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    Penangball (Malaysiaball but with regions)

    File:Alt-Penang-icon.png Penangball File:Alt-Penang-icon (masked).png
    I like football and grilled ribeye steaks. Do not think you will approach me with soccer and nasi kandar.
    GovernmentFile:Muslim Kingdom-icon.png Sultanate within a federal parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy.
    PersonalityStrong, tough, jock, badass, brave, proud, cool, sporty, athletic personality, likes to play football a lot, strict, mostly dangerous albeit usually friendly, hospitable, semi-pacifist
    Language(s)Official languages:



    Penangite Hokkien

    Penangite Flemish (Pënangisch-Vlaams)

    Secondary languages

    File:Kuomintang-icon.png Mandarin

    File:Sri Lanka-icon.pngFile:Tamil-Eelam-icon.pngFile:Tamil Nadu-icon.png Tamil


    German File:East Belgium-icon.png

    Minority languages


    File:Guangzhou-icon.png Cantonese

    File:Thai-icon.png Thai


    File:Yogyakarta-icon.png Javanese

    20+ others
    Type Austronesian


    File:Germania-icon.png Germanic

    File:8-icon.png My alter-ego
    AffiliationFile:Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball
    Religion(s) Islam ( Sunni)



    • Catholic
    File:Daoism-icon.png Taoism
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsEveryone, but most importantly:

    File:Belgium-icon (Smurf).png Papa (mostly)


    File:Malaysia-icon (spy).png Real papa

    Real mama

    File:Netherlands-icon.pngFile:France-icon (beret).png Real grandparents


    Adoptive father

    File:Alt-Brunei-icon.png Kak

    File:Erdrick-icon.png Tringapore (mostly)

    File:Ind-HK-icon.png Cousin (since 2020)

    European version of me

    File:Malacca-icon (shades and mask).png We both want into 8ball

    File:Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball
    Enemies Everyone hates him and his villains

    File:Steeland-icon.png Soulless robots

    File:Belgium-icon (Smurf).png SHOO WAFFLE (when cutting off hands)
    LikesFOOTBALL! (no, not soccer)

    Getting himself fit, always

    Barbecue steak (Footballers' favorite food)

    Being a sporty jockball

    Penangite culture (Hokkien + Malay = this)

    Everything related to American Football (Since it's literally his favorite sport)

    Getting himself all sweaty (same as File:Metsämaa-icon.png Metsämaaball)

    Feeling hot, VERY hot.

    That song

    His landmarks (Jubilee Clock Tower, his old houses etc.)

    File:Kuomintang-icon.png Kuomintang (mostly)

    Taking over the File:Earth-icon.png world with his food

    His natural wonders

    Real China

    His youtubers (Ryan "DJ Herobrine" Loong is the king!)

    His only popular EDM producer (DJ Herobrine)

    Speaking like a teenage File:8-icon.png African-American football player jock (wait a minute...I think that's a bit racist...)

    Jake Russel (My File:Malaysia-icon.png papa Malaysia's and my inspiration)

    File:8-icon.png Removing white supremacists File:Black Lives Matter-icon.png

    File:SJW-icon.png Snow Brides (sometimes)
    DislikesCoronavirus (obviously)

    Clowns in white vans

    Slow internet connection

    Traffic Jams (especially at EDSA)

    Anti-Malaysian sentiment

    Dengvaxia (Failed experiment)


    File:Terengganu-icon.png His soccer-loving neighbor (sometimes)

    File:Kelantan-icon.png He doesn't wanna play with me...(sometimes)

    File:Belgium-icon (Smurf).png Murderous father (sometimes)

    We stole your flag yoyoyoyoyoyoyo (rarely)
    Historical information
    FoundedMay 4th 1942
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Ask my dad.
    BörkFootball Football, Yeah Yeah, Yoyoyo, Penang Penang, Hok Hok
    FoodAs a state

    Rijstpadang, Rijstkandar, Rijstbiryaan, Kerrie met Kippen, Hokienischnoedel, Horfun, Kuaiteow.

    As a character:

    Same, but barbecue steak and fried chicken included.
    Do not assume I play soccer, in fact, I am the only Malaysian state where American Football is even popular, alongside Malacca and Johor.

    Note: This is based on Penangball from the Hong Kong's Endgame and Malaysiaball but with regions timeline.

    Penangball, officially the Big Blue Boss State of Penangball, is now a n****r a pro American football player a state of File:Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball and former colony of File:Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball. Its colonial name was New Vlaams-Brabantball.

    Like File:Malacca-icon (shades and mask).png Malaccaball, he wants into File:8-icon.png 8ball, and he got his dream before Malaccaball did. Both Penang and Malacca (two of the most ethnically-diverse states of Malaysia, the other being Selangor and Sabah)

    But unlike Malaccaball (who plays basketball), Penangball plays American Football. This is because Penangball has his own American Football team, the Penang Jaguars. But he can into soccer as well, though very rarely plays it.

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