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    Napoleonate of Xakawball

    File:Napoleonate of Xakaw-icon.png Napoleonate of Xakaw File:Napoleonate of Xakaw-icon.png
    Napoleonate of Xakawball.png
    GovernmentNapoleonate Dominion
    Language(s)French-icon.png French

    File:Xakaw-icon.png Xakawese File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png

    File:Xinjalka-icon.png Xinjalki File:Xinjalka-icon (Crown).png

    File:Xalkozesia-icon.png Xalkozesian File:Xalkozesia-icon (Crown).png
    CapitalNew Lyonball
    Religion(s)File:Xakaw-icon.png Xakawese Ethnic Religion File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png

    Christian-icon.png Christianity

    File:Xinjalka-icon.png Xinjelki Ethnic Religion File:Xinjalka-icon (Crown).png

    File:Xalkozesia-icon.png Xolkozism File:Xalkozesia-icon (Crown).png
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsFrance-icon.png Franceball
    EnemiesUK-icon.png UKball Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball
    LikesFrench Imperialism
    DislikesBritish and Belgian Imperialism
    Historical information
    FoundedSept 19, 1814
    EndedJuly 20, 1830
    PredecessorFile:Xaliskam Dynasty of Xakaw-icon.png Xaliskam Dynastyball File:Xaliskam Dynasty of Xakaw-icon (Crown).png

    Yaqwascarte Dynastyball

    Opilasefliek Dynastyball

    Waxasedalkerderf Dynastyball

    File:Caskoxa Dynasty of Xlacua-icon.png Caskoxa Dynastyball File:Caskoxa Dynasty of Xlacua-icon (Crown).png

    Cakzalsok Dynastyball

    Xlhoaplao Dynastyball

    Quaerterfa Dynastyball

    Xaskajoielk Dynastyball

    File:Zaxleyo Dynasty of Xoljawo-icon.png Zaxleyo Dynastyball File:Zaxleyo Dynasty of Xoljawo-icon (Crown).png
    SuccessorFile:Dominion of Xakaw-icon.png Dominion of Xakawball

    File:Belgian Xakaw-icon.png Belgian Xakawball

    File:Inquam-icon.png Inquamball

    File:Solucionis-icon.png Solucionisball

    File:Obice-icon.png Obiceball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No
    Napoleonate of Xakawball is a countryball had been established after the French colonized the coast of Xakaw.
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