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    For If you want to know Polish culture and not only, I recommend it, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poland.
    Republic of Polandball
    file:Polandball new.png
    jasny gwint!
    Government Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
    PersonalityFriendly, Helpful, Cool, Loving, Peaceful, Naïve, Patriotic, Nationalistic, Remove LGBT, nostalgic, optimistic, kind
    Language(s)Official Languages:

    Regional languages:

    Polish Dialects:
    Minoritary Languages:

    Type Slavic
    Capital Warsawball
    Religion(s) Christianity
    • Roman Catholicism
    Relations and opinions

    Adam Małysz, Age of Civilizations/Age of History I and II (I made this game!), being called "Polan", being controversial, BLIK, Brainly, Catholicism, cow, Cyberpunk 2077, Disco-Polo Polish Cow, Donald Tusk, dreams about strong Poland, drinking alcohol with friends, Gothic (2001), Grupa Filmowa Darwin, Helltaker, horses, Iga Świątek, Indiana Jones, Janusz, Jurassic Park, kurwa, L. L. Zamenhof (he is from my clay and made Esperanto), Lech Walesa, Lil Yachty, Małyszomania, Maria Sklodowska, mishmash, Nicolaus Copernicus, Oscar Schindler, pierogi, Polish games, Robert Kubica, Robert Lewandowski, Rosa Luxemburg, sausages, spinning toilets, Star Wars, to feel noticed, Vanripper, video games (CD Project Red), visents (European bisons), weapons and futuristic tanks, wojtek, File:Andrzej Duda-icon.png Andrzej Duda (sometimes), File:Conservatism-icon.png Conservatism, Esperanto (I made that language), friendship, Ronald Reagan, Investors, John Paul-II, NATOball, Sviatlana Tsikanouskaya, Veibae (VTuber, of my descent, and she speaks polish fluently!), Viktor Orban, "The Witcher" series


    "Polish death camps" (phrase), Abortions, Being called "European Indonesia", Being called Pooland or Poorland, Halvor Egner Granerud, Kebab, National Rebirth, Nikita Khrushchev, Partitions, Poland memes, Protests, Refugees, The new Star Wars trilogy, e.g. Polish Toilet Spin (except Polish Dancing Cow), File:Alexander Lukashenko-icon.png Alexander Lukashenko, File:Andrzej Duda-icon.png Andrzej Duda (sometimes), Communism, File:Coronavirus-icon.png COVID-19, EU (sometimes), Adolf Hitler, Homosex, Liberalism, POOR KURWA WHICH WANT TO STEAL SEA, Nazis, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin

    Historical information
    FoundedApril 14, 966 AD (First state)
    December 31, 1987 (Third Republic)
    Predecessor People's Republic of Polandball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No (actually yes in real life.)[2] However, Hermaszewski was born in Ukraineball.
    BörkKurwa kurwa / pierogi pierogi / space space

    Polish sausages,

    Zupa Mleczna
    Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła,

    Kiedy my żyjemy.
    Co nam obca przemoc wzięła, Szablą odbierzemy.
    ( Poland has not yet perished, so long as we still live.
    What the alien force has taken from us, we shall retrieve with force.)

    Józef Wybicki writing the Polish anthem
    KURWA... MAĆ!
    Satan from the 21st episode of Grupa Filmowa Darwin's Great Conflicts, "Satan vs. Job"
    Sabaton, singing about the battle of Vienna
    Ty chuju bobrze nie uciekaj
    Precz kurwa!
    No idzie?!
    Ale fajny bóbr...
    Aaaaaararararararra! Kurwa gryzie!
    — A Polish man, seeing 🦫 beaver
    You're a little slow and you're probably from Poland.
    — Puff Puff Humbert
    I hate portals.
    — Geralt of Rivia
    Time to party like it's 2023.
    — Johnny Silverhand
    Polandball, officially the Republic of Polandball, is a countryball located in Central Europe. The countryball that the comic genre is named after, it is the main protagonist of the Polandball universe, and it can into space.

