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    Grassland Cityball
    PersonalityVery talkative, Happy
    Language(s)UK-icon.png English (46.6%) Grassland-icon.png Grasslandic (52.0%) Earth-icon.png Others (1.4%)
    CapitalGrassland city-icon.png I am capital!
    AffiliationGrassland-icon.png Republic of Grassland
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christian (97.4) Earth-icon.png Others (3.6%)
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsGrassland-icon.png I of related to him but I am not know howBredelven-icon.png My previous self
    EnemiesFile:Outer grassland city-icon.png YOU BETRAYED ME!
    LikesCarrots, Unification (trait from West Grassland City)
    Historical information
    Founded1090 / 1890 / 1987
    PredecessorBredelven-icon.png Bredelven City

    West Grassland City

    East Grassland City
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Not yet
    Börkclay clay
    Grassland city-icon.png Grassland Cityball is the capital and largest city in Grasslandball. Grassland City is in the province of Inner Grassland Cityball on the east coast of Grassland-icon.png Grasslandball, at the mouth of the River Bredelven and bordered on the south by the Grassland Mountains.


    Grassland Cityball was born in 1090 and was called "Bredelvenball".In 1120 the Kingdom of Bredelvenball was born, with Bredelvenball as its capital. From now on the city will be called Bredelven Tonaball due to the confusion with the Kingdom of Bredelvenball. In 1474 the Kingdom of Bredelven finished taking the clay of all of the other kingdoms and became the Kingdom of Grasslandball. In 1863 protests broke out in them and the Grassland-icon.png Grasslandic Republicball became independent, but 1 year later the Kingdom came back. In the 1890's people started calling them Grassland Cityball. In 1945 Grassland Cityball was split inbetween American Grassland Cityball, French Grassland Cityball, British Grassland Cityball ,West Grasslandic Grassland Cityball and Soviet Grassland Cityball.

    In 1950, the British, French, American, and West Grasslandic Grassland Cityballs united into West Grassland Cityball and Soviet Grassland Cityball was given to East Grasslandball and renamed East Grassland Cityball.

    In 1987, East and West Grassland Cityballs united into Grassland Cityball.

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