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    Commonwealth Republic of El Kadsreball
    Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
    PersonalityJapanese puppet, Loud, Crazy but Friendly, Supportive, Educated, Easygoing tech-guru and Peaceful
    Language(s) English



    File:Vicnora-icon.png Vicnoran







    File:Barokia-icon.png Barokian

    CapitalEl Kadsre Cityball
    AffiliationFile:UEKN-icon.png Vlokozu Union 2.0


    File:EKITO-icon.png EKITOball


    Relations and opinions
    FriendsMostly everyone, the closest ones are:

    Stepdad and best friend EVER


    New Zealandball (stepdad)

    Chinaball (fa'afafine mommy)

    Taiwanball (auntie)

    Hong Kongball

    File:Narthernee-icon.png Nartherneeball (cousin)

    File:Mahri-icon.png Mahriball (sister)

    File:Sentan-icon.png Sentanball (brother)

    Teshielball (wife)

    File:North El Kadsre-icon.png North El Kadsreball (twin brother)

    Philippinesball (cousin)


    File:Vicnora-icon.png Vicnoraball (eldest brother)

    File:Ikeda Islands-icon.png Ikeda Islandsball (son)

    Republic of Guyball (uncle)

    UKball (great uncle)

    Canadaball (uncle)

    Mexicoball (stepdad)

    USAball (uncle)

    Indiaball (uncle)


    Germanyball (Love his music and cars)


    Franceball (Love her culture)


    Legoball (mostly)





    File:El Euroganias-icon.png El Euroganiasball



    Saudi Arabiaball





    South Africaball


    File:South-Korea-icon.png Real Koreaball





    North Koreaball (frienemy)




    Argentinaball (frienemy)

    File:Barokia-icon.png Barokiapyramid (frienemy)



    Equatorial Guineaball



    El Salvadorball


    Kazakhbrick (frienemy)
    EnemiesFile:Gyönyörű Földünk-icon.png Fake Sentanball



    Fake Koreaball (frienemy)

    Falklands Islands stealer (frienemy)

    USAball (Sometimes or once)

    Bionicle stealer (sometimes)


    File:Danesia-icon.png Danesiaball

    File:Zergin-icon.png 4-8

    File:Saderafa-icon.png Sadmerafaball

    File:Yuzk-icon.png Yuzkball

    LikesCoffee, File:Tahu-icon.png Bionicle, anime, Sminster, computers, internet, sushi, apartment cities, jets, Theorysonic, fish and chips, fishing, Rinava, EKS, Mata Nui, Tabasco sauce, technology, Kentsei, Technic (You know, a energy drink?), Kads, energy drinks, game shows, Kichirou Tsukuda, VidSpace, Naisuka, cars, Trixmon (definitely not a ripoff of Pokemon or Digimon), riding on File:Seahaws-icon.png Seahausrawr, Mr. Caillou, sand dunes, Neo-Shifters, mandarins, RWBY (especially Ruby Rose), Six60, Kolhii, his marvelous past, the Matsushita family, guns, sailing, tanks, Eiffel 65 (he is the big fan), party pies, sausage rolls, beer, Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat (especially Sheegwa), when Venezuela is sane, taking in refugees and making then citizens when Canadaball isn't available, Timothy Goes to School (especially Yoko), Sylvanian Families (especially Ashley Evergreen), Dunkin' Donuts, Doraemon, Sherlock Hound (a detective so supreme), Disney Junior, Grand Theft Auto, Bully, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    DislikesBeing called coffee stereotypes, Cyclones, Nuclear weapons, terrorists, Racism towards Asians, Being mistaken for Japanese territory, Anyone stealing his ideas, Jake Paul, Kiwi overpopulation, YouTube (obviously a blatant VidSpace ripoff), Anyone disliking his coffee, USAball stealing his shit and claiming it as theirs, Earthquakes, when Venezuela isn't sane
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes! WE'RE FIRST INTO MARS!!! Take that, USAball and Russiaball!
    BörkToa toa

    El Kadsreball is a highly-developed puppet state of Australia, New Zealand and Japan island countryball located in Pacific Ocean near North America. Like his brothers (except Vicnoraball not for very long), he is the part of the Anglosphere, EKITO and NATO, and is the only Countryball with biological parentballs of the same sex. He has two states and eight territories.

    El Kadsreball has a second biggest economy in the world with Chinaball being the first and also one of the richest in the world. He is the populist member state of Vlokozu Union 2.0 File:UEKN-icon.png UEKNball. He's also the part of the UNball, as well as the Commonwealthball and File:EKITO-icon.png EKITOball.

