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    Juulzaden-icon.png Republic of Juulzadenrawr Juulzaden-icon.png
    GovernmentConfederal parliamentary constitutional republic under a left-libertarian night-watchman state
    Language(s)Kalga'ahjo-icon.png Kalga'ah

    Juulzaden-icon.png Zadenco

    English-icon.png English

    Spanish-icon.png Spanish

    Philippines-icon.png Tagalog (Filipino)
    AffiliationNon-Aligned Movementball
    Relations and opinions



    USA-icon.png USAball (Sometimes)

    Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden (January 20, 2021-August 15, 2021)

    File:Bernie Sanders-icon.png Bernie Sanders

    Kadersaryina-icon.png Kadersaryinaball (Sometimes)

    Nepal-icon.png NepalRawr

    Ohio-icon.png Ohiorawr
    EnemiesUSA-icon.png USAball (Sometimes)

    Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump

    Hillary Clinton-icon.png Hillary Clinton

    Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden (August 15, 2021-present) Due to the Afghanistan situation

    File:Saderafa-icon.png Juul remover!

    File:Saderafa-icon.png China-icon.png Cuba-icon.png North Korea-icon.png Laos-icon.png Vietnam-icon.png Venezuela-icon.png Nicaragua-icon.png Algeria-icon.png Big government socialism

    Kadersaryina-icon.png Kadersaryinaball (Sometimes)

    Clyohraira-icon.png Clyohrairaball
    LikesJuuls, Small government socialism, Democratic socialism, Anti-establishment, anti-elites, Left-wing populism
    DislikesCigarettes, Cigars, Large government socialism, Establishment and elites, Right-wing populism
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Not yet
    Börk(Dinosaur roar)
    Juulzadenrawr is a countryrawr located in North America.
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