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    Patagoniaball (Independent Patagonia)


    File:Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia-icon.png Patagoniaball File:Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia-icon.png
    Feeling cool, might have to freeze you to death for being a racist later...
    Government Federal presidential constitutional republic (de jure)
    Federal presidential constitutional republic under a social democracy (de facto)
    PersonalityChivalrous, geeky but strong, handsome, cool, brave dude, full of swag
    Language(s)File:Spanish-icon.png Spanish

    File:Mapuche-icon.png Mapudungun
    File:Tehuelche-icon.png Aonikenk

    Type Latin American
    Affiliation UNball

    File:OECD-icon.png OECDball

    Religion(s) Christianity
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsAnyone who is between centrist or modleft, supports democracy, soclib, socdem, feminism, gender equality, racial equality, supportive parenting, and respects opinions of people who dislike those mentioned, but especially:

    File:Spain-icon.png GRANDMADRE!!!

    • Friends who sent their settlers to my clay
    • I support your independencia (don't tell abuela about it)

    File:Chile-icon.png Padre (sometimes)

    • Major cultural contributor buddy

    File:Italy-icon.pngFile:Croatia-icon.png Amigos who are immigrants to my clay

    • File:Croatia-icon.png Lytestep and 101 Dalmatians
    • Businessman and "owner" of T-Media BUT CASCADIA IS REAL OWNER AND REMOVE NAZI!!!
    • File:Denmark-icon.png Thanks for immigrants and Lego BUT TIERRA VERDE IS OF MINE JAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!!

    Real China
    Congratulations on reunification
    Asian amigo whom I also wish Vyond would stop abusing
    Woke friend who is half-Swedish
    Other woke friend

    File:Iceland-icon.png European version of me
    EnemiesAnyone who supports any kind of authoritarianism, social conservatism, feminazi, child abuse, racial segregation, or bash on anyone who disagrees with any of those mentioned, but especially:



    File:Antifa-icon.png Antifa (sometimes)
    File:Merkelreich-icon.png YOU DESERVE BREXIT, REMOVE ARTICLE 13
    ANTIHERO (sometimes)
    File:Chile-icon.png GIB SEA TO BOLIVIA NAO YUO ABUSIVE PADRE!!! (frequently)
    File:Twitter-icon.png I AM NOT A BLACKFACE ENABLER!
    File:Vegan Teacher Island-icon.png GET OFF OF TIKTOK NOW YOU CRAZY OLD KAREN
    Formerly: (((I WILL NEVER INTO FORGIVE TU FOR 2020)))
    File:North Korea-icon.png REMOVE NUKES

    File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png Tried to invade me but failed MUAJAJAJAJA
    LikesNICKELODEON, Joe Biden, his tricolor, wildlife, nature, the whole concept of Paz y Orden, cartoons, being the Iceland of South America, ethnic unity, his military, File:Capitalist-icon.png capitalism, democracy, REMOVING AUTHORITARIANISM, leaving authoritarian enablers, child abusers, pedophiles and racists to freeze to death in the Antarctic, cultural appropriation, political correctness, instant noodles, the coexistence of Spanish and native culture, El Amanecer, MASKING (Especially the male kind), TGs (Gender change TFs), WRESTLING (because of large wrestling fanbase), any form of metal including fantasy-based, his vast wealth of minerals and livestock, #BlackLivesMatter, Cancelling white supremacists, tankies, child abuse normalizers and other authoritarian enablers on Twitter, video games, TV shows, Friday Night Funkin', creating bad endings to hated shows, File:8-icon.png 8balls
    DislikesTerrorists, File:Islamophobia-icon.png Islamophobia, being called globalist, File:Jihad-icon.png Jihadism, social conservatism, child abuse of any kind, "moral values", white supremacy, KKK (not the Philippine kind), police brutality, the conservatives' propaganda machine, File:George Soros-icon.png globalism (sometimes), File:Feminazi-icon.png gynofascism, File:Feminism-icon.png feminism, File:Fascism-icon.png fascism of any and all kinds, LNB, his satanic cult, File:Donald Trump-icon.png his demonic high priest, his demonic acolytes, anything at all to do with LNB, File:Duterte-icon.pngFile:Xi Jinping-icon.pngFile:Emmanuel Macron-icon.png the triple deepstate, File:Mao-icon.png Chinese Communism, far-right politics of any kind at all, being cancelled for blackface, child abuse, veganism, demons in human flesh pro-lifers, kinkshamers, DA ECLIPSE, website design layout changing in general but ESPECIALLY DA Eclipse, File:Nazi-icon.png negrophobia, MORALITARIANISM
    Historical information
    How many people?5,998,620 (As of 2021)
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Si!
    BörkPata Pata

