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    (For a friend of mine again, I know how much you liked to see an independent Siberia so I created this as a setup)

    (From that friend of yours: Thank you!)

    Siberia-icon.png Republic of Siberiaball Siberia-icon.png
    Language(s)Sakhalin-icon.png Ainu, Orok
    File:Altai-icon.png Altai
    Buryatia-icon.png Buryat
    Chukotka-icon.png Chukchi
    File:Enet-icon.png Enets Ket
    Russia-icon.png3-icon.png Mednyj Aleut
    Nivkh-icon.png Nivkh
    Siberian Tatars-icon.png Siberian Tatar
    File:Irkutsk-icon.png Tofa
    Tuva-icon.png Tuvan
    File:Tungusic-icon.png Udege
    Yakutia-icon.png Yakut, Yukaghir (North/South)
    TypeTurkic Council-icon.png Turkic
    Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongolic
    Enets-icon.png Uralic
    Russia-icon.png Slavic
    3-icon.png Aleut-Eskimo
    CapitalFile:Omsk-icon.png Omskball
    AffiliationQuad Pacific Military organization. (Simply QUAD)
    Religion(s)Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism
    Animism-icon.png Animism
    Islam-icon.png Islam
    Christian-icon.png Christianity
    • Orthodoxy-icon.png Orthodox Christianity

    Shamanism-icon.png Shamanism

    Tengri-icon.png Tengrism
    Relations and opinions
    • Friends

    Bedrockium-icon.png Thanks for Investing in me and for helping me fight Russia!

    • Neutral
    Green Ukraine-icon.png How am I suppose to counter China and North Korea if I can't even border them?!
    EnemiesRussia-icon.png You Bastard! You invaded me! I have a lot of countries supporting me!
    LikesThe cold tundra, tress, animals, animal fur, human nomads, tents, Bedrockium disliking Russia, ETC.
    DislikesRussia, Vodka, Vladimir Putin-icon.png Stupid person.
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes, Thanks to Bedrockiunese investment into the country.

    Siberiaball, officially the Republic of Siberiaball, was a country independent from Russia-icon.png Russiaball. It formerly played out as a separatist attempt back in the Russian Civil War in 1918 but went back to Soviet Union. It is now fighting Russia because of Bedrockium built a skyscraper tall fence in the Ural mountains. At 13,100,000 km2 (5,100,000 sq mi), the Siberian Republic is still the largest country in the world by area (it was formerly the largest but as part of Russia-icon.png Russia), even though it excludes Russia-icon.png European Russianall. Siberiaball is just 900,000 km2 (559,234 sq mi) smaller than Antarctica. Siberia has a wide range of environments and landforms.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Siberia is getting it's independence thru War with Russia in 2022, This is when Bedrockium built a skyscraper tall fence in the Ural mountains. when Bedrockium was building a fence in the Ural Mountains, Bedrockium started investing in Siberia by building Stores, Resturants, Cafes, Factories and ETC. Walmart was heavily investing in Siberia by building stores in Siberia.

    Right Now, Bedrockium isn't even Daring to invest in one third of Siberia, on the left side due to the War, instead, Bedrockium is investing in the middle and the right sides of Siberia, those were the safe spots to build stuff.

    in May, A lot of businesses were investing in Siberia, Most of them were from Bedrockium. Siberia was open to every business except Chinese, Russian and North Korean Business.

    Bedrockium Evergrande Group was investing in Siberia for housing purposes.

    The Lego Group bought 2 200,000 hectare spots, One in the middle and one on the right to build factories in Siberia. The Lego Group will plan to build another one on the left if the war stops.

    Walmart is planning to build 5,000 stores in Siberia.

    Food Lion is planning to build 5,000 stores in Siberia.

    Kmart is planning to build 5,000 stores in Siberia.

    Ikea from Sweden is planning to build stores in Siberia.

    in June 1st, A lot of building started on two thirds of Siberia, the left third was left alone to be a battleground for Siberia to fight Russia.

    on June 10th, Siberia was following Bedrockium on getting nuclear missiles, Siberia was also conducting ICBMs. Siberia wants to have more than Russia because of Russia being Siberia's enemy, but Siberia also wants to have less than Bedrockium because Siberia doesn't dare to be mean to Bedrockium.

    on June 15th, everyone except the Real Belarus voted for Siberia's independence, Taiwan went in as Belarus.

    on June 16th, USA invited Siberia to be a member for QUAD. Siberia immediately signed up, Siberia's Defence could teach China a lesson.

    on June 17th, Constuction was 90% complete and Siberia's GDP went from 10,000 to 50,000 GDP Per Capita, Exceeding Russia's GDP Per Capita, Siberia's GDP Nominal went from 400 Billion to 5 Trillion, Exceeding Germany's GDP Nominal.

