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    Georgetownball (Britdonesia)

    GovernmentRepublic Parliamentary State Legislative Assembly
    Language(s)Malay-icon.png Malay

    English-icon.png English
    Chinese-icon.png Chinese (Town Hokkien, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka)
    Tamil Nadu-icon.png Tamil
    Punjab-icon.png Punjabi
    Indonesia-icon.png Indonesian

    Thailand-icon.png Thai
    AffiliationBritish Indonesia-icon.png Insulindiaball
    Religion(s)Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsBritish Indonesia-icon.png Adoptive Father

    UK-icon.png 恁爸 (Limpeh)
    Singapore-icon.png Tringapore (mostly)
    Taiwan-icon.png Best Friend & Mentor
    Betawi-icon.png Regular Patient
    Thailand-icon.png Thailandball
    South Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball
    Japan-icon.png Japanball
    India-icon.png Indiaball
    China-icon.png Chinaball
    USA-icon.png USAball
    France-icon.png Franceball
    Germany-icon.png Germanyball
    Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball

    Sweden-icon.png Swedenball
    EnemiesSingapore-icon.png Hokkien Remover (rarely)

    Betawi-icon.png Bataviaball (sometimes, especially haze)
    Bangladesh-icon.png Go Bang Ladesh!!!
    Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball
    Crown Colony of North Borneo-icon.png I told yuo to stay at home!!!

    Japanese-Empire.gif 1941 日本鬼子干你娘!!!
    LikesPenang food, UNESCO site, beaches, hills, urbanisation, modernisation, shopping malls, being a good doctor, DAP, PKR, Anwar Ibrahim, Taiwan, Anime, being food capital, Cyblox!!!, Thomas Bromley/Telco (lives in my clay), Pensonic
    DislikesConservative Party, bullying, Japan (until 1945), being called a Commie, when he gets accused of stealing Murphy and Mitzi
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    BörkPinang Pinang
    FoodChar Kway Teow, Hor Fun, Nasi Kandar, Nasi Dagang, Asam Laksa

    Neon District Georgetownball is a doctor for indonesiaball state at the north-western coast of British Indonesia-icon.png Insulindiaball. Georgetownball is made up of Penang Island and a piece of Peninsular. It is bordered by Kedahball to its north and east, and Perakball to the south.

    Georgetownball, which founded by UKball in 1786, is one of the most developed, urbanized and crowded states of Insulindiaball, with the nation's second biggest city. Georgetownball is also famous as the "food capital of Insulindiaball", and a tourist destination for its UNESCO site, multicultural history, beaches and hills. Due to that, Georgetownball is a favourite city for expats in South East Asia.


    Georgetownball born as a 1ball, adopted by Kedah Sultanateball, Srivijayaball, Kedah Sultanateball (still again), Majapahitball, Malacca Sultanateball and Kedahball (not again).

    Then came UKball in 1786, thy pirate by the name of Francis Light who seized Georgetownball from Kedahball. UKball then took Tringapore and Malaccaball, and together with these two states, Georgetownball can into Straits Settlementball.

    Thy pirate Light also gib Penangball an English capital: George Town, along with a Port to maintain his pirate Company fleet. Later, while looking for Davy Jones' locker, he was killed...by a brave Penang mosquito. Pirate Light was buried in George Townball forevermore.

    Georgetownball, along with the rest of Malayaball, was raped by Japanball in 1941. After UKball takes back Georgetownball from Japanball in 1945, Georgetownball was annexed into Malayan Unionball, Malayaball and Insulindiaball. This despite a number of local Penang lang/Georgetowners opposed the merger, leading to a secessionist movement which UKball wankers shot to pieces.

    Since Georgetownball was very similar to its sibling Tringapore as relatively developed island city-states with entrepots and large Cina populations, the central government in Kuala Lumpurball decided to "screw that fake coloniarist Engrish-town lah, we have our own capitar to deverop". Nevertheless, Georgetownball continued to grow on its own, becoming the Silicon Valley of the East, thanks to massive industrialization that brought foreign firms to the island.

    In 2008, Georgetownball can into 'opposition mode' and has been better run since, witnessing rapid development. At the same time, UNball gave George Townball a UNESCO World Heritage listing, boosting Georgetownball's tourism sector.


    He loves his food and thinks all your bases are belong to Penang food, hands down. You name it, Georgetownball has it : char koay teow, asam laksa, nasi kandar, Hokkien mee, rojak, curry mee, cendol, etc. Georgetownball cooks better than all other Insulindiaball and Tringapore combined lah, attracting folks from the rest of Insulindiaball, Tringapore and even ang moh (3ball, 2ball and 5ball) to jam Georgetownball's streets for that famous plate of char koay teow.

    Like its sibling Tringapore, Georgetownball can be kiasu (scared to lose) and hardworking as well. As one of the most developed cities in Insulindiaball, Georgetownball contributed significantly to that country's GDP, although receiving little in return for obvious reasons. Moreover, Georgetownball may be lacking in size, but not lacking in quality - just ask Jimmy Choo, Nicol David, Lee Chong Wei, Wu-lien Teh and P. Ramlee.

