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    File:Kharqa-icon.png Kh'arqaball File:Kharqa-icon.png
    The breeze... ah the breeze.
    PersonalityFriendly(ish), Energetic
    Language(s)Kh'arqan and Russian
    Type̶A̶l̶i̶e̶n̶ Akrazic
    AffiliationUNball, CISball
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsPractically everyone (except enemies)

    Most importantly:

    File:Neo-Prussia-icon.png Neo-Prussiaball (neutral)
    EnemiesUKball (Tea!), Georgiaball (Leave Abkhazia alone!), Turkeyball
    LikesMaking strange chemicals, annoying Georgiaball, more
    DislikesTea, pollution, Facebook (YUO BANNED! GAGAGAGAGAGAGA!)
    Historical information
    PredecessorKh'arqan SSR
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes, we released a satelite into space in 2006.
    BörkGAGAGA, GAGAGA Chemicals, Chemicals
    FoodSoup, Mayonaise Z'karam (Kh'arqan dish)
    Kh'arqaball is a country located in the Caucasus in Asia and Europe, he is bordered to Abkhazia in Georgia.


    National languages: Kh'arqan and Russian

    Regional languages: Georgian, Abkhazian, and Azerbaijani (Northern Kh'arqa) Polish, Turkish, and Armenian (Southern and Eastern Kh'arqa)


    Russiaball-Practically my best friend, provides aid whenever a civil war breaks out.

    Belarusball-Russiaball's assistant.

    USAball-Land of freedom, but WHY YUO RECOGNIZE CRIMEA AS UKRAINE??!!!!! REMOVE!!!111!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA

    Abkhaziaball-I'm sad that you're not independent, You are not and will never be part of Georgia! Be free!


    UKball - TEA! But he's practically the reason why I have McVities in my country. Man, Penguins are tasty.

    Neo-Prussiaball - You good but you befriends with Уkrаiиe

    6ball-My possible relative....


    Ukraineball-CRIMEA IS PART OF RUSSIA, YOU HEAR ME???!!!! HUH?!!

    Turkeyball-Disgusting kebab that deserves to die! Oh they're gonna have to glue you back together... IN HELL!

    Australiaball-FUCK ME 0-8, FUCK YUOOOOO!!!

    • Australiaball-Haha, get rekt wanker.

    Georgiaball-A huge IMBECILE!

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