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    Petchistanball is a Asian countryball

    File:Petchistan-icon.png Petchistanball File:Petchistan-icon.png
    New Petchistanball 2.png
    PersonalityUSA-like, Complete Petchi, Dumb, Brave, Crazy
    Language(s)Petchi ,English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish
    TypeSlavic Iranian
    Religion(s)Orthodox Christianity
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsUKball, YinYangiaball, USAball, Iraqball, Iranball, almost everybody
    EnemiesISISball, other terrorists
    LikesDunkin' Donuts, Anchor Butter, other stuff
    DislikesTerrorists, Serbia, other idiots
    Historical information
    PredecessorNoobian Petchistanball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes, we can into space due to us being too rich!
    BörkDonut, donut, Nakh, Nakh
    FoodDoughnuts, Kebab
    Is a former Noobian country.

    located near the Middle East.

    He is a country that is obsessed with Doughnuts. He is also the only

    Slavic country ever in the Middle East.

    Friends (Жросус)

    USAball- Good trading partner, but I'm a little worried for you, you eat at least a thousand burgers per day!

    UKball- Ah yes, the country that gave us Wallace and Gromit.

    Noobian Unionball- My biological father. Not really anything else to say about him.

    Turkeyball-  Eh, somewhat close friend. Introduced the kebab to my country.

    Petchistanball likes almost everybody, but he can also hate anybody whenever he feels like it.

    YinYangiaball- Good friend in America, has a funny script for his language.

    Vlokozu Unionball- Ohohoh, never heard that name in years.

    El Kadsreball- Practically the best countryball ever to exist on this planet.

    Irumistanrawr- My annoying neighbor. He's still a good friend.

    Palestineball- I recognize you.

    Neutral (Доракиж)

    Iranball- A good friend of mine. The only beef I have with him is the way he always uses nuclear weapons. And why are you going to war with USAball?!

    Iraqball- Another good friend. We both despise ISISball.

    Russiaball- One of my friends. Brought vodka to my country and also taught me the Cyrillic alphabet. But I didn't like how he tried to make me a satelite right after my independence!

    Bosniaball-Who are you?

    Serbiaball- I'm pretty neutral over him and Kosovo, but I hate him because of an incident that happened years ago in a certain city.

    Kosovoball- I still can't decide whenever you're part of Serbia or not.

    Israelcube- We're sometimes fine but can you please free Palestine?! He's independent and that's final!

    Enemies (Фукйс)

    Albaniaball - Umm.. I don't know who you are.

    North Koreaball - You are evil! You threaten everyone by nuking them! I will let South Korea (which is real Korea) take your clay!

    Stickiaball - Will you just shut the ***k up?


    Sadmerafaball - EUAGGHHHH! You smell like rotten flesh!

    Spainball - FLAG STEALER

    Petchistan can hate anyone if he feels like it, and he does not care.

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