    Georgetownball also loves its traditions and heritage, a proud product of UKball's fatherly rule that led to a rojak mix of cultures, religions and traditions. A big thank you to UKball for Cornwallis star fort and all that colonial buildings which led to the UNESCO site by UNball and Anna and the King.

    Georgetownball can speak various languages - Malay, Manglish, Singlish, Engrish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Tamil, Punjabi, Indonesian and Thai. But its most distinct tongue and lingua franca is Town Hokkien, spoken and understood by virtually most Georgetowners regardless of race on Georgetownball's streets.


    Kawan-kawan, 朋友 (Friends)

    • British Indonesia-icon.png Insulindiaball: Thanks for building bridges and helping to modernize my clay. unlike Singapore-icon.png Tringapore, I don't need your water supplies because I have my own, But my mainland, Perai really needs your water. Also thanks for building KOMTAR and promoting tourist to my clay. I'm always proud to be Insulindian!!!
      • Singapore-icon.png Tringapore: A close brother historically, geographically, demographically, linguistically development. Both got owned by UKball as Straits Settlementball, and became bustling island city-states with major ports. Today, Georgetownball is also known as 1960s Tringapore by Singaporeans who love making trips north and then complain how Tringapore's food cannot match Georgetownball's sia. Why you remove Hokkien? We could be of Hokkien brothers. Also why you are the capital not me???
      • Kedah-icon.png Malaya Utaraball/Kedah Sultanateball: Former dad who surrendered Georgetownball to UKball, but once in a while, he still threatens to own back Georgetownball. Fortunately, Bapak's Constitution says no. Now we have problems with land because I may end up building a new airport in Kulim. But is he a commie?
      • Malacca-icon.png Malaccaball: Strait Settlement Brother!!! but he is much older than me. Also he has good chinese food like chicken rice ball.
      • Malaya Tengah-icon.png Malaya Tengahball: Cameron Highlands is cooler than my Penang Hill!!! Stupid Global Warming! and WE HATE NAJIB!!!
      • Batak-icon.png Batakiaball: My favorite cousin! He likes me but he claims that his food is better than mine. He can into Tua Pek Kong. Pls join opposition plox to remove Tories.
      • Kingdom of Sarawak-icon.png Sarawakball: Although not a kebab, we are still friends. My people like to travel to your clay and your YouTuber JotaroLazer is the reason I like Anime. Gib Kolo Mee with extra pork!! And pls don't be independent or Sabahball will follow yuo!!!
      • Crown Colony of North Borneo-icon.png North Borneoball: Sarawak's brother. But why your corona is sohai!!! Its over 26,000++ cases! I told you to stay at home and stop calling me a fake doctor!!! Don't touch me and your Kingdom of Sarawak-icon.png brother!!! But Most Importantly, yuo are Malaysian clay, not Filipino.
    • UK-icon.png UKball: Limpeh (father) who found Georgetownball, gib monies and turned it into a port city. But then, UKball abandoned Georgetownball to be raped by Japanball in 1941. Later, UKball gib up Georgetownball (again) to Malayaball against Penang lang's wishes, and the rest is history. Still, thanks you for Telco the creator of Rocalia, and the colonial buildings, because Georgetownball has UNESCO site from UNball.
    • Thailand-icon.png Thailandball: Sawadeekap ! Thank you for not attack Georgetownball when he was small, and for feeding him with tom yum, kap. You gave me Wat Chayamangkalaram (Reclining Buddha Temple) in my clay. You also have the best girls on Earth. Malaysian Chinese men from Penang like your girls. I also have a wat and I enjoy Pad Thai.
      • File:Bangkok-icon.png Bangkokball: Friendly City.
      • Thailand-icon (division).png Phuketball: My Sister City!!! We like to travel to your island.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball: My Hokkien Girlfriend. Also speaks Hokkien, albeit the ori one. Source of Hokkien TV dramas. And thanks for teaching me to do Knife massage. Yuo should be independent.
      • Taipei-icon.png Taipeiball: My friend. We can into direct flights.
    • India-icon.png Indiaball: Ancestral homeland for many of Georgetownball's colonial-era immigrants. Also the source of spicy curry, macha (bro) ! Yummy !
    • China-icon.png Chinaball: WTF CORONA JIAK SAI !!! Ancestral homeland for many of Georgetownball's colonial-era immigrants. Also Georgetownball welcomes Chinaball's investments so much, Chinaball opens one consulate. Thanks for building my second bridge don't bomb it!!! Although I reject your commie ideology and hated you for bullying Taiwan-icon.png my Hokkien brother we are still somewhat friends. I'm also related to Hainan-icon.png Hainanball But My Food is way better than yuo. Ask bapak.
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball: He Gave Investments, anime, sushi and long tentacles that raped Georgetownball in 1941, killing thousands. But got nuked in return. Now, we can into buddies. Kanagawa-icon.png Kanagawaball is my partner prefecture.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball: Plastic K-pop models, Samsung and Gangnam Style, first performed for Georgetownball. In 1980s he helped Insulindiaball building the first bridge to my mainland.
    • France-icon (beret).png Franceball: Sacrificed a destroyer and his lieutenant for defending Georgetownball in WW1. And I became partners with your city Arlesball in 2018.
    • Wilden-icon (furry).png Wildenball - (pls type)
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball: There were once Armenians in in my clay and gib me a nice luxurious hotel. I have a place called Armenian Street. My Chief Minister Chow Kon Yew went to Yerevan for WCIT 2019. Yerevan has many street arts. Thanks for letting us host WCIT 2020. I wish I could recognize your genocide but my British Indonesia-icon.png dad won't let me. Also stop calling my dad a traitor, he know what is doing and we still liked you!
    • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball: Gib Georgetownball an IKEA in Batu Kawan...But WHY IN MAINLAND? Nvm, your meatballs are great!!!
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball: Gib Georgetownball Nazi submarines in WW2. After the war, gib Georgetownball investments and factories to atone.
    • Lithuania-icon.png Lithuaniaball - Ernest Zacharevic, thanks for drawing murals in my street especially the iconic Children on a Bicycle. Shame, because there are idiots who vandalize them.
    • Australia-icon.png Australiaball: Another Commonwealth matey. Thanks for defending Georgetownball in the 60s. Adelaide and Fremantle, my friends 'mate !
    • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball: Yet Another Commonwealth matey. Kudos for defending Georgetownball too !
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball: Sacrificed a Navy warship and dozens of sailors defending Georgetownball in WW1. Also keeping Sukhois in Butterworth.
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball: Sweet ladies sia ! Can into wives, honey. Phu Quoc should be my partner.
    • UN-icon.png UNball: Thank u for gib Penang UNESCO site.

