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    File:New Artsakh-icon.png New Artsakhball File:New Artsakh-icon (Giorno Giovanna).png
    New Artsakhball.png
    Muda muda!
    Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic
    PersonalityLoyal, incredibly serious, very patient, confident, resolve, warlike
    Language(s) Armenian (national language)

    File:Rizal-icon.png Filipino (lingua franca)




    And many more
    Type Armenian-Austronesian Latin-Austronesian
    Affiliation UNball ASEANcoin
    Religion(s) Christianity
    • Armenian Apostolic Church
    • Catholicism
    • Orthodoxy
    • Greek Catholicism
    • Lutheranism
    • Anglicanism


    • Sunni
    • Shia
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsWhether you're friends with my father, my adoptive mother, or my stepmother, you are my friend. If you deny it, I will muda you.


    Adoptive Mother


    File:Greece-icon.png Uncle

    File:Cyprus-icon.png Cyprusball



    Golden Wind

    File:New Alsace-icon.png New Alsaceball

    File:New Connacht-icon.png New Connachtball

    File:Yuezyn-icon.png Yuezynball

    File:Daiman-icon.png Daimanball

    File:India-icon.png Founder of NAM

    File:Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball

    File:Armenian Egypt-icon.pngFile:Armenian Sudan-icon.png African Bros

    File:New Gyumri-icon.png Chinese Bro

    File:Malaysia-icon (spy).png Malaysiaball

    File:Alt-Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball

    File:Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball


    File:New Abyssinia-icon (hat).png New Abyssiniaball

    File:Ind-ARMM-icon.png Bangsamoroball

    File:Lanesonida-icon.png Lanesonidaball

    File:Rangastan-icon.png Rangastancube

    File:Russia-icon.png Russiaball

    File:Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball

    File:Romania-icon.png Romaniaball



    Malichkaball (frenemy)

    File:Omicron-icon.png Omicronball

    File:Iwrit-icon.png Iwritball
    Enemies Stupid

    What an idiot

    File:Pakistan-icon.png Also an idiot

    File:Torukeria-icon.png Turkey puppet

    File:Northern Cyprus-icon.png Another Turkey puppet

    Clayless idols

    File:Kosovo-icon.png Go back to Serbia

    File:Islina-icon.png Go back to Lanesonida

    File:Albania-icon.png Kosovo is Serbian

    File:Donlaida-icon.png Islina is Lanesonidan

    Fake China

    Die already

    File:Salafism-icon.pngFile:Taliban-icon.png GET OF HERE, YOU TERRORISTS!!! File:New Artsakh-icon (Giorno Giovanna).png Or else... File:New Artsakh-icon (Giorno Giovanna).png

    File:Somalia-icon.pngFile:Zqtmalia-icon.png Pirate assholes
    LikesGiorno Giovanna and Golden Experience from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Filipino culture, Armenian culture, Lavash
    DislikesFile:Turkey-icon.png Stupid Turks, Terrorism, Disgusting immigrants, kebab
    Historical information
    FoundedAugust 11th, 1925
    Predecessor Armenian Colony of New Artsakhball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes
    BörkHaylut Haylut (Fusion of his parents' börks, Hay and balut), Muda muda, Wryyyy Wryyyy
    FoodLavash, peanut butter tea

    New Artsakhball is a countryball located in Southeast Asia. He occupies the Davao region and Sarangani Province.

    His demonym is Norartsakhian. He can into many languages because of immigration to the region from the Artsakhis and many Armenian peoples, as well as the many peoples of the region they settled on before:


    New Artsakhball was born as a File:1-icon.png 1ball to File:Muslim Mindanao-icon.png ARMMball, adopted by Armeniaball.


    Friends/Ընկերներ/Mga Kaibigan


    • Malichkabola - My frenemy. We play football sometimes, but I beat you in 2014 World Cup. 3-2. Still, we are good trading partners after all. Please don't recognize File:Kosovo-icon.png Kosovobola and hate Tsinabola, though.
    • C.C.M.S.S.R - Communist frenemy.

    Enemies/Թշնամիներ/Mga Kalaban


    The Ultimate Showdown

    The Real Alternative Ending

    The Ultimate Showdown 2

    The Ultimate Showdown 3

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