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    File:New Vojvodina-icon.png New Vojvodinabrick File:New Vojvodina-icon.png
    New Vojvodinabrick flying.png
    Do you want to play football with my Dad? Cool!
    GovernmentOverseas region of Serbiaball
    Personality(Extremely) athletic, tough, strong, sporty, very sweaty, loves playing American Football and basketball as well, very into cosplay with latex masks
    Language(s) Serbian


    File:Australian Aborigines-icon.png Aboriginal languages

    File:Croatia-icon.pngFile:Romania-icon.pngFile:Sebastian Malovec-icon.pngFile:Bulgaria-icon.png

    Virtually most languages spoken in (Old) Vojvodina
    TypeFile:Panslavic-icon.png Slavic

    File:Ural-icon.png Uralic

    File:Albanian-icon.png Albanian

    File:Australian Aborigines-icon.png Australian Aboriginal
    CapitalNew West Bačkaball
    Affiliation Serbiaball File:Finland-icon.pngFile:Metsämaa-icon.pngFile:New Alsace-icon.pngFile:New Vojvodina-icon.png 100 Perkeles
    Religion(s) Christianity
    • Orthodoxy
    • Armenian Apostolic
    • Greek Catholicism
    • Roman Catholicism


    • Sunni
    Aboriginal belief
    Relations and opinions
    Friends Tata

    File:Hungary-icon.png Mama

    File:Vojvodina-icon.png Sister lol i stole her flag and name

    File:HRE-icon.png Stepfather


    File:5-icon.png Ancestor


    File:Austria-icon.png Step-aunt

    File:Greece-icon.pngFile:Albania-icon.pngFile:Czech-icon.pngFile:Bosnia-icon.pngFile:Croatia-icon.png Aunties

    File:Bulgaria-icon.pngFile:Montenegro-icon.pngFile:Slovakia-icon.png Uncles

    File:Slovenia-icon.png Sissies

    File:Kosovo-icon.png Brother who is fake

    File:Ind-HK-icon.png Hong Kongball

    Enemies САТАН (BIG TIME)

    File:Pakistan-icon.png САТИНИН ПРИЈАТЕЉ (BIG TIME)

    File:Myanmar-icon.pngFile:Laos-icon.pngFile:Cambodia-icon.pngFile:Bangladesh-icon.pngFile:North Korea-icon.png CHINESE PUPPETS IN ASIA (BIG TIME)

    File:Belarus-icon.png CHINESE PUPPETS IN EUROPE (BIG TIME)

    File:Lukashenko-icon.png thx for resigning lol

    File:Venezuela-icon.pngFile:Nicaragua-icon.pngFile:Bolivia-icon.png CHINESE PUPPETS IN SOUTH AMERICA (BIG TIME)

    File:Duterte-icon.png Chinese deep state in the Philippines (BIG TIME)

    File:Donald Trump-icon.png Racism enabler
    LikesWorkouts, being fit, sweating (a lot), jogging (mostly in very hot weather), becoming "Daniel DeWayne" and going jogging as him, American Football, Basketball, beating up his uncle or File:Kosovo-icon.png "fake" brother, rescuing File:Tibet-icon.pngFile:Inner Mongolia-icon.png persecuted ethnic groups in Chinaball's clay, removing K-pop, making fun of Chinaball, changing faces with File:Malaysia-icon.png his neighbor, becoming someone else using masks, sniffing lemongrass-scented tealights or essential oils
    Dislikes Chinaball, File:Pakistan-icon.png her best friend, File:Myanmar-icon.pngFile:Laos-icon.pngFile:Cambodia-icon.pngFile:Bangladesh-icon.pngFile:North Korea-icon.png her other Asian friends, File:Belarus-icon.png her European friends, File:Venezuela-icon.pngFile:Nicaragua-icon.pngFile:Bolivia-icon.png her South American friends, anything to do with Communist Chinese culture, File:South Korea-icon (bard).png K-Pop (music that warps the fragile minds of Novodinians and transforms them into e-girls)
    Historical information
    Founded1895 - Present
    December 16th 1935
    PredecessorFile:Yugoslavia-icon.png Overseas Dependency of Solarijabrick (1950-1998)
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Ask my dad.
    BörkDaniel DeWayne Daniel DeWayne, run run, jogging jogging.
    FoodRakija, ćevapčići, plums, kebabs, dolma, old-fashioned cheesecake, (as a character, he eats a full English breakfast, chicken sandwiches for lunch and allmeat chicken quesadilla for dinner)
    New Vojvodinabrick is a Serbian deep state in Australia Serbian Overseas Regionball located in most of present-day Western Australiaball. Its capital is the city of New West Bačkaball in present-day Perth, WA. 

    He is a member of 100 Perkeles (gang of thugs owned by File:Finland-icon.png Finlandball) and is the athlete of the street gang. He is usually seen wearing a dark grey durag and grey or black base layer running clothes as well as white gloves.

    He can into masking too, so he can into looking like an 8ball. His 8ball name is Daniel DeWayne, which was given to him by  Taiwanball when he joined 100 Perkeles. He most likely acquired his personality from his dad.

    His birthday is December 16th.


    New Vojvodinabrick tries very hard to imitate the appearance, personality and voice of an athletic 8ball, that he legit looks, sounds and feels like one.

    New Vojvodinabrick likes cosplay, and he is already cosplaying as his 8ball persona, Daniel DeWaynebrick. His favorite sport is running/jogging.

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