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    File:Metsämaa-icon.png Metsämaaball File:Metsämaa-icon.png
    Finland's son in Asia lol
    GovernmentFile:Parliamentary Monarchy-icon.png Federal semi-parliamentary constitutional monarchy
    PersonalityEDM personality, cool, hip, tech-savvy, sometimes annoying, gamer, edgy, modernized, has a masking fetish, wants to feel like a different person, pedophile (very, very often), cosplay fan, tough, gangster
    Language(s)File:Finland-icon.png Finnish (national language)

    Chinese (co-official)

    • Taiwanese Mandarin
    • Cantonese

    File:Swedish Empire-icon.png Swedish


    File:Unified Korea-icon.png Korean

    File:Russia-icon.png Russian (co-official)


    File:Sami-icon.png Sami

    Minority languages





    File:Norway-icon.png Norwegian
    TypeFile:Ural-icon.png Uralic


    File:Goguryeo-icon.png Koreanic

    File:Germania-icon.png Germanic

    File:Panslavic-icon.png Slavic
    Affiliation UNball

    File:Vietnam-icon.pngFile:Heunggong-icon.pngFile:Metsämaa-icon.png One China Policy removers


    File:OPEC-icon.png OPECball
    Religion(s) Christianity
    • Orthodoxy
    • Catholicism (minority)

    File:Shenism-icon.png Folk Shenism

    File:Daoism-icon.png Taoism (co-official)



    Atheism (minority)

    Islam (very small minority)
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsFile:Earth-icon.png Everyone, especially:

    File:Finland-icon.png Father


    File:Estonia-icon.png Sister

    Stepmother (sometimes)

    File:Netherlands-icon.pngFile:Spain-icon.png Parents-in-law

    File:Sweden-icon.png Half-mother and DJ buddy

    File:Qing-icon.png Late grandfather

    File:Sami-icon.png Grandmother


    File:Heunggong-icon.png Brother and DJ friend


    File:Belgium-icon.png Brother-in-law

    I support you

    Serbiaball (frenemy)

    Adoptive mother

    File:Norway-icon.png DJ buddies

    File:Brunei-icon.pngFile:Austria-icon.pngFile:Australia-icon.pngFile:Italy-icon.pngFile:Singapore-icon.pngFile:Slovakia-icon.pngFile:Brazil-icon.pngFile:Portugal-icon.pngFile:Lithuania-icon.png Gang dudes

    Nerdy neighbor

    File:Kosovo-icon.png New kid in the hood

    File:Ireland-icon.png Noisestormball

    File:Austria-icon.png Cousin-in-law

    Uncle and DJ buddy

    File:France-icon (beret).png Germany's wife

    File:India-icon.pngFile:Vietnam-icon.png Chink removers



    File:Slovenia-icon.png She ain't what she seems

    File:Malaysia-icon.png Master of disguise

    File:Vatican-icon.png The Catholic King

    File:Portugal-icon.pngFile:Ireland-icon.pngFile:Italy-icon.pngFile:Greece-icon.pngFile:Spain-icon.png The European Pig Pen

    File:Indonesia-icon.png Grumpy old lady

    Kiwi puppet

    File:Russia-icon.png Neighbor (usually)

    Neighbor's enemy
    EnemiesFile:North Korea-icon.png STAY AWAY FROM ME!

    Awful stepmother (sometimes)

    File:Myanmar-icon.png Genocider (when caught)

    Muslim killer (neutral)

    File:ReichTime.png Child molester

    File:Nazi-icon.png Racists

    Jihad monster

    File:Spain-icon.png Catalonia occupier (neutral)

    File:Romania-icon.png Main Gypsy Remover (not really)

    Pedophiles (wait...I am one!)

    File:Palestine-icon.png YOU ARE ISRAELI CLAY!!!

    File:Donald Trump-icon.png Cheeto Hitler

    File:Duterte-icon.png Merciless guy

    File:Brazil-icon.png Amazon destroyer (when caught)