    Polandball is deemed the holiest countryball ever to exist. {{I|Poland} Polandball is divided into 16 voivodeshipballs, including its capital Warsawball, giving it a total area of 312,696 square kilometres, making it the 69th nice largest countryball in the world. As of 2019, it has a total population of 38,383,000 inhabitants. Polandball also always gets the last laugh because anyone who annexes Polandball, falls apart (happened to USSRball, Russian Empireball, Nazi Germanyball, File:Austrian Empire-icon.png Austrian Empireball and German Empireball).

    Polandball is often portrayed as a naive countryball bullied by its neighbours for partitions or annexations. Usually, it's a plumber for UKball, based on the fact that many Poles live in UKball's clay. Both Germanyball and Russiaball sometimes see Polandball as an possible expansion territory.

    Polandball also likes Ukraineball, the USAball and other Allies (except the Soviet Unionball) for help during World War II against Nazis.


    Polish territory was firstly considered inhabited by the Civitas Schinesghe, a West Slavic tribe, in the ninth century. Its story is covered under a thick layer of mystery and legends. It is known that around 920 AD, Goplansball subordinated to it. Taking advantage fall of the Great Moraviaball decided to expand, increasing its territory three times, and began to build strongholds Later, the Goplansball arrived and inhabited modern Kuyavia-Pomeraniaball. It is known that around 920 AD, Goplansball subordinated to the Polansball. Taking advantage of the fall of the Great Moraviaball, the Polansball decided to expand, increasing its territory three times, and began to build strongholds.

    The Kingdom of Poland (960-1569)

    By the 10th Century, Polandball began to unify into a distinct political state under the Piast Dynastyball. The first Polish ruler, Mieszko I, adopted Catholicism as the state religion, replacing Slavic Pagan tradition in 966.

    In 1025 AD, the File:First Kingdom of Poland-icon.png Duchy of Polandball was crowned as File:First Kingdom of Poland-icon.png Kingdom of Polandball.

    In 1038 AD, it was raided by Duchy of Bohemiaball, who robbed it terribly and almost beat it to death.

    In 1040 AD, it allied with Kyivan Rusball against Mazovia and then began to reclaim their lands.

    File:First Kingdom of Poland-icon.png Kingdom of Polandball quarreled with Kievan Rusball, then joined Red Rusball to itself in the year 1077.

    In 1117 AD he began military operations, starting with the raid on Old Russiaball, in order to secure the area, and regained Gdańsk and Pomeraniaball.

    With the testament of Bolesław III Wrymouth enacted in 1138, the kingdom was split into 5 principalities within his 4 sons. From the 12th to the 14th century, ​First Kingdom of Polandball was in a long period of fragmentation (1138–ca. 1320. During the fragmentation, ​First Kingdom of Polandball lost Silesiaball and Pomeraniaball. After the re-unitary United Kingdom of Polandball started to conquer the east territory, United Kingdom of Polandball gained a terrain of today Ukraineball's clay, including the cityball of Lvivball.

    During Middle Ages, it participated in the crusades by Teutonic Orderball against Norse and Novgorodian pagans. In the 14th century, Polandball is one of the few countryballs that is not affected by the Black Death. The avoidance of the epidemic is attributed to Casimir the Great's decision to shut down Polandball's borders.

    In 1321, the United Kingdom of Polanball sued Teutonic Orderball for unlawful seizure of Pomereliaball, and the judge ordered the land and enormous money to be returned. Teutonic Orderball did not agree and the case was eventually suspended.
    In 1326, it was attacked by Teutonic Orderball, which led to a truce, UKPball used the truce for the raid on Brandenburgball, and decided to dominate Duchy of Masoviaball ​​​children, who signed an alliance with a Teutonic Orderball. In 1331, when the truce ended, Teutonic Orderball declared war on it.

    The Jagiellon dynastyball was established under Lithuanian Grand Duke Władysław II Jagiełło, forming a union between the Kingdom of Polandball and the Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball. This, however, was a series of alliances, and should not be mistaken for the future Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball. Within the Jagiellon Dynasty, Polandball also began developing a feudal system. The passing of the Nihil Novi act also brought about a period called the "Golden Liberty." The Renaissance brought about new ideas. Nicolaus Copernicus, the discovery of the heliocentric theory, was a citizen of Poland-Lithuaniaball. Due to Papal Statesball thinking that the Earth was the center of the Universe, the theory took time to become finally official.

