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    Guianaball (United Guianas)

    Unity is Strength!
    GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
    PersonalityBobbyBloxer, culturally-tolerant, laidback, stoicist, likes his braai and curry, likes multiracialism and liberalism
    Language(s) English

    Native Guyanese languages

    Type Dutch-American


    Indonesian-American (partly)
    AffiliationUN, OAS, Commonwealth
    Religion(s) Christianity ( Lutheranism, Catholicism), Animism, Fetishism, South American Paganism, Islam
    Relations and opinions
    LikesBraai, arepas, coffee, roti, curry, empanadas, Alestorm, piracy, BobbyBloxer, War Machine, PIRATES! boats, ships, Lazytown, Pirates of the Caribbean, Santiago of the Seas especially, Rum, Jars of Dirt, treasure maps, finding buried treasure, pirate forts, anything to do at all with pirate culture, immigrants, 1988 Constitution, the South Park episode "Fatbeard", gaming, Ellimacs, libertarianism, Six, 7TV, Carlos Fidel, pirate culture in general, Steven Callaghan (Socialists and Liberals' PoV), having kid-friendly electoral campaigns, Vyond Troublemakers, Waterflame, Joe Biden, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Jeanine Áñez, Juan Guaidó, Tony Blair, Super Animal Squadron, Western propaganda, individuality, press freedom, Neon District.
    Dislikes Maoist scum, human rights violations, conservatism, Christian fundamentalism, theocracy, Disney (Callaghan Media Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!), terrorism, Isaias Afwerki, Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, Geert Wilders, Evo Morales, Nicolás Maduro, censorship, Steven Callaghan (Nationals' PoV), Edward Garcia (conservative scum), Jaguar TV (Garcist propaganda!), kinkshaming, child abuse, unethical parenting of any kind, scolding, Vyonders (except PixelBro), ASWANGS (worst nightmare), racists, veganism, authoritarianism, communism, fascism, pedophiles and zoophiles in general but especially pedophiles, Cuties
    Historical information
    FoundedJune 5, 1919
    How many people?4,748,955
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yeah! (1983)
    BörkGui Gui, Roti Roti
    FoodBraai, roti and curry, bratwurst with pap and peach noodle salad, fusilli bolognese, pave, brigadeiro, Madeira wine, cherry coke

    BobbyBloxer Guianaball also Guianadisc, officially the Republic of Guianaball, is a purple haired Roblox dude sovereign country located in South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the south and Venezuela to the west.

    The country occupies an area comprising 468,800 km² and is divided into 9 states and a federal district, located in Georgetown. As of now his population is 4.7 million. 23% are of mixed Native and European descent, 33% are Europeans, 13% are Natives, 17% are Afro-Americans and 14% are other ethnicities.

    He is one of two countries in South America (the other being Netherlands Antillesball) to have Dutch as an official language. Due to a large part of his culture detailing the adventures of pirates, he is depicted in the Polandball comics as a stereotypically-dressed pirate sporting a bandanna, pirate hat and eyepatch.

    His birthday falls on 2nd April.


    Guianaball was originally a stew of Native Guyanese and Arawakan peoples later colonized by the Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball and then Spainball. He was later adopted by UKball in 1856 and became a Dominion for a while.

    In 1787 Capetiansball fled to his clay and it eventually became the base of operations for the French monarchy in exile. Later the southern part of its clay got annexed by Brazilball and that explains why southern parts of his clay speaks Portuguese.

    As time passed, 8balls from Spanish Africa, Chineseballs from British Hong Kong, Indiaballs from British India and Indonesiaballs from Dutch East Indies were taken to his clay. Adding to the diversity of cultures and the resulting racial harmony were Spaniards and Dutch that even came to his clay.

    Finally Guianaball lost dependence on its colonial overlords and became into independent state on 2nd April 1919. By that time there were 86 reported ethnic groups in Guiana's clay, all of which peacefully coexist due to his sustainable environmental practices and fair laws really similar to Canadaball's.