    File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png The Rapist

    Meme hater

    The nerd (rarely)
    LikesElectronic Dance Music (his life), EDM artists including himself, masking, crossdressing, cosplay (especially the first and last or all three combined), trance, dubstep, playing Minecraft, FL Studio, gaming, wearing his Enderman cap, gaming headphones and visor (usually), movie nights with his File:Netherlands-icon.pngFile:Spain-icon.png parents-in-law, Parliament Palace (basically the old Supreme Court of Singapore with a clock tower), doing EDM, YouTube, playing Fortnite with DJ Canuck, File:Finland-icon.png his father and the owner of the gang, his milk tea-monger mom, his Asian File:Heunggong-icon.png EDM buddy, masking and bodysuit fetishes (no wonder he makes his gangster friends have it too), skiing with his File:Finland-icon.png father (while listening to EDM music), Benjamin Miller (his bodysuit persona and alter-ego), fursuiting, bodysuiting, other suiting fetish (no wonder he goes to stage in bodysuit before stripping his disguise to reveal himself), but most of all, EDM! (Because after all it's his life and his dream)
    DislikesTerrorists, genociders, EDM haters, rival gangs, his annoying stepmother (when exposing him), getting nukes thrown at by File:North Korea-icon.png Kim Satan III, my worst nightmare, Communists, File:Nazi-icon.png white supremacists (Justice for Breonna, George, Dreasjon and other black people murdered by racists!), police brutality, Rule34 (WORST SITE EVER!!!), File:Pakistan-icon.pngFile:Iran-icon.pngFile:Syria-icon.pngFile:Myanmar-icon.pngFile:Venezuela-icon.pngFile:Cambodia-icon.pngFile:Cuba-icon.pngFile:Laos-icon.pngFile:Bangladesh-icon.pngFile:South Africa-icon.png my stepmother's friends, people who keep on saying my File:Finland-icon.png father doesn't exist (My dad exists! Perkele!!!), Miraculous Ladybug (they mocked our EDM fad), Weatherstar4000video (for sending innocent "delinquents" to my clay), One China Policy
    Historical information
    FoundedAugust 2, 1858/November 1st 1964
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes (Flying Maple satellite, April 23, 1998)
    BörkDJ DJ, gangsta gangsta, thuglife thuglife, perkele perkele (just like his father)
    FoodGoza (dumplings filled with ground meat, tofu and vegetables), ruskeakakku (chocolate mud cake), naudanlihan nuudeli (beef noodles), all sorts of Finnish and Chinese hybrid food
    Perkele xixixi
    Metsämaaball, also known as the Tsardom of DJ Enderman Metsämaaball, is a countryball located in the End realm in Minecraft Northeastern Asia. It is bordered by Russia to the north, China to the southwest, North Korea to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the southeast.

    Since is a major Asian EDM hub, it is represented as a DJ/EDM producer adopting the alias "DJ Enderman". (This is a reference to the real-life Metsämese DJ Henrik "Enderman" Aalto who always wears an Enderman costume to stage.)

    When you ask him why he keeps on wearing his Enderman beanie/swimming cap/bandanna-as-a-skull-cap, as well as his purple gaming headphones and black visor with a purple frame, he responds in Zalgo text, "I'm the EDM King of East Asia. Blame Henrik Aalto as well."

    under construction


    As a country

    Metsämaaball was born as a creole of a File:Ural-icon.png Uralball and a File:1-icon.png 1ball to File:Qing-icon.png Qingball and File:Tsarist Russia-icon.png Russian Empireball, and colonized by File:Finland-icon.png Finland, File:Sweden-icon.png Sweden and File:Estonia-icon.png Estonia together in 1858. The Finnish explorer and seafarer Jaakko Niinistö landed on the shore of what is now Metsänlinnoitusball on August 2nd of that very same yaer.

    Then two colonies were set up in the northern region of his country by the File:Netherlands-icon.png Netherlands (New Almere),  the United Kingdom (New Dublin) and File:Spain-icon.png Spain (Nueva Cataluña).

    On November 1st 1964 he was given independence from the Joint Colonization Council after 106 years and took this opportunity to grow into a first-world city-state.

    In the years following independence, the country struggled with ethnic tensions between ethnic Finns and Chinese, as evidenced by the Autumn Park incident in 1967. Eventually however both sides make peace.

    Metsämaaball is now an all-accepting society that welcomes all types of people with open arms, regardless of ethnicity, language or religion. The nation is also famous for being a major hub of electronic dance music in East Asia, much like how the Netherlands is a major EDM hub in Europe.

    As a character 

    Metsämaaball was born to File:Finland-icon.png Finnish Overseas Empireball and File:Qing-icon.png Qingball. As his parents owned a street gang with over 200 years of history, it was natural that he was going to be a member of the street gang very soon.

    As soon as he turned 10, his father gave him a DJ mixer as a present and taught him how to make EDM songs. Eventually when he turned 18, he became his own country, yet still cared for by his File:Finland-icon.png parents and his family.

