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    Grassland will always be the greatest, but it might not look like it.
    — Gregory Williams
    Republic of Grasslandball
    GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential constitutional monarchy
    PersonalityNice, Friendly
    Language(s)Grasslandball.png Grasslandic, UK-icon.png English
    CapitalFile:Grassland cityball.png Grassland Cityball
    AffiliationEU-icon.png European Unionball. NATO-icon.png NATO
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christian (mostly)
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsIceland-icon.png Niceland Norway-icon.png Norway (sometimes)
    EnemiesISIS-icon.png Dumb Terrorists, North Korea-icon.png Fake Korea Norway-icon.png 1-second-war (sometimes)
    Historical information
    Founded1474-present 1987-present
    PredecessorFile:Grasslandic empire-icon.png Grasslandic Empireball File:Grasslandic ssr-icon.png East Grasslandball Grasslandball.png West Grassland
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Not Yet
    Börkrail rail

    Grasslandball is a countryball located in Northern Europe. It includes 17 countyballs. They are extremely cold. Their capital and largest city is Grassland Cityball.


    Grassland was born as a 2ball in the year 11,000 BC. After that, many tribes came out in the land (now called Gwjereln). The tribes fought but in 1122 Bredelvenball became independent. Bredelvenball stayed neutral until 1140 when it attacked the country it became independent from and since then it was a war hungry country. In 1474 it attacked the last country apart from them in the island of Grassland and became the Kingdom of Grasslandball. The kingdom was mostly neutral apart from some small wars when in 1863 when the first Grasslandic Republicball declared independence. They didn't last long though, being replaced by the second Kingdom of Grasslandball in late 1864. In World War 1, the Kingdom of Grasslandball was part of the Central Powers. the Central Powers lost, so in 1917 the Kingdom of Grasslandball turned into the second Grasslandic Republicball. In 1920 the Grasslandic Revolution started, making a new communist state. The Grasslandic Republicball nearly lost, but managed to defeat the Grasslandic Socialist Republicball.

    On 21 November 1941, The Grasslandic Republicball had a coup and became fascist. after 6 months on the 16th of May 1942 the Grasslandic Empireball joined the Axis. after WWII it became separated between The Motherland East Grasslandball (The Grasslandic SSR) and West Grasslandball (Republic of Grassland).

    West Grassland didn't participate in the Cold War. People wanted the country to be unified and in 1986 plans were made to unify them. The plans were finalised, and were sent to Buiesos (a weird city) the capitalball of East Grasslandball. One year later they unified into Grasslandball.


    Norway : Very nice person, helped me with unification

    West Grassland: Basically me

    ((N) Iceland


    Dane: Nice but always steals my LEGO©! I know that he of made but he is of never givings back.


    Sovietkiye Samution / RCSS: IK HAT JU! YU PLINA-I- I mean- YOU SPLIT MY ISLAND, YOU FREAKS!


    Rosye: You know.

    Common phrases

    "Grassland can into unification" Pre 1987

    "No clay for yuo"

    "Esland, we both simular. We both cannot into Nordic."

    Fun facts

    If Grassland gets annoyed, he becomes A ripoff Reichtangle Grasslandic Empiretangle, a reincarnation of Grasslandic Empireball.


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