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    File:Flightopolis-icon.png Flightopolisball File:Flightopolis-icon.png
    flightopolis updated.png
    Flightopolis, where jets all types live!
    Government Republic
    Language(s) English ...and more, depending on which country their airline comes from
    CapitalPlane Cityball
    Affiliation UNball



    File:OECD-icon.png OECDballh
    Religion(s)Do planes worship anyone?
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsFile:Earth-icon.png Everyone, as long as you have an international airline or airplane manufacturer


    File:Train Island-icon.png Train Islandball

    Boeingball (American Airlinesball)

    Bombardierball (Air Canadaball)


    File:Panama-icon.png Copa Airlinesball

    File:Brazil-icon.png Embraerball (LATAMball)

    File:Colombia-icon.png Aviancaball

    Aerolineas Argentinasball

    File:Reno-icon.png Hydrajetcube

    File:Rense-icon.png Rensiacube

    British Airwaysball

    Airbusball (Airfranceball)


    Swiss International Air Linesball

    File:Austria-icon.png Austrian Airlinesball

    File:Italy-icon.png Alitaliaball


    File:Turkey-icon.png Turkish Airlinesball

    File:Sweden-icon.png File:Norway-icon.png File:Denmark-icon.png SASballs

    File:Finland-icon.png Finnairball

    File:Spain-icon.png Iberiaball

    File:Portugal-icon.png TAP Portugalball

    File:Greece-icon.png AEGEANball

    Air Serbiaball

    File:UAE-icon.png Emiratesball

    File:Qatar-icon.png Qatar Airwaysball

    Air Chinaball

    Korean Airball


    File:Dashkeni-icon.png Keniairball

    Electric Airbolt

    File:Daiman-icon.png Dainamball

    File:Quitzenee-icon.png Best African destination hotspot

    File:Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopian Airlinesball

    File:South Africa-icon.png South African Airwaysball

    New Slovenian Airlinesball

    File:Singapore-icon.png Tringapore Airlines

    File:Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam Airlinesball

    Thai Airwaysball


    File:Batawa-icon.png Batawa Air Systemball

    File:Malaysia-icon.png Malaysia Airlinesball

    File:Indonesia-icon.png Garuda Indonesiaball

    File:Yuezyn-icon.png YZIball

    File:Australia-icon.png QANTASball

    File:New Zealand-icon.png Air New Zealandball

    File:Fiji-icon.png Fiji Airwaysball

    File:FoxFallsball-icon.png Dodo Airlinesball


    File:Raandatan-icon.png Raairball

    Garfieldia Airlinesball

    Ildolball (Ibalan Airball)

    File:Inavik-icon.png Inavik Airball
    EnemiesFile:Janorotia-icon.png Janorotiaball (for being worst enemies with his neighbor)


    File:Hrvlv-icon.png Hrvlvball


    File:Ouwea-icon.png Ouweaball

    File:Saderafa-icon.png Sadmerafaball

    File:North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball


    File:Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball
    LikesAirplanes, helicopters, rockets, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, ships, blimps, hot air balloons, trains, tanks, flying things, airplane manufacturers, airlines, airports, travel, Autotopiaball
    DislikesPlane crashes, File:Hrvlv-icon.png File:Ouwea-icon.png janorot puppets
    Historical information
    FoundedDecember 17th, 1903
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Our Virgin Galactics can
    BörkFlight flight, plane plane, *engine noises* *engine noises*
    FoodAVGAS, Jet fuel

    Flightopolisball is a countryball in North America near Autotopiaball and File:Train Island-icon.png Train Islandball.



