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    Ostlandball by RitterLouie227.png
    Den Great Western!
    GovernmentPresidentialist parlamentary republic
    PersonalityPacific, Sweet, Educated, Loyal, Friendly. Also, but he can also be courageous, strong and concentrated.
    UK-icon.png English (Main Foreign and secondary language)
    AffiliationEU-icon.png EUball
    UN-icon.png UNball
    NATO-icon.png NATOball
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsAlmost all. But mostly: Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball: Best Friend
    Norway-icon.png Norwayball: Brother Old colonizer
    Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball: Friend, Ally.
    Denmark-icon.png Denmark: Friend and Old Comercial Ally.
    Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball: Southern and Poor friend
    EnemiesChina-icon.png I will not allow you to kill us all!
    LikesLuxury, Democracy, Friendship, provide Help.
    DislikesSocialism, Iran, PR China
    Historical information
    FoundedAugust 10, 1920
    Is of importants
    Can into space?He can but haven't thought about it

    Ostland is an European: Scandinavian parlamentary republic.Its economy is based on a capitalist system.

    Ostland is a very rich and developed ball. It has a very high Human Development Index. He is a lover of Technology, Environmentalism and luxurious life.


    Ostland is a very calm and pacifist ball. His lifestyle is very luxurious and he likes to collect cars, manage companies and have the latest iPhone of the moment, for example. However, he is humble and likes charity too, he is one of the balls that have best received the Refugees of the EU. Another stupid taste of Ostland is making towns and Planificated cities.



    • Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball: My Best Friend. I helped he expel the Nazis from their territory, we always make economic treaties and alliances.
    • Norway-icon.png Norgaball: Brother. You didn't want to come to the EU with me.
    • Armenia-icon.png Haykslandball: Dear Friend of the Caucasus. If you want to progress further and get out of Extreme Poverty and Economic recession you must let them help you. You know that I will always support Artsakh.
    • Denmark-icon.png Denmark: Nordic Brother. He is my business partner and a great friend.
    • Germany-icon.png Tysklandball: Cousin. I love you so much cousin, you are very special to everyone but please don't be Nazi again!
    • EU-icon.png EUball: Stepdad. My spiritual and political guide.
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbienball: Balcanic and Poor friend. When I accepted Kosovo's independence, he got mad at me, and that's why we don't talk so much anymore. I miss you Serbia.
    • Brazil-icon.png Brazil: Distant Friends. They don't talk much. Brazil is a military ally of Ostland but they have not agreed to cooperate.
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraina: Friend. Bicolor Armenia. My poor and corrupt friend, you need escape from Russia, you need be democratic. You're very cool but, you can be better.



    • Jastlandball: Illegitimate child. You are pretty weird but you seem nice to me.
    • Russia-icon.png Russlandball: Why can't you be democratic? Everything is wrong with you. But you are fun and your bad manners are funny.
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azeirbaijanball: Armenian hater! You're dangerous and i dont care you but, I'm afraid that you will try to attack my friend Armenia.
    • Artsajball: You're my nephew, because Armenia is like my brother but, you have Kebab and i dont like it. Wherever i love you little godson.
    • Palestine: Okay, You and I don't talk much, but you're still nice. You are Arab Israel.


    • China-icon.png Chinaball: Satanic Commie. WTF is wrong with you? Virus maker, Human Rigths violator, you're so weird. DOWN THIS FAKE CHINA! TAIWAN IS THE REAR CHINA!
    • Iran-icon.png Fake Persia: I know that the USA was bad with you and that they used you but, we are not all bad. If you just stopped chasing Christian and were less weird and hateful, we could be drinking coffee in peace as friends.
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