    El Kadsreball was born on March 29, 1989 (though El Kadsre Day is in September 27 not for long), so his astrological sign is Aries.


    The previous history can be found on the Sentanball page.

    As Republic of El Kadsre File:East El Kadsre-icon.png

    In 1940, a year after WWII broke out, File:East El Kadsre-icon.png KSRball was born in the north-eastern chunk of the Sentanese Empireball's clay.

    It was not long until ten years later, where they invaded most of File:Sentan (1933-1969)-icon.png Sentanball's clay and some of File:Vicnora-icon.png Vicnoran Kingdomball's clay and renaming himself to Republic of El Kadsreball. In 1951, El Kadsreball panicked when Sentanball set his town hall in his capital, El Kadsre Cityball on fire.

    In 1952, El Kadsreball was finally recognized by UNball as the state and he earned all of the territories from Sentanball.

    Divided El Kadsre File:West El Kadsre-icon.png File:East El Kadsre-icon.png File:North El Kadsre (1961-1969)-icon.png

    In 1958, Many countryballs immigrated to his clay, which makes El Kadsreball so angry, he eventually exploded into three pieces. They all believed Maoriball was responsible for the separation.

    Its File:East El Kadsre-icon.png remaining government occupied in East El Kadsreball, while the Brits occupied West El Kadsreball and the Soviets occupied North El Kadsreball (although it didn't last long until 1961, when North El Kadsreball got rid of communism and made itself a republic.).

    In 1968, West El Kadsreball invaded East El Kadsreball's clay after his leader Kayosball went off the rails, senting him to the Ikeda Islands where he spends a rest of his life here.

    As Vlokozu Union

    In November 11, 1969, File:Vlokozu-icon.png Mikeyball annexed File:West El Kadsre-icon.png File:East El Kadsre-icon.png File:North El Kadsre (1961-1969)-icon.png El Kadsre's, File:Mahri (1922-1969)-icon.png Mahri's and File:Sentan (1933-1969)-icon.png Sentan's clays and the Vlokozu Unionball was born. Bionicle and Technic were invented during this period.

    It was not long until 1971, where he sends his astronauts to Marsball, which technically ended the Space Race. In 1977, Vlokozu Union annexed File:Vicnora-icon.png Vicnoran Kingdomball's clay, marking the end of Vicnoran monarchy, for a while...

    In response of his illegal occupation of Vicnoran Kingdomball's clay, Vlokozu Unionball was kicked out of NATOball, which led him to create File:Pacific Pact-icon.png Pacific Pactball, the rival of both NATOball and Warsaw Pactball. He got everyone from Japanball to Arab Leagueball to join Pacific Pactball.

    In 1982, Vlokozu Unionball helped UKball reclaimed Falklandsball's clay back from Argentinaball, which resulted in victory. However, around the same time, student protests occured in Makohiro and his violent response left the world into shock and he ended up suspended from the Commonwealth for about a minute a couple months.

    In 1989, Vlokozu was badly shot by Hukinaball's son in Japanball's clay. As the result, his Pacific Pactball members started to leave and its states declared independance, and Vlokozu Unionball ultimately collapsed.

    Before he died, he told his eldest son, File:VSEK-icon.png VSEKball to take care of his external territories.

    Modern-day El Kadsre

    El Kadsreball was born after Vlokozu Unionball collapsed. He once behaved more lightly than his old self, but he then pulled himself back together when File:Gyönyörű Földünk-icon.png terrorists took over File:Sentan-icon.png Sentanball's clay.

    In 2002, El Kadsreball joined forces with File:Mahri-icon.png Mahriball and File:Sentan-icon.png the exiled Sentanball and invaded Fusaball to claim Sentanball's clay back to him from File:Gyönyörű Földünk-icon.png Gyönyörű Földünkball.

    In 2008, his stock market crashed while File:Toshi-icon.png Toshiball, who got kicked by El Kadsreball's forces in 2011, is still in power.

    In 2013, the earthquake struck the south-eastern chunk of his clay, and partially destroying Capulcoball, which makes 2013 a bad year for him.

    In 2018, El Kadsreball celebrated its "200th birthday", despite in fact he is actually 29 years old.



