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    Googleland-icon.png Googlelandball Googleland-icon.png Republic of Googlelandball
    Don't be evil, I'm here to help.
    GovernmentPresident-icon.png Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
    PersonalitySmart, Know It All, Boss, Friendly, Brave, Fearless
    Language(s)English-icon.png English And many others
    CapitalMountain Viewball
    AffiliationUN-icon.png UNball
    OAS-icon.png OASball
    NATO-icon.png NATOball
    OECD-icon.png OECDball
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christianity

    Jew-icon.png Judaism

    Islam-icon.png Islam

    Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism

    Hinduism-icon.png Hinduism
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsEarth-icon.png Pretty much everyone, but most importantly:

    USA-icon.png USAball

    California-icon.png Californiaball

    UK-icon.png UKball

    Republic of Vyond-icon.png Brother (sometimes)

    Canada-icon.png Canadaball

    Australia-icon.png Australiaball

    New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball

    Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball

    Greece-icon.png Greeceball

    Liberia-icon.png Liberiaball

    Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball

    Poland-icon.png Polandball

    Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball

    Autotopia-icon.png Car brother

    Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball

    Taiwan-icon.png Real China

    Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball

    Uyghur-icon.png Uyghurs

    Albania-icon.png Albaniaball

    Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball

    Bahrain-icon.png Bahrainball

    South Korea-icon.png Real Korea

    Israel-icon.png Israelcube

    File:Robloxia-icon.png Best mate

    FSA-icon.png Real Syria

    Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball

    EU-icon.pngFile:Narbot Island-icon.pngFile:Robotia-icon.png Trading Partners
    EnemiesRussia-icon.png Commies

    Belarus-icon.png Belarusball

    China-icon.png Fake China

    Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball

    Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball

    Iran-icon.png Iranball

    North Korea-icon.png Fake Korea

    File:Saderafa-icon.png Sadmerafaball

    Palestine-icon.png Fake country

    Al-Qaeda-icon.pngISIS-icon.png Terrorists!

    File:Dragogon-icon.png Dragogonball

    Syria-icon.png Fake Syria

    Western Sahara-icon.png Same as Palestineball

    File:Batawa-icon.png Batawaball (neutral)

    File:DuckDuckGoland-icon.png Rival

    File:Republic of Standoland-icon.png Republic of Standolandball (neutral)
    LikesCapitalism-icon.png Capitalism, USA-icon.png USAball and his allies, Duterte-icon.png Rodrigo Duterte, Democracy-icon.png Democracy, sanctioning and liberating his enemies, Oil, the entire Western World, imperialists, File:Trudeau-icon.png Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden, File:Skeldia-icon.png Among Us
    DislikesCommunism-icon.png Communists, Russia-icon.png Russiaball and his allies, Fascism-icon.png fascists, CSA-icon.pngNazi-icon.png White Supremacists, Terrorists, 9/11 attacks, anti-imperialists, Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump, File:Coronavirus-icon.png COVID-19
    Historical information
    Founded4 September 1998
    PredecessorCalifornia-icon.png Californiaball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes
    BörkSearch Search, Sanctions Sanctions
    Googlelandball, officially known as the Republic of Googlelandball, is a countryball located in the North America.

    He was bordered by the File:Republic of COPPA-icon.png Republic of COPPAball to the east, File:DuckDuckGoland-icon.png DuckDuckGolandball to the south, File:Yahooland-icon.png Yahoolandbrick to the west, and the File:Animal Activists Dictatorship-icon.png Republic of PETAball and the San Francisco Bay to the North.

    He is Googleball as a country.