    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569-1795)

    When in 1569 Polandball finally reached a personal union with the Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball since a century of tentatives, a new countryball born: the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball became the most powerful and biggest East European countryball.

    The Commonwealthball conquered the Baltic territory, inhabited mainly by the Livonian Orderball, and won against Ottomanball in 1699 in the Polish-Ottoman War. This war, unfortunately, weakened the country and during the1720s the Polish Succession War made the situation even more difficult. The result was the First Partition of Polandball, in 1772, and the second Partition, in 1794, where File:Austrian Empire-icon.png Austrian Empireball, Russian Empireball, and Kingdom of Prussiaball splited the territory of Poland-Lithuaniaball. A independent Polish government was wiped out for more than 120 years.

    Era of Occupation (1795-1918)

    The Partitions of Polandball marked the beginning of over a century of foreign occupation. Almost immediately, Poles rebelled against their partitioners, especially around the early 19th century.

    In 1806, Napoleonic Franceball started invading the Kingdom of Prussiaball and created ea Duchy of Warsawball as a puppet for getting help to spread the Revolution. But this lasted just for eight years after which Polandball was given to the Russian Empireball.

    As the Spring of Nations swept Europe, Polandball once again took up arms in the Polish Uprising of 1848 against Prussiaball's rule. Initially, Poles resisted with peaceful civil disobedience. However, when Prussiaball sent its military to suppress this, a full-scale uprising began. After several battles, Prussiaball managed to completely suppress the uprising and the Russian Empireball more integrally incorporated the Grand Duchy of Posenball.

    Independence and the Second Polish Republic (1918-39)

    In 1914, World War I started and German Empireball fought Russian Empireball. In this mode, File:Congress Poland-icon.png Congress Polandball stopped being a Russian puppet and became a German puppet for a couple of years, until the Germans lost. Second Polish Republicball declared independence and gained some land from German Empireball, which splitted the German land to two and forming the "Polish Corridor" (Which is a reason Nazi Germanyball was so angry of Polandball.)

    Soviet Unionball decided to retake the Polish land after World War I, causing the Polish-Soviet War. This war quickly ended with the defeat of Russians (that got Ukrainian SSRball as additional land) and the victory of Poles.

    As a result of the Munich Agreement, Czechoslovakiaball ceded the tiny Zaolzie regionball to Polandball in 1938, which had been fought over briefly in the Polish-Czechoslovak War.

    World War II (1939-45)

    In 1933, Weimar Republicball fell into the evil hand of Nazi Germanyball (very infamous for its anti-semitic actions) who decided to invade in 1939 Second Polish Republicball and the Free City of Danzigball to retake the land lost during World War I. The Poles fought bravely, yet with the USSRball invading as well from the East, the fall of Warsawball on 28 September was ultimately inevitable. Poland was wiped out for another 6 years.

    Under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Polandball was split into two occupation zones between Nazi Germanyball and the USSRball. Subsequently, Soviet authorities purged Polish prisoners and military officers in the Katyn Massacre and deported hundreds of thousands of Polish civilians.

    After weeks of fighting, the Polish saw the hopeless situation of the Two-Front War. They fled over the Balkans to Franceball and UKball and reorganized to keep offering resistance to Nazi Germanyball.

    When Nazis attacked UKball the Polish soldiers in exile helped, with his trained pilots, to fight the invaders. He also helped the Allies at the Normandy, Monte Cassino and Market Garden. (where they were they only country to successfully take monte casino... )

    Underground resistance fighters in occupied Polandball established the Armia Krajowa to fight against the occupying Germans. Considered one of the largest resistance movements of the war, Armia Krajowa effectively functioned as an entire underground state, and committed key acts of sabotage and targeted assassination.

    Nazi Germanyball built six extermination camps during the Holocaust, which included the infamous Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Majdanek camps. The camps located within Polandball served as the 3rd Reich's largest, and in total 3 million Polish Jews along with a further 2.8 million ethnic Poles were murdered.

    Eventually, Polandball was "liberated" by the incoming Soviet Army, though the German occupation left a completely shattered nation in its wake. Of all countryballs in World War II, Polandball suffered the highest proportion of casualties with relation to its population.

    Communist Rule (1945-89)

    main article: PR Polandball

    The former Second Polish Republicball in exile even got his own zone of occupation inside of the British zone in Emsland, near the Dutch border with West Germanyball.