    • Australiaball - Stepdad. Loved his accent, his media and his culture. He imports Holdens to my clay and he even lets me film Technic Heroes shows and movies on his clay (including two original Bionicle films). Besides, he is the biggest Technic Heroes fan. Love you c*nt. We can have a barbecue and go hunting together someday. I would definitely love to teach you how to be nice to your natives and how to give them respects. Also I dubbed the Adventures of Blinky Bill into U.S. English for him ("You'll never find him standing still" is a better lyric than "Save us from that woodchip mill" BTW)
    • Japanball - Claimed daddy. Totally loved his cities, his cars, his culture and his amazing inventions such as manga, anime, sushi and ramune. El Kadsreball be also be otaku country. UCC, Kirin and Ito En has offices in my clay. Also is the origin nation of Yoko.
    • File:Sentan-icon.png Sentanball - Closest brother. Helped him get his clay back in the Battle of Fusa. Also, His dictator leader Isko Hazakte is a big fan of Bionicle. Sorry for stealing your monies back in 1950, and sorry again for filming the scenes from the first Lana X set in your clay in File:Pansaura-icon.png Pansaura, File:Mahri-icon.png Mahri, and Hungary's clays.
    • File:Ikeda Islands-icon.png Ikeda Islandsball - My son. Isolated but also a tourist destination for foreigners. He has great hotels and beaches. I must into republic! Bring back Kayosball to me so he can make me great again!!! Oh wait, he's dead. OH BUGGER!!!!!!
    • UKball - Great uncle. Probably a closest friend in Europe. I like his tea, his music and his shows. And do yourself a favor and give Toshiball back to me or else!!
    • Venezuelaball - A bizarre socialist but a good pal of our people. Now get your embassy in London to send Toshiball back or else, and also stop treating Palestineball like he's the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    • Italyball - Totally loved his pizza, his cars, and he made eurobeat and he also made Italo disco during the glorious Vlokozu era! Also the origin nation of Technic Heroes god Pasi Peure.
    • Republic of Guyball - Good friends, Thanks for hating Palestine as he doesn't gib me Gaza. I love you El Kadsre and his culture, Best friend ever.
    • File:Ivanland-icon.png Ivanlandball - Best friends, I love his shows and his culture, YAY!
    • Equatorial Guineaball - Sends me lots of oil. I'm also glad their dictator president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo speaks Spanish.
    • File:North El Kadsre-icon.png North El Kadsreball - Little socialist twin brother. We share some of our markets together.
    • File:Vicnora-icon.png Vicnoraball - Eldest brother. Glad his monarchy came back. Sorry for seizing your clay in 1977.
    • USAball - Uncle, neighbor and a good pal of mine. Sorry for when my daddy blew up Pearl Harbor when I was still File:East El Kadsre-icon.png KSRball (File:Kayos-icon.png Kayosball was in your clay at the time.). and he seriously has to stop stealing my ideas and my celebrities! And he can't even stop me from having a successful movie business, hah!
    • Israelcube - Best friend in the Middle East. Sorry for when stepdaddy no. 2 stopped diplomatic relations with you back in 2004-2005 and 2016. At least you gave us Harley Michaels.
    • New Zealandball - Stepdaddy no. 2 and many of his people are on my clay. Also the home of Jebs.
    • File:Jipushi-icon.png Jipushiball - Future grandson. Tourist attraction (I actually recognised you as a state but don't tell anyone about this! This is embarrassing and we'll end up in huge deep shit!!!)

    Neutral/Depends on My Mood

    • Argentinaball - Got angry at me for helping UKball get Falklandsball back from him back in 1982. Also, WHY YOU BRING MY DEGENERATES TO YOUR CLAY DURING THE FANTASTIC AND GLORIOUS VLOKOZU UNIONBALL ERA!?!
    • Barokiapyramid - Why you have diplomatic relations with Israelcube when you don't recognize it? Wait, I know yuo want Palestine free, right? But at least you gave us Jayden Phillip.
    • Egyptball - Sure you're an good ally but YOU'RE NOT HAVING File:Eukestauzia-icon.png EUKESTAZUIABALL BACK!!!!! HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!!
    • Iranball - Weird psuedo-theocracy who hates my uncle and Israelcube. AND HE ALSO TOOK IN DEGENERATES DURING THE VLOKOZU ERA!
    • Serbiaball - Kebab remover. He and his brothers need to apologize for ALSO TAKING IN DEGENERATES DURING THE TIME OF THE GREAT VLOKOZU UNIONBALL!
    • North Koreaball - Gets angry at me me because I'm friends with USAball and threatened me with a nuclear strike. YOU ARE A FALSE KOREABALL! ARGH! REMOVE KIM FAMILY!!!!!! REMOVE JUCHE!!!!!!!! But we're still good friends.
    • Chinaball - Communist mommy (technically, but actually a guy) and the home of Sagwa, Dongwa, and Cutest Kitten Ever Sheegwa. Gives us tons of coal and immigrants. I still believe you're a good friend of mine, but why did you blocked my websites like El TV Kadsre, VidSpace, LifeConnect, Limer and Alatu and what are you doing to my friends? And also, we recognize Taiwanball and there is nothing you can do about it, hah! And don't infect me with the coronavirus, okay?
    • Kazakhbrick - Why you upset over Borat? At least you gave us Ayzere Niyazova.
    • Russiaball - You're a good ally but YOU HAD TO INVADE UKRAINE! FUCKINGS YOU FOR THAT!
    • Albaniaball - I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR HELPING GET AUNTIE TAIWAN PULLED FROM THE UN! But, you're still a good ally.


