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    File:Palgandia-icon.png Palgandiaball File:Palgandia-icon.png
    Ins im Palganland
    GovernmentPresident-icon.png Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
    PersonalityNice, Happy, Cool
    TypeGermania-icon.png Germanic
    AffiliationEU-icon.png EUball

    NATO-icon.png NATOball

    UN-icon.png UNball
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christianity
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsGermany-icon.png Germanyball

    France-icon.png Franceball

    UK-icon.png UKball

    Italy-icon.png Italyball

    Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball

    Japan-icon.png Japanball

    Canada-icon.png Canadaball

    USA-icon.png USAball

    Poland-icon.png Polandball

    El Kadsre-icon.png El Kadsreball

    South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball

    Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball

    Australia-icon.png Australiaball

    New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball

    Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball

    Russia-icon.png Russiaball (neutral)

    Sweden-icon.png Swedenball

    Finland-icon.png Finlandball

    Norway-icon.png Norwayball

    Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball

    UAE-icon.png UAEball

    File:Cadot-icon.png Cadotball

    File:Saraless-icon.png Saralessball
    EnemiesNorth Korea-icon.png Kim Fatty III

    File:Saderafa-icon.png Sadmerafaball

    Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball

    ISIS-icon.png ISISball

    Flag Stealer!!!
    LikesBeautiful culture
    Dislikes{Communism-icon.png Communism, ISIS-icon.png Terrorists
    Historical information
    FoundedMarch 14, 1944
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes
    BörkGrand Grand
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