    In 1956 Guiana became ruled by Steven Callaghan, who instituted reforms in the country but came to be viewed by the right-wing as a dictator. After emphasizing multiculturalism, Guiana got even better. That however came to an end in 1987 when Callaghan was assassinated by a Nazist.

    Now Guianaball is a Philippines-like tropical paradise. Its environmental practices are unparalleled, and there are not many crimes there because poverty is rare. This makes his clay the epitome of utopia along with New Zealandball.


    Guyanaball is mostly depicted as a pirate, like Somaliaball. This is partly because his culture celebrates piracy in the traditional sense. He is stereotypically-dressed, bearing a du-rag under a pirate hat with the sun of his flag on it, as well as an eyepatch and often holding a scabbard.

    His personality also matches the aspects of stereotypical pirates. He always drinks rum and passes it off as "grog", as well as singing pirate ballads. He is often seen as the captain of a pirate crew consisting of his constituent provinces and one of his cities portrayed as his pet parrot.

    He is VERY superstitious about Aswangs, vampires or werewolves from Filipino folklore carried by the Spaniards from the Philippines, and fears they might screw up with him on their next adventure. Although recently he has shown a rise in anti-Chinese sentiment due to China's controversial practices of cracking down on culture.

    Nevertheless, while he's a pirate, he's also a racially tolerant guy. He tolerates any kind of LGBT identity as well as transracial identity and supports religious freedom and separation of church and state like Eruowoodball and his friends. He also hates communism, torture, and fascism, being pro-centrist (although the incumbent party is centre-left-left-wing).

    Other than that he's a big fan of Friday Night Funkin' due to the large FNF fanbase in his clay, and a big fan of gaming in general. He also seems to be into SFX (because Ellimacs, an SFX tutorial channel based in Sweden, is fairly popular there.) and is often a gaming-savvy character.

    Ethnic groups

    • Arawakans
    • Caribs
    • Guianese Africans
    • Indo-Guianans
    • Indonesian Guianans
    • Sino-Guianese
    • Guianese Europeans
    • Levantine Guianans
    • Multiracials


    • Caribs
      • Carib language
      • Akurio
      • Sikiana
      • Tiriyo
      • Waiwai
      • Kapong
      • Macushi
      • Pemon
    • Arawakan
      • Lokono
      • Atorada
      • Mapidi
      • Wapisha
    • Warao
    • Guarani
      • Emerillon
      • Wayapi


    • Akans
    • Loango
    • Ewe
    • Yoruba
    • Kongo


    • Aluku
    • Kwinti
    • Matawai
    • Ndyuka
    • Paramak
    • Saramakans


    • Bihar
    • Uttar Pradesh
    • Jharkhand
    • Haryana
    • Punjab
    • Tamil

    European Guianans

    • Anglo-Guyanese
      • English
      • Scottish
      • Irish
      • Cornish
      • Ulster-Scots
    • Dutch Guianans
      • Utrijters
      • Gelderlanders
      • Gronings
      • Flemings
      • Frisians
    • Hispano-Guyanese
      • Canarians
      • Andalusians
      • Basques
    • Franco-Guyanese
      • Huguenots
      • Bretons
    • Mennonites
    • Surinam Madeirans
    • Others
      • Germans
      • Swedes
      • Italians
      • Latvians
      • Greeks

    Indonesian Guyanese

    • Javanese
    • Malay
    • Petjo


    • Fujianese
    • Teochew
    • Southeastern Mandarin

    Jews and Lebanese

    • Ashkenazims (via Netherlands)
    • Spanish Jews (via Portugal)
    • Maronites
    • Syrians
    • Palestinians


    • Brazilians
      • Portuguianans
      • Pardos
      • Mulattoes
    • Venezuelans
      • Mestizo
      • Criollo
    • Franco-Guyanese
    • Colombians
    • Mexicans