    Goal Goal
    Yeah Yeah
    Slime Slime

    FoodAny grilled meat (especially lamb, deer, and although seldom, guanaco), seafood (trout and king crab), chocolate, cheese fondue (often only in Bariloche), wine (only in Neuquen), tea (only in Chubut)

    Patagoniaball, otherwise the Federal Republic of Patagoniaball or Puelmapuball, is black a republic located in the homonymous region. He is bordered by File:Chile-icon.png Chileball to the northwest, Argentinaball to the north, the Atlantic to the east and the Pacific to the west, and he has a population of 16 million inhabitants.

    He is one of the world's neutral powers, apart from Switzerlandball, File:Vinnland-icon.png Vinlandball, File:Iceland-icon.png Icelandball, Cascadiaball. Although he is definitely neutral in conflict, he sides with USAball on most opinions. His birthday falls on November 17.


    Despite always being depicted as Castizo (3/4 Criollo and 1/4 native), Patagoniaball behaves like and is at heart an American media geek, but this does not make him a cartoony "DA kid" archetype. In fact, because he has a large community of subcultures often practiced by both GoAnimators and DeviantArt users, Patagoniaball is often referred to as the Media Geek Hero of Southernmost America. However, Patagoniaball considers himself "a knight in slime-ing armor" because he is the only South American country where Nickelodeon shows are popular; therefore he is fierce, loud, brave, always cool and oftentimes rebellious, as the neologism "geek-at-heart" describes Patagoniaball all too perfectly.

    Patagoniaball is often mocked for tolerating File:SJW-icon.png snowflakery, political correctness and wokeness, but he REALLY takes serious offense to that. The increased wokeness in his clay is because of the era of African occupation by one Axis soyboy who was ass-hurt because AFball wouldn't gib half his oilmonies and clay when he asked for an economic bailout. During the XX century a Holocaust took place throughout Europe during which hundreds of non-Aryan ethnic groups were experimented on with horrible Wunderwaffe biological and chemical agents, including one called the Blue Plague, a scientifically accurate version of the archetypal zombie. Plus, there was significant migration of persecuted minorities from Europe to Patagonia during World War II. His clay never experienced the cancel movement, particularly because Patagoniaball already can into traditional wokeness.

    In fact, if you were to enable rightist snowflakery in his clay, he'll just straight up throw you into Antarctica for enabling police brutality, racism and child abuse. That is not hyperbole; Patagoniaball actually leaves political opponents to die in the Antarctic. That goes for authcommies, File:Fascism-icon.png fascists, File:Feminism-icon.png feminazis, File:Nazi-icon.png all white supremacists and child abusers. See, way back in the day when he was under Adalberto Pagano, the main part of his strategy to deter a potential invasion of his clay by Sovietball, by Fake Chinaball or by File:Nazi-icon.png Naziball in the Cold War was to make his people be portrayed as intimidating as possible, and boy, did it work. Propaganda circulating through the respective clays of the members of File:Warsaw Pact-icon.png Warsaw Pactball at the time depicted his people as fierce and strong snow giants, and was regaled with epics of Patagoniaballs teaming up with folklore monsters from both indigenous and Western (Greco-Roman, Norse, Celtic etc.) mythologies. But then again, what else would you do when you're a new country threatened by two bigger, nastier ones that don't want you to exist? After the death of Osama bin Laden, Patagoniaball banned Islamophobia in his clay, resulting in Remove Kebab and other Islamophobic songs being blocked from YouTube in Patagonia.

    He is often called the geekier version of Argentinaball because of his love for Western culture. The truth behind this assumption is much, much weirder, however: this was from all the American migration to Patagonia. Patagonia also had an influx of American refugees in the aftermath of the US Civil War. When Nickelodeon entered Patagonia in the 90's, it became the most-viewed cartoon channel in the country. Today, the Patagonian feed of Nickelodeon is co-owned by Paramount and Unitel (which the former has a content agreement with), and it enjoys massive viewership in the country.

    Because of his weird dialect of Spanish, Patagoniaball is often considered to still be a 3ball because he is one. Despite never having been colonized by UKball unlike nearly 25% of the world at the time, Patagoniaball can speak fluent English complete with the proper spelling and all that, but when entering emotional extremes (specifically, when becoming completely unhinged) he uses the same broken Polandball grammar like the other countryballs in the Polandball universe. Typically while beating you up with his Nickelodeon-based powers for pissing him off.