    But then the allies betrayed him and withdraw his recognition as the legitimate Republic of Poland. Only Irelandball, Spainball, Cubaball and Vaticanball recognized the exiled government as the real republic.

    After the war, Poland took even more land from the dead Nazi Germanyball. The USSRball then set up a provisional communist government in Polandball. By 1952, the PR Polandball was set up as a Soviet satellite state. Despite widespread popular rejection, the PR Polandball ceded its eastern territories to the Soviet Unionball. It could eventually into Warsaw Pact.

    In 1978, a Pole, Karol Wojtyla, was elected Pope as Pope John Paul II, it is the first Polish Pope in history.

    Turmoil once again arose in the 1980s as the independent trade union Solidarity grew as a major political force. Even under government persecution and the declaration of martial law in 1981, Solidarity gradually eroded PR Polandball's single-party rule. Also contrary to popular belief, in 1986, the first Pole went into space. By 1989, Solidarity triumphed and the first free, democratic elections since the end of World War II were held. The Solidarity movement heralded the collapse of PR Polandball as well as other puppet regimes throughout Eastern Europe.

    "Got Peace Again" (1989-Present)

    After the Cold War ended, massive liberalizing reforms took place. Polandball relaxed freedom of press and speech and greatly increased personal freedoms. Initially, as with most other Eastern Bloc countryballs, Polandball's economy slowed down. Polandball became the first post-communist state to reach its pre-1989 levels thanks to an economic boom by 1995.

    In 1991, Polandball officially joined NATOball, and in 2004 Polandball has voted to join the EUball.

    On March 4, 2020, it got infected with File:Coronavirus-icon.png COVID-19. It is still infected to this moment and it has over 2,000,000 confirmed cases.

    In 2022, missiles from the Russo-Ukrainian War landed in East Poland, killing 2 people. It is not sure, if they were Ukrainian or Russian.

    Relationships (Relacje)

    Friends (Przyjaciele)