    Multiracials and other creoles

    • Locally-made:
      • Sranan Tongo
      • Creole
      • Sarnami Hindustani
      • Guianese Patois
    • From the Caribbean:
      • Belizean Creole
      • Limonese Creole
      • Garifuna
      • Miskito
      • Doogala
      • Cocoa Panyols


    Friends (Amigos/Vriende)

    • Netherlandsball - My estranged father who is now a DJ. I hope you're doing good. Also I like your tompouce, it's the best dessert in the world.
    • Spainball - Mommy who's an abusive brat. She abandoned me and left me with Nederlands?! But now we're on good terms. Don't be like that monster!
    • UKball (best friend) - Stepfather who adopted my sister, Guyana. We happen to be best friends. We like each other's culture. Your drill raps are awesome! But what I like most about you is JJ Olatunji, because we both wear bandannas on or heads. We both hate the assimilator.
    • Troublemakerlandball - I support you. Unethical parenting is wrong!
    • Philippinesball - A lot of countries tend to be friends with the Philippines, and I'm no exception. We can into friends, because we can into tropical climate, and we can into being highly developed. We can also into diversity. Also, we both recognize Palestine, hate this monster, and share the same fear for Aswangs because of how they always cause trouble at night.
    • Kosovoball - That little kebab who deserves to be an independent state.
    • Boliviaball - I feel bad for you now that Anez left office. But I especially feel you about losing Litoral! Don't worry, join me' hardy crew! And together we will pillage that coast-snatching Kraken!
    • Brazilball - I inherit a lot of your cultural aspects. But please do not under any circumstances drag me to your clay or I will make you walk the plank!
    • Myanmarball - I support your government. And I like what you eat. But stop inciting violence on ethnic minorities in your clay!
    • Funklandiaball - Beep boop! You're a nice video game. So I guess we should be friends.
    • Surinameball - My brother who's a cool detective. We can both into diversity. We were both adopted by Netherlandsball
    • Guyanaball - Sister who was adopted by UKball.
    • Icelandball - She understands me, she's got a cute little show called Lazy Town. And it has a song about pirates in it. But whatever you do, DO NOT subject me to Iceland Time!
    • Steven Callaghan - Thanks for making me a nice place to live in. But the consters and Garcists hate you and are calling you a dictatorship for no good reason.
    • USAball - The King of the Countries himself amirite? Many of my people are in his clay. He's also the eldest son of the UK so that proves my point about loving him.
    • New Petseriball - We can into creole culture!

    Neutral (Neutros/Neutral)

    • Palestineball - I recognize you, but please stop bickering with your Israel-icon.png half-sister because of religion! She doesn't wanna hurt you, but I'm neutral. Please stop freaking up each other. Again, I'm neutral. Cut it with your Intifada.
    • Chileball - We're both filthy-rich and can into liberalism, but why do you eat tompoes the wrong way and why did you snatch Litoral from him?
    • Somaliaball - We're both pirates but, uh, stop being so brutal with your piracy! You're almost as bad as Captain Hook I guess. Plus, you're a poophole compared to me.
    • Venezuelaball - We both happen to be in Guiana, but please stop being a dick.
    • Malaysiaball - Cool disguise abilities and tactics, but one of your logos scares me!
    • Serbiaball - FOR THE LAST TIME, KOSOVO IS INDEPENDENT, AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! You totally deserved to be bombed by NATO. But you have really tasty rakija, sarma and cevapcici, but Kosovo is independent!