    Humble Beginnings

    Coming soon

    Viceroyalty Era

    Coming soon

    Kingdom Era

    Coming soon

    Republican Transition

    Coming soon

    World Wars, Cold War

    Coming soon

    Modern Era

    The beginning of the new millennium marked the true fall of File:Dictator-icon.png authoritarianism's legacy in Patagonia, and a new era for the world and for Patagoniaball. Just two years earlier, the last of Reinhard Kopps' cronies were arrested and exiled to the Netherlands to be tried for war crimes. But with the fall of authright in Patagonia came the rise of an entirely new enemy of the West. After some people did something an attack by jihadists on USAball's clay, Patagoniaball joined the US and his allies on a crusade to remove jihad in what would be the longest conflict in USAball’s life. During this time, Patagoniaball was on high alert, suspecting that La Nueva Babilonia would try to take advantage of the attack to revive Kopps' legacy in his clay, and the decision was made to ban File:Nazi-icon.png all natsoc political parties, resulting in hundreds of natsoc party headquarters being raided, and many neo-Nazis still in his clay were dragged into the South Pole to be left for dead. It soon became clear that Nazism was no longer welcome in Patagoniaball's clay.

    Come 2016, USAball came down with a case of File:Donald Trump-icon.png monsteritis, which concerned Patagoniaball greatly, so he kept a close eye on him. At first the symptoms were not entirely clear other than a gradual rightward shift in his ideology, but come 2019 he began exhibiting symptoms of File:Whitonargen-icon.png negrophobia, moralism, child abuse and File:Conservatism-icon.png soccon and signs of turning into an File:Ingsoc-icon.png Orwellian right-wing dystopia. In response to this File:US Georgia-icon.pngFile:Washington-icon.pngFile:Texas-icon.png several states began to secede from the Union, because he enabled File:KKK-icon.png negrophobia and child abuse in USAball's clay, as well as violence against liberals and social justice fans and anything to the right of Hitler in the name of moral values and establishing a one-world totalitarian government.

    For the first time in nearly 170 years, USAball finally cracked under the pressure and, just like File:Fascist India-icon.png Curry Hitler before him, he suffered a case of schizophrenia as the File:Liberalism-icon.png liberals, File:SJW-icon.png left-snowflakes, multiculturalists and others joined forces to remove File:Murica-icon.png Republicanism from his clay, thus resulting in a woke uprising against the forces of La Nueva Babilonia, File:Donald Trump-icon.png the Antichrist and his File:Duterte-icon.pngFile:Xi Jinping-icon.pngFile:Jair Bolsonaro-icon.png trio of false prophets, File:KKK-icon.png his daemonic acolytes and his many armies of demonic apostates. Using the forbidden Book of GoAnimate Logic, File:Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump summoned VMball from the Nine Hells in his clay to try and consume Canadaball and USAball so that he could eventually consume the entire Western world. To save the last truly free Western countryballs from being overrun by authright or, God forbid, LNB and his demonic cult, Patagoniaball intervened on the side of the File:Liberalism-icon.png Woke Army, invading his clay with over 5 million troops to remove File:Conservatism-icon.png social conservatism. His involvement in the civil war saved USAball from what would have been the most horrifying overthrow of a democratic government in human history. With the help of the Messiah, File:Crossovers-kia10-icon.png his knight and File:Superhero Commonwealth-icon.png Superhero Commonwealthball, Patagoniaball cured USAball of his 4-year malaise, enabling him to banish LNB, Trump, Duterte, Xi, Bolsonaro and LNB's acolytes and apostates back to Hell.

    Today Patagoniaball is one of the world's superpowers and tied with USA-icon.png USAball as the most powerful of them all. He is currently in a cold war with File:Russia-icon.png Russiaball because he anschlussed liberated some of his clay in retaliation for the Ukraine thing, and is also involved in File:Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball's clay to finally remove Chavism, Philippinesball to remove Bongbong Marcos, and other authoritarianism removal operations around the globe. In addition, he is involved in various child abuse removal operations such as terminating YouTube accounts of Vyonders, aiding File:India-icon.png Indiaball with her abuse problem, and eternally being on guard in preparation for the inevitable day that La Nueva Babilonia, File:Donald Trump-icon.png the Antichrist, File:Duterte-icon.pngFile:Xi Jinping-icon.pngFile:Jair Bolsonaro-icon.png his false prophets and his daemonic authoritarianism cult will once again rise from the Nine Hells to consume the West. He also is currently supporting Joe Biden so that he can into enabling wokeness and tolerance for all ethnic groups. In fact, some say he could be responsible for the dawn that is circling the world right now.

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