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    Electrica-icon.png Electricabolt Electrica-icon.png
    electrica updated.png
    The home of the erectlonics!
    GovernmentDemocracy-icon.png President-icon.png Democratic Republic
    Language(s)Japan-icon.png Japanese

    China-icon.png Chinese

    North Korea-icon.png South Korea-icon.png Korean

    Minority Languages

    English-icon.png English

    Philippines-icon.png Tagalog
    TypeTokugawa-icon.png Japonic
    AffiliationUN-icon.png UNball OECD-icon.png OECDball
    Religion(s)Mostly Christian-icon.png Christianity and Atheism-icon.png Atheism
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsJapan-icon.png Sonyball

    South Korea-icon.png Samsungball

    China-icon.png Huaweiball (mostly)

    USA-icon.png Appleball

    Taiwan-icon.png TSMCball

    UK-icon.png Vodafoneball

    Canada-icon.png BlackBerryball

    France-icon.png Alcatelball

    Netherlands-icon.png Philipsball

    Finland-icon.png Nokiaball

    Hong Kong-icon.png UTStarcomball

    Singapore-icon.png Tringapore

    File:Gameland-icon.png Games

    Autotopia-icon.png Cars

    Awzbseki-icon.png Awzbsekiball (frenemy, good relations)

    File:Fascist Republic of Steven-icon.png Fascist Republic of Stevenball

    File:Republic of Inferno Bledsoe-icon.png Republic of Inferno Bledsoeball

    EnemiesChina-icon.png Pricku (sometimes)

    North Korea-icon.png Fake Korea

    Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball (frenemy)


    Electric Technology
    DislikesBroken electronics Power Outages
    Historical information
    How many people?47,010,429
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Do rockets count as erectronics?
    BörkElectric electric Zap Zap

    Electricabolt is a country in Northeast Asia.




    • China-icon.png Ching chong - Can into Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo and Hisense, but stop burrying Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan and Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kong!
    • Awzbseki-icon.png Awzbsekiball - You are fine, but stop hatings UK-icon.png Britain-san so much!
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball (since 2020) - Know what? I lecognize you now. But I will not be friends with you until you aporogize to Serbia-icon.png Selbia about the NATO-icon.png Yugosravia bombing.


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