    • California-icon.png Californiaball - Father who created a company named after me!
      • Menlo Parkball - The city where I was founded.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Grandfather.
    • UK-icon.png UKball - Great-grandfather. I like to visit the Big Ben clock tower.
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - Great-granduncle. Your maple syrup, poutine, and butter tarts are so delicious!
    • Australia-icon.png Australiaball - Oceanian great-granduncle. I like to visit Sydney and see the kangaroos!
    • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball - Great-grandaunt. I like to see her Kiwi birds and sheep!
    • Wilden-icon (furry).png Wildenball - Beautiful islands tho but you really need to stop oppressing east Phillipines.
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - Many Armenian communities live here in my clay is a good friend. I also recognize his genocide.
    • Greece-icon.png Greeceball - Your mythology and history are epic and awesome.
    • Liberia-icon.png Liberiaball - Uncle. He was badly infected by the Ebola virus. And also I'll give him aid to recover from his disease.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - Aunt. I like Duterte-icon.png Rodrigo Duterte.
    • Poland-icon.png Polandball - Happy 100th anniversary, my friend!
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - Don't worry, my friend. I support you against Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Also, Crimea is yours.
    • Autotopia-icon.png Autotopiaball - Good fellow brother. I like his talking vehicles. I have some Googlecars live in his clay.
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - You are a real country and I recognize it for you.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - Real China.
    • Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball - I support his independence and protests against China-icon.png Fake China. Also, your milk tea is tasty. We'll help you furthermore.
    • Uyghur-icon.png East Turkestanball - I support his independence against China-icon.png Fake China. Like, Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball.
    • Albania-icon.png Albaniaball - We do recognize Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball as a real country and we do have Serbia-icon.png a common enemy.
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - I like his rich oil and we are both allies of USA-icon.png USAball. I support him against Iran-icon.png Iranball.
    • Bahrain-icon.png Bahrainball - I protect him against Iran-icon.png Iranball.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - Real Korea.
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - I support him against Palestine-icon.png Palestineball.
    • File:Robloxia-icon.png Robloxiaball - We're both created in our same state. And also a best friend.
    • FSA-icon.png FSAball - Real Syria. I support him against the Syria-icon.png fake Syria and his allies.
    • Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball - I support you against the Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball. And also your couscous is really delicious.
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - Your beer, pretzels, and sausages are very tasty and great. Many German restaurants built in my clay.
    • France-icon.png Franceball - Your wine, croissants, baguettes, and your other foods are very delicious! Many French restaurants built in my clay.
    • Spain-icon.png Spainball - Great-grandmother. I like your bullfighting!
    • Italy-icon.png Italyball - Your pizza and pasta taste great. He also gives me Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini cars. Many Italian restaurants built in my clay. And we are also dealing with File:Coronavirus-icon.png COVID-19 problems.
    • Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball - Although USA-icon.png my grandpa has a strange situation with him, but he's my good Latino granduncle. I like his food and Aztec-icon.png his past version.
    • Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball - I help him with USA-icon.png my grandpa and my allies against the drug lords, Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball and his allies. Many Colombians living in my clay.
    • File:Skeldia-icon.png Skeldiablock - My cousin. I like Among Us.
    • Washington-icon.png Washingtonball - File:Skeldia-icon.png Skeldiablock's father. Also my uncle. Thanks for creating a company named Innersloth in your clay.
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Many Japanese people live in my clay is a great friend. I like both Anime and Manga. He also hates China-icon.png fake China.
    • Alaskan Empire-icon.png Alaskan Empireball - Fellow godly ally of USA-icon.png my grandpa. She also hates Communism-icon.png communism and Fascism-icon.png fascism. She's also my greatest and best ally.
    • File:Geometria-icon.png Geometriacube - Homeland of the geometrics. He also hates Communism-icon.png communism. So, he is my cool friend, I guess.
    • Animaland-icon.png Animalandball - I like him because he's my granduncle who has talking animals. He also hates Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball and his allies. Good animal-like ally.
    • Reno-icon.png Renocube - We are both Democracy-icon.png democratic allies of USA-icon.png USAball and Canada-icon.png Canadaball. And we also both hate Communism-icon.png communism a lot.
    • Rensecube - She's Renocube's best friend and sister. I think she also hates Communism-icon.png communism. So, why not?
    • Stickiaball - Although he's Robloxiaball's rival, but I like him because we both hate Sadmerafaball for what he had done to us.
    • Blackostineball - One of my Afro-American friends. I support him against Whitonargenball and Donald Trump-icon.png that racist president.
    • Diursiaball - My fellow democratic ally in Africa. He also hates Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball and his allies.
    • File:Gartonia-icon.png Gartoniaball - Fellow Asian-American uncle. He also hates Russia-icon.png Russiaball and China-icon.png his communist friend.
    • Yahoolandbrick - We both have unfriendly neighbors around us.
    • United States of Porgsball - We both hate File:Republic of COPPA-icon.png COPPAball for what he had done to us. He also likes my technology. Great neighbor.
    • Youtube Republicball - We both hate COPPAball and Susan Wabajack for they have done to his people.
    • Monarch Landball - My wife. She also hates commies.
    • Bikini Bottomball - Fellow capitalist like me. He also hates commies.
    • Anti PGN Nationball - Don't worry, my friend. I support you against that Pink Sheep.
    • Kitchenriaball - Yes, Annoying Orange is the best!
    • Obeleskiaball - I support my friend to gain independence from Minecraftiaball!
    • Kakyoin Papal Stateball - We both want to kill DIOland-icon.png DIO to save Joseph Joestars Daughter and we are both friends of USA-icon.png USAball anyways. Thanks for the support.
    • DR Andrew DA-icon.png Democratic Republic of Andrew DAball - He's way better than Fascist Andrew-icon.png that Falangist version of him.
    • Storybooklandball - Reading information about our websites is a good friend.
    • Musiclandball - Music is important to me.
    • Disneylandball - My people like to visit him, especially on holidays.
    • Toylandball - (Albatrossien, type it in)
    • UHIpotato - My people always like to celebrate holidays on his clay.
    • Train Islandball and Flightopolisball - Trains and planes are always welcomed in my clay.
    • Yuezynball - We both hate the evil Fascist Andrew-icon.png Fascist Republic of Andrew DAball, and we both like Greece-icon.png Greece and Armenia-icon.png Armenia.
    • El Kadsre-icon.png El Kadsreball - An ally against Palestine-icon.png Palestineball, Awzbseki-icon.png Awzbsekiball, and Sadmerafaball.