    Berkecuali 中立 (Neutral)

    • Betawi-icon.png Bataviaball: My regular patient and uncle, OI, STOP 'SMOKING' LAH ! TAKE YOUR HAZE ELSEWHERE, CAN OR NOT!!? Nvm, I love yuo and Surabayaball.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball: Stop Claiming Sabah-icon.png Sabahball-lah!!! And my dad's Wilden-icon (furry).png friend hates yuo, But thanks for tourism.
    • Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball: Waste moneylah, Yuo build a bridge longer than my second bridge, just to connect Brunei & Temburong. XIXIXIXIXI
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube : Even my British Indonesia-icon.png dad hates you and wants to remove kosher, there were once jews in Penang. I wanted to invite your people but British Indonesia-icon.png my country and Malaya Tengah-icon.pngKedah-icon.pngJohor-icon.pngBatak-icon.pngWest Sumatra-icon.png my kebab brothers won't let yuo in. I can hide yuo in my luggage and bring you to Georgetown to try my Asam Laksa and Char Kway Teow .I hope I can support you and establish cultural relations with you along with my Singapore-icon.png Tringaporean and my Kingdom of Sarawak-icon.png Sarawakian friend.
    • USA-icon.png USAball: Gib Georgetownball a Motorola, Dell and Intel plant, a Roblox YouTuber and a couple of Navy warships to play with. He helped me to turn Bayan Lepas into a silicon valley of Malaysia. But sorry for me stealing yuor characters Murphy and Mitzi to use in Pensonic's karaoke songbooks!!!
    • Palestine-icon (subdivision).png Palestineball: Reason why British Indonesia-icon.png dad hates Israel-icon.png Israelcube. But you can also be my friend too. Just stop bombing his clay!!!
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball: I know my British Indonesia-icon.png dad is helping yuo economically because he knew yuo had oil and is also friend of File:Turkeybolz.png Turkeyball and Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball for being Kebabs but stop bullying Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball-lah!!

    Musuh-musuh 敵人 (Enemies)

    • COVID-19: CORONA 干你娘 (KA NI NA)!!! Its all yuor fault!!! YOU INFECTED A WRONG STATE OF MALAYSIA!! All my plan, my WCIT2020 is postponed to 2022. You made clusters in my penjara!!! REMOVE CORONA!!! ALSO CMCO HAPPENED AGAIN!!!
    • Japanese-Empire.gif Empire of Japanball: 日本鬼子干你娘!!! Yuo bombed the Sh!t out of me in 1941 and raped my people. You chopped our heads off during WW2. Never forget!! Also I recognize Sook Ching in 1942!!! And I hope you liked Uncle Sam giving you A-bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 cuz you are dead now.. Get It, ... Kan ni na!! I will take care of yuor son well. don't worry
    • Republic of Vyond-icon.png Republic of Vyondball: Stupid Idiots Si Beh pro-child abuse pigs, I don't care yuo are Malay, Chinese, Indian or Ang-moh! Yuo murdered my precious YouTubers and exiled prisoners to me island. They tried so hard to get rid of yuo and yuo sent them away especially during COVID-19 pandemic. Lol yuo only gave Cyblox Warren-Style Punishments and call him troublemaker while yuo could have ban him from yuor city!!! I hope British Indonesia-icon.png Insulindiaball arrest you, put yuo in jail and eat nasi kaku everyday so yuo can cry like 哭爸哭妈!!!
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