    On his 21st birthday, his parents gave him three very special presents: an Enderman durag, a black long-sleeved T-shirt and black tights. His cousin also gave him a pair of gaming headphones and a black visor.

    He slowly learned how to be a popular EDM producer just like his File:Netherlands-icon.png father-in-law. Now a full member of his family's street gang, he goes around blasting his music while his gangster friends play basketball on the frontyard court.

    He is rarely seen without his Enderman durag, his black shirt/tank top, tights, headphones and visor. He always wears them as this is his on-stage persona, he even wears these while in bed with his father.

    He and his gang friends usually go fooling around in other clays, including Serbiaball, File:Indonesia-icon.png the grumpy old Muslim lady in Southeast Asia, his uncle's house, and even File:Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo, the newest member of the street gang.


    Metsämaaball is mostly portrayed as an EDM producer who works for a street gang (comprised of nations that have good diplomatic relations with the country). Said "street gang", 100 Perkeles, is run by Finland and Taiwan (his biological parents), two countries with close historical ties to Metsämaa (Metsämaa recognizes Taiwan as an independent country)

    His stage name is DJ Enderman (an allusion to the real-life EDM producer Henrik Aalto who uses the stage name "Enderman", named after the Minecraft mob). His most used EDM genres are trance, dubstep, chiptune and trap. Nowadays he prefers to wear a black sports-utility skull cap with enderman eyes like his durag (like a swimming cap)

    His favorite sports are jogging, cycling and American football. He plays these sports only for recreational purposes, and usually plays these with the remaining members of 100 Perkeles. In all three of these sports, he wears his Enderman cap to protect himself from sweat (he usually sweats, but he believes that the sweat is worth it, and he likes the feeling)

    He sweats a lot every day especially during summer, but he does not care. When in winter, he would go skiing in the Xueshans (Chinese versions of the Alps) with his father while listening to EDM music. In autumn he'd play football with his gang friends. In all cases, he dresses mostly in black with some bits of purple to reflect his EDM on-stage persona.

    How to draw Metsämaa

    It's simple.

    1. After drawing the base circle, color it tangerine
    2. Draw a medium blue flower in the center.
    3. Add a vermilion-colored maple leaf inside the flower.
    4. Draw the eyes and you are finished.
    5. Optional: Draw a black swimming cap and add two purple enderman eyes to it, then draw his gaming headphones and his purple visor with black lenses.


    Boys in the 'hood (friends/ystävät/朋友)

    • File:Finland-icon.png Finlandball - Papa! He is the boss of 100 Perkeles, the street gang that I am working for. I would blast my music while my friends are out going skateboarding with that File:Ireland-icon.png potato fan or playing basketball with Americaball. Both of these activities usually take place at our multi-purpose recreational arena just near our house. Wait a minute...He knows I'm a pedo? He doesn't approve of my alleged behavior. Bummer!
    • Taiwanball - Mother. She likes bubble tea and cup noodles. Her parents are my parents-in-law. She doesn't want anything to do with 100 Perkeles at all. At least she does have a pretty beautiful tower. After all I made one just like hers in my beautiful Metsänlinnoitus (Shanghai, Helsinki, Amsterdam and Moscow combined) Thank goodness she doesn't think I'm a pedo. And your version of Mandarin is way better than China's!
    • File:Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball - Sister. Doesn't like the smell of me when I come home after a day of trippin' with my gang friends (She says I smell when I return home) but to me, the sweat is worth it, I love me some feeling the burn! And she has never heard of "no pain, no gain". So far, she feels unhurt by my alleged "pedophilia" so she doesn't know if she wants to stay away from me.
    • File:Sweden-icon.png Swedenball - Half-mom and dad's ex-wife. She also thinks I smell when I come home from a day of pain and sweat, when in reality, she herself comes home disguised as a 29-year-old man who recently went cycling for 9 straight hours. And she somehow manages to stink too! (at least she doesn't reek as much as I do.) Has IKEA, Swedish meatballs, Minecraft, and most importantly, she invented Börk. I wonder why she banned File:Myanmar-icon.png Myanmar from using börk.
    • File:Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball - Father in law and DJ buddy. We both can into being the EDM hubs of our respective continents (You are the European DJ capital, I am the Asian one.) But File:Heunggong-icon.png Hong Kong is one too. He is the father of my mother and The Real China.
    • File:Sami-icon.png Samiball - Granny. She can into joiking.
    • File:Qing-icon.png Qingball - My deceased grandpa. He died of republicanism and turned into who is now my mother.
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