    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - Give Crimea back to Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball now!
    • Belarus-icon.png Belarusball - I support the westerners against you, evil communist, potato-loving dictatorship country!
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Fake China. Stop spreading COVID-19 into my clay and give freedom to Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball, Uyghur-icon.png Uyghurs, and even Taiwan-icon.png real China right now! Or else...
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - Stop bullying Albania-icon.png Albaniaball and Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball, they did nothing wrong to you, idiot!
    • Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball - Remove Nicolas Maduro! Juan Guaido strong! I hope we're going to put sanctions on you, commie dictator!
    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - Fake Korea. Stop launching nukes!
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - Stop calling USA-icon.png my grandpa a "Great Satan"! I support Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball against you, Shia dictator!
    • Sadmerafaball - What a stupid commie. I am going to put sanctions on you like Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball, you communist dictator! Even Republic of Vyond-icon.png my brother and Autotopia-icon.png Autotopiaball hates you!
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - A fake country. No recognition for you! The same thing I said to Sadmerafaball.
    • Al-Qaeda-icon.png Al-Qaedaball - Never forget the 9/11 attacks, you terrorist!
    • ISIS-icon.png ISISball - Ew, terrorists! I hope my allies will bomb you to death, you goat killers! Terrorist propoganda..
    • Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball - You are a part of Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball and that's final!
    • Dragogonball - WTF? How dare you ban Republic of Vyond-icon.png my brother's videos and treat USA-icon.png my grandpa like a piece of shit? That's it, we're going to put sanctions on you, evil communist
    • Syria-icon.png Syriaball - Fake Syria. I support the FSA-icon.png real Syria and my allies against you, Ba'athist pig!
    • Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball - Same as Palestine-icon.png Palestineball. I support Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball against you, separatist!
    • Fascist Andrew-icon.png Falangist State of Anderaalball - Can you stop being a Falangist also stop planning to attack Israel, File:Googleland-icon (tangle).png if you dare to hate my friends one more time, then I'm going to ban you with my b-
      • Fascist Andrew-icon.png: (eats popcorn)
    • Malaccatangle - Discussion interrupter! If you interrupt one mo-
      • : No u, it's time to anschluss you too.
      • File:Googleland-icon (tangle).png: THEN PREPARE TO DIE!!! (Anschlusses Malaccatangle)
      • : (reverses Anschluss)
      • : Wait, ho- (gets anschlussed but reverses it)
      • : Wait, how did you- (gets anschlussed but reverses it too)
      • File:Googleland-icon (tangle).png: wait wha- (loops)
      • (many many anchluss reverses later...)
      • Googleland-icon.png: Wait, did I won? Yes, I won!
        that was a long movie!
    • Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump - The worst president of USA. You are racist towards the Latinos, Blacks, and even Muslims! Also, how dare you build a wall on the US-Mexico border? That's it, I am going to support both File:Black Lives Matter-icon.png Black Lives Matter and Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden against you, white supremacist president!
    • Whitonargenball - Puppet of that stupid Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump. I support both File:Blackostine-icon.png Blackostineball and Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden against you, 8ball killers! Black Lives Matter!
