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    Esperanzaball microwaves cats is a countryball in North and Central America. It has maritime borders with File:New Lincolnshire-icon.png New Lincolnshire, File:Santa Angelica-icon.png Santa Angelica, and File:Verdana-icon.png Verdana.

    During the 70s and 80s, Esperanzaball was divided between Communism-icon.png commies and Vlokozu Union-icon.png vloks, in a massively bloody civil war. In 1989, it was finally reunified into a democratic government.

    Esperanza has the same reputation to other non-US countries that Florida has to other US states. "Esperanza Man" is one of the most popular categories of "odd news" on the ERPT.co.ew, RTVL.co.lf, and VT1news.co.vd websites, behind only "Florida Man". One particularly notorious story, around the time that Polandball and Eruowoodball was picking up steam on Eruochan in the very early 2010s, was "Drunk Esperanza man charged with microwaving his daughter's cat", which inspired one of the first common running gags in Countryballs: Esperanzaball getting drunk and microwaving cats. However, this joke was banned from the Polandball subreddit in 2015, due to massive overuse. This has forced creators to come up with new stupid things for Esperanzaball to do when drunk, most of them based on actual "Esperanza Man" stories.




    • Jasmine-icon.png Jasmineball - ¡ROGUE STATE!
    • Pedophilia-icon.png Pedophiles - ¡REMOVE PEDO!
    • Esperanto-icon.png Esperantoball - ¡NAME STEALER!
    • All cats
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