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    File:New Iparralde-icon.png New Iparraldeball File:New Iparralde-icon (ninja).png
    New Iparraldeball.png
    Ongi etorri arroz soroetara, ama izorratua! I'm of Ninja Mario!
    GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy-icon.png Federal Parliamentary Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
    PersonalityNinja-like, enjoys soccer, introverted, relaxed, calm, pissed off when you support Spain against Basque
    Language(s)Main language:

    Basque-icon.png Basque

    Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamese

    Secondary languages:

    English-icon.png English

    1-icon.png 17 Bahnaric languages

    Dai Viet-icon.png 6 other Vietic languages

    File:Thai-icon.png 18 Kra-Dai languages

    Chinese-icon.png Mandarin

    Cambodia-icon.png Khmer

    French-icon.png French

    Spanish-icon.png Spanish

    Hmong-icon.png Hmong

    Laos-icon.png Lao
    TypeBasque-icon.png Vasconic

    Kingdom of Funan-icon.png Austroasiatic

    • Dai Viet-icon.png Vietic
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christianity
    • Catholic-icon.png Catholicism

    Atheism-icon.png Atheism

    Shenism-icon.png Folk religion

    Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism

    • Mahayana-icon.png Mahayana

    File:Caodaism-icon.png Caodaism

    Confucianism-icon.png Confucianism
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsVietnam-icon.png Mother

    Basque-icon.png Father

    Japan-icon.png Sensei

    ASEAN-icon.png Neighbors

    USA-icon.png USAball

    Hong Kong-icon.png I support you

    Rohingya-icon.png You're safe

    South Korea-icon.png D.Va

    File:Alt-Zamboanga-icon (Mario).png Super Mario City
    EnemiesSpain-icon.png Gib dad his askatasuna!

    China-icon.png My mom and I both hate yuo.

    Macau-icon.png China's slave (rarely)

    France-icon (beret).png Same as Spain (sometimes)

    Saderafa (with hat)-icon.png Go f*ck yourself yuo lũ khốn đu càng!

    UK-icon.png Flag stealer (rarely)
    LikesNinja culture, Super Mario, Aurresku, Basque and Vietnamese blend culture, Flappy Bird (Mom created it)
    DislikesChina, Xi Jinping, Spainball, whenever people call his Basque-icon.png father as an 6-icon.png alien
    Historical information
    EndedIf defeated by Bowser
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes.
    BörkAurresku aurresku, Fight Fight, ninja ninja
    FoodBurnt cheesecake, Pho, Vietnamese baguette, pink noodles, Basque and Vietnamese food
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