    • DuckDuckGolandball - My rivalry neighbor, my website is better than yours, neighbor! Also, I'm not tracking you. I will never see your personal information.
    • File:Republic of COPPA-icon.png Republic of COPPAball - Fuck you, evil neighbor! How dare say that YouTube is for grownups! It's for the entertainment and everyone to see videos! Now, get lost, you idiot! And also, never forget the genocide on YouTubers and my people!
    • Republic of PETAball - The worst. He just kills, tortures, and treats animals like shit! I hope we're going to boycott your government and people!
    • Susan Wojcicki Wabajack - Never forget the genocide on ytbers, you female Hitler.
    • Republic of Shellyball - Why do you hate me? I did nothing wrong to you. But at least we both hate Fascist Andrew-icon.png Andrew DAball.
      • laporte sucks fuck yt users i love susan wabajack
        What the hell do you love Susan Wabajack?! I thought me and you hate Fascist Andrew-icon.png Andrew DAball while you like her?! Shame.
    • Binglandball - My search engine is better!
    • Imperial Republics of Lisa Fans - Far worst than the other ones. I support both USA-icon.png my grandpa and UK-icon.png my great-grandpa against you, manchild!
        Excuse me?! (Wrestles Imperial Republics of Lisa Fans to the ground)
        (explodes into 4 states)
    • Cringe State of Gachamaniaball - Fake Gachamania. Gachamaniaball is real Gachamania, you manchilds!
    • Arstotzkaball - This communist country hates me for unknown reasons. Like, I never did to you.
    • Ryan States of America - You deserved to be annexed by USA-icon.png USAball.
    • DIOlandball - Keep saying "Muda Muda" or else I will-
      • ZA WARUDO!!! (stops the time)
    • Pink Sheep Empirebrick - Listen here, you sheepish punk. I do not smell like cheese, please!
    • Vixeniaball - What? Did you hate "funk RVF"? Uhhh....
    • Gorloskball - Why are you a communist?
    • Drakaball - Why are you friends with File:Dragogon-icon.png Dragogonball and being a fascist country?
    • Janorotiaball - I don't want your Janorots because they're too ugly and you are hating Autotopia-icon.png my car brother. Plus I declared war on you along your neighbors and committed genocide on your Janorots. Other than that, we both hate Sadmerafaball.
    • Hrvlvball - He hates me for being friends with Yuezynball and not taking Janorotiaball's people. I declared war on you in 2001 for hurting Yuezynball and I destroyed you so badly. Also, I committed genocide on your people like 1.9 millions of them!
    • Zgvto-icon.png Zgvtoball - Same as Hrvlvball. I declared war on you and I also committed genocide on you. Plus, you are a communist country.
      • Zgvto-icon.png: *Slaps Googleland* DON'T CALL ME THAT AGAIN, YOU STUPID SEARCH ENGINE!!!
    • Wcsoa-icon.png Wcsoaball - Worst enemy. Stop comparing me to Satan.
      • Wcsoa-icon.png: No! You are terrible! Do you know commiting genocide on other countries is very wrong thing? That's so unforgivable!
    • Tuplia-icon.png Tupliaball - A stupid oceanian commie who accused me of committed genocide on Hrvlvball, Zgvto-icon.png Zgvtoball and Janorotiaball.
    • Qejukball - You are just stupid puppet to Hrvlvball.
    • Sejuk-icon.png Sejukball - Stop recognizing Hrvlvese Genocide, you stupid pirate! Also, stop attacking Autotopia-icon.png My car brother!
    • Microsoftlandball - REMOVE EDGE!
    • Mozillalandball - REMOVE FIREFOX!
    • Applelandball - REMOVE SAFARI!
    • Republic of Vyond-icon.png Republic of Vyondball - go to hell you pathetic child abuser u will be in hell soon until you collapse.
    • Yandexlandball - Russian search engine, worst search engine.



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