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    File:Lakoforon-icon.png Lakoforonball File:Lakoforon-icon.png
    Language(s)Lakoforonish, English-icon.png English
    AffiliationSerbia-icon.pngGreece-icon.pngBulgaria-icon.pngArmenia-icon.pngRomania-icon.pngUSA-icon.pngRussia-icon.pngPoland-icon.png Kebab removing agency
    Religion(s)Lakolism, Buddism
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsEarth-icon.png Everyone, but especially

    Poland-icon.png BFF

    USA-icon.png Buddy

    Sudan-icon.pngSouth Sudan-icon.png The two Sudans

    Idaho-icon.pngLatvia-icon.pngBelarus-icon.pngIreland-icon.png Potato

    Portugal-icon.pngSpain-icon.png Buddies

    Russia-icon.png Russiaball (usually)

    Kosovo-icon.png kosovo is kosovo

    El Kadsre-icon.png El Kadsreball

    Republic of Guy-icon.png Republic of Guyball

    File:Floweria-icon.png Floweriaball
    EnemiesTurkey-icon.png remove kebab

    Nazi-icon.png Naziball

    Soviet-icon.png Traitor.

    Mexico-icon.png yuo of sendings illegal immigrants to america

    China-icon.png coronavirus filled idiot

    Iran-icon.png Stop the conflicts with America plox
    LikesPeace, potatoes, animal rights, Faceblock, veggies
    DislikesAnimal neglect/abuse, war, meat
    Historical information
    FoundedJune 14, 1994
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes
    BörkLako lako
    FoodLakoforonish potato
    The Republic of Lakoforon is a new reich rich country located in Eurasia, it's president is Larko Mals, who was 39 at the time of election in 2001 2012, Lakoforon has gotten in touch with many countries.


    Friends (Includes former friends)

    • Polandball - Very best friend! We always hang out! Although I am also friends with Reichtangle
    • Serbiaball (until 2020) - Kebab removers for life!
    • Greeceball - Just like old times
    • Sudan and South Sudan - We recently became friends
    • Mongoliaball - We both dream of becoming an empire again, so we're friends
    • Balticballs - We're friends for life!!!
    • Germanyball, Luxembourgball, and Switzerlandball - We can all into monies!
    • Kosovoball - I'm on both sides, but I couldn't into recognition of yuo because Serbs, but I have removed Serbs from my clay, so I recognize yuo!
    • Canadaball - A very friendly country. We have a common enemy.
    • Basically everyone


    • Saudi Arabiaball - REMOVE KEBAB!!!! But we are neutral because we both hate Iran
    • Israelcube - Jewish physics are of best
    • Jewcubes - At least yuo of better than that blood thirsty demon


    • Turkeyball - remove kebab from the premises
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball (since 2020) - Calm down please!
      • Serbia-icon.png: REMOVE KEBAB! remove kebab from the premises lakoforon yuo are of live in attic why did yuo recognize kosovo you traitor lakoforon you should of be annexed by romania kebab PUPPET!
    • USSRball (since 1949) - Traitor!
    • Chinaball - CORONAVIRUS CARRIER!!!
    • Naziballs - blood-thirsty demons
    • Iranball - Why the conflicts with America?
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