    • Autotopiaball - Neighbor and brother. His cars are fast looking!
    • File:Train Island-icon.png Train Islandball - Another neighbor and brother. He has a variety of trains! Bullet trains, sleeper trains, antique trains, you name it!
    • File:Boat Harbor-icon.png Boat Harborball - Another neighbor. He makes boats.
    • USAball - Nice man above us. Tons of my planes were made by Boeing, and a lot by McDonnel Douglas. Many planes in my clay (used to) serve like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and more! Thanks for the Planes movie, even if it may not be that good!
    • Canadaball - I love his hockey. Some of my planes were made by Bombardier, and many of them served Air Canada or WestJet.
    • File:Reno-icon.png Renocube - Shaped like a block and loves pancakes, mostly Renoan-styled pancakes. Many planes in my clay (used to) serve Hydrajet, Spare, Thruster, and AeroReno.
    • File:Rense-icon.png Rensecube - File:Reno-icon.png Reno's sister. Many of my planes (used to) serve Rensia. Your travel motto is also my favorite. "Rense, where your travel around the world begins".
    • File:Panama-icon.png Panamaball - Central American. Some planes in my clay (used to) serve Copa Airlines.
    • File:Brazil-icon.png Brazilball - HUE man. Many of my planes were born because of Embraer. Many of my planes serve(d) LATAM.
    • File:Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball - Quite a few of my planes served Avianca.
    • Argentinaball - A few of my planes served Aerolineas Argentinas. But why did you create Awzbseki?
    • Japanball - Let's jump right into Asia. Anime god. A lot of planes serve(d) ANA or Japan Airlines.
    • Electricabolt - Some of my planes used to serve Electric Airlines. Also, do planes count as electronics?
    • File:Dashkeni-icon.png Dashkeniball - Many of my planes serve(d) Daskair.
    • South Koreaball - K-Pop land. Many of my planes served Korean Air or Asiana. Also, you are accessible unlike File:North Korea-icon.png Kim Jong-death.
    • Chinaball - Please stop hating my car brother! But other than that, many of my planes (used to) serve Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, or Hainan Airlines.
    • Triavalon: Some of my planes served ALMK. They also watch Super Animal Squadron a lot.
    • Taiwanball - I like both Chinas. Quite a lot of my planes used to serve China Airlines.
    • File:Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - Rice fields. Yeah, quite a few of my planes serve or used to serve Vietnam Airlines.
    • File:Daiman-icon.png Daimanball: A small amount of my planes served Dainam.
    • Thailandball - Many of my planes (used to) serve Thai Airways.
    • File:Batawa-icon.png Batawaball - Some of my planes serve(d) BAS!
    • File:Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball - A lot of my planes served AirAsia, and quite a few served Malaysia Airlines. MH370 never forget.
    • File:Singapore-icon.png Tringapore - Home to the best airport in the world. Also home to Singapore Airlines, which a lot of my planes enjoy(ed) serving!
    • File:Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - A bit of my planes served Garuda Indonesia.
    • File:Yuezyn-icon.png Yuezynball - Hates File:Hrvlv-icon.png that terrible janorot puppet for beating him in a war around 50 years ago. Also, many planes in my clay used to serve YZI.
    • File:Australia-icon.png Australiaball - Quite a ton of my planes served QANTAS and Virgin Australia.
    • File:New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball - A decent amount of my planes served Air New Zealand.
    • File:FoxFallsball-icon.png Fox Fallsball - Some of my planes served Dodo Airlines.
    • File:Russia-icon.png Russiaball - A few of my planes served S7 Airlines and Aeroflot.
    • Germanyball - A lot of my planes served Lufthansa, and formerly a large amount served Airberlin.
    • Franceball - A large amount of my planes served Airfrance, and most planes living in Flightopolis were manufactured by Airbus.
    • File:Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball - Some of my planes served KLM.
    • File:Spain-icon.png Spainball - Another few served Iberia or Air Europa.
    • File:Portugal-icon.png Portugalball - A few of my planes served TAP Air Portugal.
    • UKball - Probably the most popular European for my planes and my dad. Many of my planes served British Airways or Virgin Atlantic.
    • File:Denmark-icon.png File:Sweden-icon.png File:Norway-icon.png Denmarkball, Swedenball, and Norwayball - Nordics that all share the same airline. Many of my planes served SAS.
    • Malichkaball - Royal Airlines.
    • New Sloveniaball - Many of my planes served New Slovenian Airlines.
    • Serbiaball - A number of my planes served Air Serbia. I support you against File:Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo.
    • File:Greece-icon.png Greeceball - Some of my planes served AEGEAN.
    • File:Finland-icon.png Finlandball - A decent amount of my planes served Finnair.
    • File:Quitzenee-icon.png Quitzeneeball - Clearly the best country to travel to in Africa. A few of my planes served Quitzenee Airways.
    • File:South Africa-icon.png South Africaball - Another few of my planes served South African Airways.
    • File:Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - Another few served Ethiopian Airlines.
    • File:Raandatan-icon.png Raandatanball - You deserve to be free. Also, nice airport, and some of my planes serve Raair.
    • Ibalanball - 2 of my planes were built by Ildoll. A very teeny tiny bit of my planes serve Ibalan Air
    • File:Inavik-icon.png Inavikball - You have the best arctic airport ever! and only 2 of my planes serve Inavik Air


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