    • Węgry - Polak, Węgier Dwa Bratanki! My best friend ever. Can best friends since of Middle Ages. We are not of relatives, but we call each other siblings. Both into hatings Reich kraut . Thanks for accepting my refugees in 1939. Even if we speak a different language, we still understand each other. We are rivals in football only. Usually I cheer it up when it is sad. but why help Kurwa morderca
    • Denmarkball - Klocki Lego. Upewnij się, że ta piekielna dziura nie chowa się w twoim lego!
    • Serbiaball - Good friend who has helped me with everything I've dealt with! He gaved us food products, culture and so much more! REMOVE KEBAB! I truly felt bad that you were occupied by Opressors and I was also occupied by other opressors aswell. I gaved you my support on defeating them. We truly hang out alot!
    • Norwayball - Oboje jesteśmy ofiarami Hitlera kurwa, ale ty jesteś najszczęśliwszym krajem I najwyższym HDI. (Translation: We were both victims to cringe Kurwa, but you are the happiest country and the highest HDI.)
    • Finlandball - Even if you supportings Nazi, it tried attacking you in 1943. We're also vodka drinkers. It is sibling of my BFF.
    •  Estoniaball - Węgry's little sibling. Aww, yuo is of cute. We are being good friends.
    • Czechiaball and Slovakiaball - Other Central Slavs. Against migrants like me. Also, don't mind me about this. I was misunderstanding.
    • German Empireball - I always mistakings it for its kaiser. You gave me independence in 1918! :) But you ruled by Cringe Kurwas
    • Romaniaball - Good friend, helped me during war and hates Russiaball also.
    • Indiaball - Nice countryball in South Asia that is cool with my twin. Also like cow!
    • USAball - Good friends. It is of cool guy. I'm in NATOball! There are also many Polish immigrants in File:Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball and Indianaball Gib NASA so I can into space! PLSSSSSSS. By the way, we both hate abortions ( Texasball just restricted it). Also, it created the Cyberpunk franchise, and I developed a game for the franchise!
    • UKball - Helpful of during war, bossy when employer. But thanks for givings me many złotys! Also, rest in peace to your Queen.
    • Franceball - Good wine and help me reborn but surrendered like usual HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    • Vaticanball - Jan Pawel forever!
    • Kosovoball - I recognize you.
    • Bulgariaball - Good Balkan friend. Work together a lot.
    • Indonesiaball - it is almost similar to monaco
    • Monacoball - Same as Indonesiaball for its glasses.
    • Lithuaniaball - Long live the Commonwealth! One day. It will return. But I'm sorry for 1920!
    • Chinaball - You of signings treaty? Is nice, however, you should still of paying for File:Coronavirus-icon.png COVID-19.Gib vaccines now. But really thank you for inviting me into your space station!I can into space!:Never!
    • Malaysiaball - Indonesiaball's rival sibling! I sold it my PT-91 MBTs, which it and its engineers modified its tanks better than mine to rival Niemcy's Leopard 2 used by Indonesiaball and Tringapore. Sorry if I mistook you as USAball.
    • Canadaball - Świetny przyjacielu, daj mi syrop klonowy. Większość Kanadyjczyków to Polacy na preriach. Pełny szacunek I miłość do Kanadyjczyków! Kanada jest także sojusznikiem USA I domem dla WIELU POLAKÓW. YAY, POLSK! DAJ MI GROSZ OLEKSIAK!
    • Niemcy/Germanyball - A friend. We have had a long love-hate relationship with eachother. PLS HELP INTO SPACE!
    • Russiaball - You brought a Pole to space? Sweeeeet! We also can into vodka and we both hate Fourth Reich Kraut, EUball (mostly it) and borkface (also mostly it). Your parent also saved me in WW2 from Evil Nazi. :) But never forget all those things it done to me back then. AND LEAVE UKRAINEBALL ALONE! Also I replaced you as a FIFA spot in 2022. Sorry. Also I will say nothing about the referendum in Donbass but criticize. I dont want to sanction you. Also you don’t have to apologize for accidentally hitting my land in late 2022, I know it was unintentional.
    • Argentinaball - National Day of The Pole!
    • Kaliningradball - you of Russian
    • South Koreaball - Aiming to become better friends with them in future. Believes Dokdo is Korean. Gib factories and tanks, plox!
    • Ukraineball - Zapamiętaj naszą piękną granicę na zawsze. Mamy jedną rybę skierowaną w twoją stronę I jedną skierowaną w moją stronę. Wierzę, że wkrótce musimy się zjednoczyć. Nie martw się; Przyjmę twoich imigrantów! Popieram cię przeciwko temu komuchowemu tyranowi! (Translation: Remember our lovely border forever. We have one fish facing you and one facing me. I believe that soon we must unite. Do not worry; I will accept your immigrants! I stand with you against this communist tyrant!)
    • Italyball - Marsz, marsz, Dąbrowski, Z ziemi włoskiej do Polski! Good friend, of gib me pizza and is be really good! I can't into space but at least I can into supercar fame now. It is also the place where my anthem is wrote. Nice pizza guy. Pizza almost good enough for me to forget about your friendship with Evil kraut.
    • Philippinesball - Your country is beautiful, and I likings your tourist in your clay. Oh and plox take carings of one of my people, just like the one you did on one of Litwa's.
    • Japanball - I like your anime like Hetalia. It is us but as real-life humans! And we both released an anime in Netflix with one of your studios and with the help of my game developers!
    • Sri Lankaball - I like your tea! Is better than UK's.
    • Israelcube - Yeah we both got oppresed by Nazis in WW2. Screw Hitler and Holocaust. Things do get akward sometimes but I blame Hitler. However please stop opressing Palestineball i may hate kebab but I stand with al-Aqsa.
    • Vietnamball - Good friend. Present day many of its people live and work in my clay. Its people are the largest Asian and non-European group in my clay. And we are ancient and share similar history too!
    • Papua New Guineaball - I like your nature, But Please tell your people to stop being a cannibal.
    • Palestineball - Kebab friend from the middle east. I support it because it being at war with Israelcube reminds me of the old days where I was invaded by them. But, I'm sorry for not stopping Israel from torturing you. I can into recognizings you! Stay safe.
    • Haitiball - Good friends since independence. And we got a free 8ball-word pass from it.
    • Australiaball - Always good friend, it also named its tallest mountain (Mount Kosciuszko) after one of my fighters! Upside-down siblings
    •  Universeball - Can Polska into yuo?
    • Kiribatiball - Named a village after me.
    • Happy Earth - I am now a new unit of measurement! >:)

