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    Kuala Lumpurball (Borneoverse)

    File:Kuala Lumpur-icon.png Kuala Lumpurball File:Kuala Lumpur-icon.png
    File:Kuala Lumpurball.png
    My dad's a master of disguise! Btw, want some nasi padang? #HighwayLife #Motorcycles4Ever
    GovernmentSultanate within a federal elective monarchy
    PersonalityDaredevil, crazy, proud motorbiker, super loud, delinquent (sort of)
    Language(s)It's complicated.


    • Jawi

    Sinitic languages

    File:India-icon.png South Asian languages

    Type Austronesian


    File:Gupta-icon.png Indic
    AffiliationFile:Malaysia-icon.png Malaysia
    Religion(s) Islam


    File:Shenism-icon.png Chinese religions


    Indian religions


    Relations and opinions
    LikesRiding his motorcycle #Motorlife, doing crazy stunts (mostly), doing all sorts of daring motorcycle stunts, Dataran Merdeka, Sultan Abdul Samad clock tower, Menara KL, Petronas Towers, Batu Caves, tourism
    DislikesTerrorists, invaders, illegal immegrants, zombies.
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Ask my dad.
    BörkKL KL, harimau harimau
    FoodNasi lemak, nasi goreng, nasi padang, nasi briyani, kway teow, curry, roti chanai
    OTL equivalent: Kuala Lumpur FT, Putrajaya FT, Seri Kegembangan, Puchong, Cheras, Kajang

    Kuala Lumpurball, officially the Federal District of Kuala Lumpurball and nicknamed the City of Crystal Gems, is the capital of Selangor royal and administrative capital of Malaysiaball. 

    He used to be the state capital of File:Selangor-icon.png Selangorball, later he became a Federal Territory in 1974. The Petronas towers are located in his clay, and he protects them a lot so it won't become another 9/11.

    Kuala means city, whereas Lumpur means mud or dirt. Malaysiaball gave Kuala Lumpurball such a name because of his abundance in expensive gemstones and other mineral resources. Alternative names include Bandar Permata Kristal (due to, as said earlier, the abundance of gems), KL (abbreviation), the Capital of Asia (due to the diversity of cultures in the area)

    He can into diversity so he can into many languages. He can also into having many religions, including Malaysian Orthodox, the brainchild of many Malaysia Russian immigrants. Greek Catholics who immigrated to Malaysia via Portugal also immigrated there.

    Kuala Lumpur is a multi-ethnic society all-in-all. It is also known not just for Petronas Towers, but also for Masjid Jamek, Sultan Abdul Samad building, and Menara KL.


    Kuala Lumpurball was founded in 1859 by File:Selangor-icon.png Selangorball and became state capital of Selangorball and national capital since British Malayaball until File:Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball.


    Kuala Lumpur can into many diversity because of tourists, migrant workers, and many different people from across Asia. It's the melting pot of Nusantara, some people say.

    In Kuala Lumpur, you can spot tan-skinned people (File:India-icon (tangle).png Indians, mostly of File:Tamil-Eelam-icon.pngFile:Tamil Nadu-icon.png Tamil ancestry), women in hijab and niqab (File:Indonesia-icon (tangle).png Malays/Indons and File:Pakistan (turban)-icon.png Muslim Indians), fair-skinned people with small eyes ( Chinese), and people in thawbs (File:Arab-League-icon.png Arabs). There are also people with same skin as Malays, though women don't wear niqabs (these are the Filipinos)

    In KL, you can see Wayang Kulit plays, gendang bands, Chinese dragons, and signs in Tamil, Chinese, Malay and English - all in the same city. You can hear people speaking in Bahasa Rojak or Manglish, a common sound in the city. There are Bangkalas, Chinese, and tourists from Australia, the US and the UK. What a culturally-diverse city, isn't it?

    When you are walking along the roads of suburban KL, you may happen to stumble upon some people putting on dirtbike gear. These people are the File:Kuala Lumpur-icon.png Mat Rempits. They mostly do illegal motorcycle stunts for fun. There are lots of motorcycle daredevils from Kuala Lumpur, no wonder he is portrayed as one of these dudes.

    Here's a comprehensive list of every language and religion spoken there:


    Kuala Lumpur is the most linguistically-complicated Malaysian city. It's basically Nasi Briyani if it were a city. Or even beef rendang, kway teow, or rojak.

    Malay (official)


    Sinitic languages

    File:Gupta-icon.png Indian Subcontinent languages File:Indus Valley-icon.png


    File:Arab-League-icon.png Arabic (liturgical)

    • Jawi (Arabic creole)

    File:Philippines-old-icon.png Filipino

    File:Malaysia-icon (hat).png Native Malayan

    File:Earth-icon.png Foreign and educational languages


    The Lagu Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur Hymn) states that KL is not just multi-ethnic, but also multi-religious.

    Islam (Greatest religion!)


    File:Kuomintangle-icon.png Chinese religions:


    File:India-icon (tangle).png Indian religions

    File:Bahai-icon.png Bahá'ísm
    File:Spiritism-icon.png Spiritism

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