    Enemies (Enemigos/Vijanden)

    • Chinaball - When in the name of the sea will you learn that stripping Sinkiang Turks and Hongkongers of the will to protest isn't a very good idea? When will you learn that cracking down on religion altogether is a violation of human rights? For the sake of Davy Jones' locker, stop assimilating ethnic minorities and using terrorism and violence as an excuse! I support everyone who wants to get rid of you, especially your democratic sister!
    • Cuties aka Mignonnes - Disgusting! I'd rather not watch that! And like what Eruowoodball did, this film will be refused classification from my clay!
    • Anyone who hates the United Kingdom, but especially:
      • Awzbsekiball - Why do you hate my stepdad?! He did nothing wrong to you!
      • Argentinaball - That drama queen, always being so ironic! She hates the United Kingdom for past wrongs, even when she herself did all that wrong! She claims to be white but that seems like a low point for her! And even worse she hates more or less anyone who is part of the British family! But you know what's even worse? She stole my flag's design! You've done enough, now I will have you marooned on your favorite island the Falklands!
      • Sadmerafaball - This fake communist who wants the world to be just as redheaded and ironic as him! (Hypocritical is another term but ironic sounds better.) Anyway, I heard you put Aswangs in your army, so go get turned into a fish and fed to ze sharkies!
    • Alaskan Empireball - Stop accusing me of globalism! But I respect your opinions and we both agree on veganism. And we both like the United States.
    • Jasmineball - Christian fundamentalism is dead! You hear me?! Dead! He's a hellhole with nothing good to do other than screw around and ban any material that isn't so "Christian"! He doesn't allow any other flag than his own flag! I WILL plunder and pillage your clay using the power of Pixie Dust! I will enlighten your citizens using Radio Free Jasmine and make them rebel against you! Then I will have them lynch your precious Arnold Powell! Go to hell!
    • Republic of Vyondball - Although he's not really a manchild like his detractors mock him, he's still a bad guy. He supports and promotes unethical parenting and child mistreatment! And he expects parents to ground their kids for like the smallest of mistakes?! And worse, you turned out to be the son of this monster! So you know what, time for me to play the Latin American Accordion of Doom that will bring upon you the Libertarian Mermaids of Woe!
    • Burmese Military Junta - Legion of racists who incite terror on Rohingya Muslims and cause violence in her own clay. Seriously ffs go get fed to sea creatures or something like that idk.
    • Aswangs - Evil creatures of the night who won't respect me, want to Anschluss me and turn my people evil, and make them incite riots on the Austronesian family. You deserve to be hunted!
    • Moroccoball - In the name of the sea just let go of Saharawi! She did nothing wrong to you, and she is not your pants! Now you compare me to an angel because I support Polisario and you look like the Devil? Shame on you.
    • Ingsocball - You're easily the worst person in existence! You control Taiwan's satanic commie twin and made her stronger than you! You made South Korea's brother backstab her and become commie! And also, you control the aswangs?! That's it! Go walk the plank you devil!


    • Racism is not allowed in his clay. (although blackface is perfectly fine)
    • From 1956-1987, he had his own ideology called Triheptism, a utopianist multicultural and civil libertarian ideology, and based on Indonesia's Pancasila.
    • The Indonesian-American children's social education film The Crayon Box that Talked and the subsequent films were banned from viewing in Guiana, since conservative MP Daniel Sanchez funded the project. Granlund pleaded guilty to 12 counts of pedophilia and was jailed February 2021.
    • Aswang are a feared creature not only in the Philippines, but also in Guiana, due to the Spaniards taking the myth to the country from the Philippines.
    • Guiana has made strides in bio-augmentation. In 2018 they created the first set of genetically-modified humans and were made to be super-soldiers retaining emotions.
    • The La Vieja Wolves are a football team playing in La Vieja, Bolivar. They are seen wearing full body latex suits of black-skinned canines with perpetually-angry faces and ominous yellow eyes. The jerseys are part of their latex gear and appear in a red color.
    • Friday Night Funkin' is popular in Guiana, as the Indonesian minority in the country had also caught on with the trend as it had caught on in their native land. The game has over 1 million players, almost half the population.
    • Guiana's GDP total is 244 billion USD as of now. The main exports are agriculture (mainly cocoa, rice, fruits and spice), technology (generally video games) and metals (usually copper and precious stones).
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