    Neutral (Neutralni)

    • Austriaball - I saved it from Kebab in 1683 but you killed me. NEVER FORGET! But you are Węgry's spouse.
    • Swedenball - We were enemies at first but now we are of neutral. We both like PewDiePie and hate Article 13! BUT WHY YOU GIVE ASYLUM TO THAT COMMUNIST CRIMINAL MICHNIK? Also, AoH II is op better than HOI IV!
    • Soviet Unionball - Neutral. Ruled me and my friends for 44 years and killed a lot of my people. But you're not as jerkie as Stinky poo. You also hate it too. You also helped in WW2 and brought a Pole to space. So me and you have a love-hate relationship.
    • North Koreaball - This Kurwa hates me more than I hate the Nazis, but we used to have working embassies in each other so that should be okay. (But is it?) WHY YOU OK REMOVE MY EMBASSY?
    • Icelandball - Okay, you little Russian kurwa or whatever you wanna call yourself. Why you not a friend of mine? You need your daily pierogis to calm yourself down? Why you so obsessed with Vodka? AND KURWA DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT YEETING ME INTO REYKJAVIKBALL! IT'LL WORK, BUT YOU'LL PAY FOR MY FUNERAL!
    • Egyptball - Nothing much I can of sayings, I'm of thinkings becoming friends with it but don't forget about Magdalena Zuk.
    • Saudi Arabiaball - It hates me for being friends with Serbiaball, but at least you hate the gays.
    • Austria-Hungaryball - Child of File:Austrian Empire-icon.png Traitor, but is of friends with German Empireball

    Enemies (Wrogowie)


    • In real life, there was only one Polish person that ever went to File:Poland-icon 2.png space: Mirosław Hermaszewski.
    • It is Catholic.
    • It cleans UKball's and Germanyball's bathrooms.
    • When it is scared or in trouble its characteristic cry is "Kurwa!" (which means f*** ).
    • It is the most popular countryball (considering that Poland itself is the main character of the meme).
    • Sometimes it speaks in third person grammar (it) referring to itself.
    • It is not afraid of anything except Germanyball and Russiaball.
    • It likes soccer, being a fan of the footballer Robert Lewandowski.
    • When the Nazis invaded Poland, it turned into a clandestine country.
    • In Polish language, the native name of the country (Polska) is a feminine noun. This explains why Polonia, the national personification of the country, is a woman.
    • It once had a bear soldier named Wojtek, and he assisted it in the Battle of Montecassino by transporting ammunition.
    • It has a great fear of Omskbird, in which Poland will have trauma just by saying "Omsk".
    • While some countryballs are drawn exactly like their flag, Polandball is drawn with its flag upside down, because everything in Poland is "upside down".
    • It invented the oil well all the way back in 1853.
      •  USAball WHAT???!!! GIVE ME THE WELL NOW!
    • It also invented the Esperanto language, which has been recognized as Polish cultural heritage by the UNESCO
    • The person who modeled that the Sun is the center of the universe, Nicolas Copernicus, is Polish.

    How to draw

    File:Poland flag.png
    The flag you must draw for Polandball.
    Polandball is a white and red countryball divided into two halves. like the real Polish flag, the white is on the top half of the ball and the red is on the bottom half of the ball, like in the image above. This is done to portray Polandball as an countryball. Drawing Polandball is pretty simple, and can be done in these simple steps.
    1. Draw a circular shape freehand.
    2. Draw the Polish flag.
    3. Draw the eyes and you're finished.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Rusty Red 212, 33, 61 C0-M84-Y071-K017 #D4213D


    Polandball Fanon Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Polandball (meme).

    Click here to see it.

    See also

    Template:Polandball Template:EUball Template:Visegrád Groupball Template:NATOball


    es:Poloniaball pl:Polandball ru:Польша zh:波兰球(國家 ja:ポーランド
    1. Kinda quite ironic considering one of the first Austrian immigrants of an independent Brazil is its first Empress consort Maria Leopoldina of the Habsburgs
    2. Polandball (as a comic overall) cannot into canon like SCP.
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