle
    • 8:59 PM May 4th 2023 - the east Anderaal forces capture (Big island next to the main large island south) while they get pushed back in the wilderness mainland to do Wilden using Vietnam tatics. the both naval forces suffer losses while the east Anderaal forces ensue a battle in the (red dot circle island).
    • 6:00 AM May 5th 2023 - West Anderaal Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force joined forces with the Royal Wildenese Navy to bring back its mainland making the east Anderaal forces almost impossible to invade the Southwest of the Wilden.
    • 6:54 AM May 5th 2023 - The east Anderaal lost a bunch of it's navy due to the west Anderaal navy and the Royal Wildernese Navy, while they're slowly losing a lot of soilders due to the wildenese ppl jungle traps and harsh biome.
    • 7:34 AM May 5th 2023 - 76% of the Wildernese population has voted to support the rebels against the Falangist State of Anderaal which causes signs of riot in New Hauge and other major cities in east Anderaal which forces the government of east Anderaal to use force against the protesters and rioters
    • 7:56 AM May 5th 2023 - The east Anderaal government had no choice but to use Renocube bought Napalm bomb and use it against their jungle forests and capitals.
    • 8:34 AM May 5th 2023 - East Philippines separatists began staging a uprising in one of the east Philippines cities, which makes both sides slowly corrupt, and unstable.
    • 8:52 AM May 5th 2023 - East Philippines finally establish its capital, it's the same as the state capital aka Port Javierball.
    • 8:57 AM May 5th 2023 - The Wilden prepares to launch a nuke bomb pointing towards East Anderaal. boi u ain't north korea 💀
    • 9:12 AM May 9th 2023 - After East Philippines gained independence, Wildenese government stability began to slowly tumble which causes anti war riots and protests.
    • 11:00 AM May 13th 2023 - USA tells both side to stop and the war called as a ceasefire, East Philippines is now recognized as a country, while the Wildenese have to recover their nation after the war.
    • 11:30 AM May 13th 2023 - East Anderaal troops retreated by fleeing away from the Wildenese mainland and the other 3 islands. A peace treaty was made called the Treaty of London 2023 between the two sides marking the end of the conflict.
    • 12:00 PM May 13th 2023 - Most UN members are now recognizing East Philippines as a country and not a state of the Wilden. East Philippines is now a UN member. wtf, East Philippines didn't receive enough recognition. 💀

    (AyaFantohos p.s: when the trees speak wildenese 😨😨😨)

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