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    File:Furry Island-icon.gif Furry Islandball File:Furry Island-icon.gif
    Furry Islandball.png
    Hey there, buddy! Welcome to Furry Island, where everyone is a furry! UwU
    GovernmentFile:Parliamentary Monarchy-icon.png Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
    PersonalityFurry, friendly
    Language(s) English
    CapitalFurry Cityball
    Affiliation UNball
    Religion(s) Christianity Animism
    Relations and opinions
    Friends Animalandball

    The origin of furries

    Daddy somehow.

    Turning Red


    Kawaii Land

    My furry buddy

    File:Australia-icon.png Kangaroos

    File:New Zealand-icon.png Kiwis

    Both Chinas (they both have furries)

    Milk Tea

    Republic of Vyondball



    File:Italy-icon.png Italyball


    File:Spain-icon.png Spainball

    File:FoxFallsball-icon.png Fox Fallsball

    File:Attalatubeicon.gif Kitty Fwend UwU


    File:Reno-PFW-icon.png Gweat pancake fwend
    EnemiesFile:North Korea-icon.png GTFO, JUCHE!


    File:Iran-icon.png Iranball

    File:Uganda-icon.png Homophobe (BIG TIME)

    File:Russia-icon.png Homophobic Slav (BIG TIME)

    Homophobic Caucasian

    File:Hrvlv-icon.png Homophobic Southeast Asian

    Homophobic Oceanian
    LikesFurries UwU, animals, Malichkaball, Turning Red
    DislikesFurry removers, Homophobia, being called "cringe"
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes!
    BörkFurry furry, UwU OwO
    Furries are the best! UwU OwO UwU OwO UwU OwO UwU OwO
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