    • File:Independist Taugaran-icon.png Taugaranese Separatists - YOU WILL NOT TAKE File:Taugaran-icon.png TAUGARANBALL AWAY FROM ME BY DECLARING INDEPENDENCE FROM ME!!!! HE WILL FOREVER BE MINE!!!!!!!! 2002 NEVER FORGET! Or else...
    • ISISball - You terrorist, just like your dad and your uncle, should stop fucking around with Syriaball and Iraqball! FUCK AROUND WITH File:Eukestauzia-icon.png EUKESTAUZIABALL THEN I'LL NUKE YOUR CAPITAL AND YOUR BASES!!!!! REMOVE ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS!!!!!!!!
    • Palestineball - Palestine? More like Palescam. Stop messing around Israelcube and get your filthy hands of his fence! Or else...
    • File:Danesia-icon.png Danesiaball - For calling me his stolen rival.
    • Yuzkball - Go away! I will keep my temples!
    • Coronavirus - Oh my god! This virus has killed a lot of my people! SCREW THIS VIRUS AND WUHAN!


    • File:West El Kadsre-icon.png West El Kadsreball - Home to the capital and the biggest city in El Kadsre, El Kadsre City. He is a peaceful and the happy state.
    • File:East El Kadsre-icon.png East El Kadsreball - He is very intense and a bit of the hippie who has a very hard time getting into clean environment. He has street art and he's got Francophone on his Romrac. He also has more cities than his western brother.


    • File:Ikeda Islands-icon.png Ikeda Islandsball - He is very isolated and nobody knew he existed until the Japanese found his clay in 1902. He has beautiful beaches and corals. And he also has a greatest hotels in the Americas.
    • File:Eukestauzia-icon.png Eukestauziaball - He is my only territory in the Arab world and he's very Muslim and very hot. My true dad Vlokozu Unionball adopted this kid back in 1971 from UARball and I got custody of him after he gave his clay up to me and my family.
    • File:Seahaws-icon.png Seahausrawr - He is off the coast of New Hampshireball and Maineball's clays and is very liberal and very accessible by ferry, although USAball is scared of him because he is a sea monster for sure. Also home to the only PBS member station outside the United States and it's territories and the only Nine Network and NITV affiliates outside Australia. I also love to ride him.
    • File:Taugaran-icon.png Taugaranball - He is friendly and hospitable to anyone just like his neighbor. He still needs to learn how to get into clean environment.
    • File:Hokushi-icon.png Hokushiball - He is really otaku and he is off the coast of Japan. Worst of all, he can't even open his eyes and I have to take him to Doctor Switzerland (and sometimes DR Congo). I wonder why are there so many kiwis on his clay? He has beautiful cities and it's also the home of only TVNZ affiliates outside New Zealand.
    • File:Lechutan-icon.png Lechutanball - He's not as much of an Indonesian now ever since Vlokozu Union bought him in the past; however his official language is still Indonesian and he's still interested in Indonesiaball.
    • File:El Kadsreian Antarctica-icon.png El Kadsreian Antarcticaball - Why does he seriously have to be so cold??
    • File:Schaalberg-icon.png Schaalbergball - He's also Indonesian just like File:Lechutan-icon.png Lechutanball, but he's pure Germanic and not Indonesian speaking majority.
    • File:Welchemens-icon.png Welchemensball - My other son on the other side of North America from File:Seahaws-icon.png Seahausrawr. He has Scottish Gaelic, Irish and English ancestry and immigrants that settled on the Island.



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