    On June 18th, Siberia went and made the Siberian Dollar, Equivalent to the Bedrockiunese Dollar and US Dollar, Siberian Dollar was the same strength as the US Dollar.

    on June 19th, Russia saw this economic growth in Siberia and Russia thought that they should have this! but Siberian Troops quickly gained ground and pushed the Russian troops back into Europe, Russia wanted Siberia to go back to Russia.

    on June 20th, Siberia's population went from 37.3 Million in March to 50 Million in June. This was due to the factories and businesses in Siberia affecting the population in a good way.

    on the same Day, Green Ukraine got Independence from Siberia unexpectactly, Green Ukraine Cut off Siberia from bordering North Korea, it even cut Siberia's border with China in half. Let me ask you this, how in the world is Siberia suppose to counter China's aggressiveness to Taiwan by invading China if China's border with Siberia is cut in half? and how is Siberia suppose to invade North Korea when North Korea invades South Korea and launches an ICMB at USA and hits successfully if Siberia doesn't border North Korea anymore? Exactly! Siberia can't invade China fully anymore and can't even Invade North Korea anymore!

    on the same day, Russia is threatening the former Soviet states including Siberia Kazakhstan, Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

    on June 21st, Russia tried to take Siberia again by invading by sea and thru the ural mountains, the Ural mountains was cut off because Siberia put a boulder in the hole.

    on the same day, Japan and Siberia signed a fishing pact deal, Siberia said it will not destroy any Japanese fishing ships or steal them.

    On June 22nd, Russia was threatening Siberia with nuclear missiles against Siberia, Bedrockium retaliated and threatened Russia with nuclear missiles of it's own.

    on June 23, Taiwan investing into Siberia in march really got Siberia's GDP Up, Taiwan's Semiconducter Chip Plants in Siberia have finished building, and they were supplying to USA, Canada and Bedrockium for more than 50% of the semiconducters in the world, Taiwan built 100 Semiconducter Chip plants in Siberia and production is gonna start a week later. If Taiwan won't be able to produce any more Chips, Siberia will fill that gap because Taiwan built another 25 in Siberia as backup factories in case China does something to Taiwan's Chip plants.

    Multiple stories came on the same day, here's some of them:

    As Siberia's Economy was growing, China and Russia's were shrinking, the Evergrande that's in Siberia came from Bedrockium, not China as China Evergrande was defaulting not Bedrockium Evergrande

    Mattel decided to build the good brands of Thomas and friends toys in Siberia and refused to build the cheap knock-off brands in Siberia.

    TOMY was still gonna build in Thailand but decided that Chinese raw materials were not an option anymore, Siberia offered Tomy 1 year of free supplies of raw materials to Tomy's factories in Thailand, Siberia had plenty of Materials to give away for free, but after one year, Siberia is gonna start charging for those, but at a very cheap price, Cheaper than China's price and Siberia is very good on it's word and does keep promises unlike China who does offer cheap price Materials but they were also Cheap quality unlike Siberia's materials which is very good quality at a cheap price.

    Siberia had Oil on it's clay and oil wells were already there but there was oil in Pennisula of Siberia and There was Super Oil in there, one half barrel of that could fill 10 trucks, there's enough to last 100 years.

    Kmart Property Leasing from Bedrockium had started to build more houses in Siberia

    Just Like Bedrockium, Siberia suspected a Walmart store close in Siberia, Bedrockium told Siberia it was Amazon and then right after that Siberia banned Amazon from being in it's area.

    Choise Hotels started investing in Siberia and started to build Hotels in Siberia.

    WION, a news center in India, decided to add Siberia into the news as Siberia was recieving a severe economic growth.

    A complete replica of Roanokium, Bedrockium and Roanoke VA was gonna be built in Siberia, China said that China wanted to do a replica of Roanokium, Bedrockium too. Bedrockium said "that's too bad!!", USA said to Siberia that it must be done PROPER and not in a rush, USA was on Siberia's side of making a replica of Roanokium. Siberia is warning China of replicating Roanokium was going to be a result of the Chinese Roanokium going to be bought out by the Siberian Government, This project is gonna take two years to complete and is gonna be called Ronoakria, and Roanoke VA and Roanokium, Bedrockium will be placing Ronoakria as their sister city.

    Zedroball decided to Recognize Siberia for the first time in months.

    Siberia wasn't recognizing Westopolis as Siberia was on Bedrockium's side as Bedrockium is helping Siberia thru the war with Russia.

    The West Part is still a battleground for the war as tensions between Russia and Siberia start to escalate further and now, tensions between China and Siberia are starting to rise as China is starting to be more aggressive.

    On June 24th, Siberia, Bedrockium and Redrock created BRICKSTIONSbrick, It has the members of Bedrockium, Redrock, Indonesia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Thailand, Israel, Oman, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. India inspired for this union to be created.

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    • Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockiumball - You know what? You are a great country and a sick dude for recognizing my independence though you did force me to be independent from my stupid dad, but when that stupid dad blew up my buildings, I finally went into trying to declare independence, You are also investing in me big time! you are putting factories in my area, you're trying to urbanize more of my area, you are also trying to build farms there, you are pretty much doing everything good for me! you are also funding me in the war against Russia! I will get good things from the future if Russia doesn't try to full force invade me.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Thanks for inviting me to be a member of the Quad! my military force will make China pay for it's agressivness! and also, Your companies are now investing in me!
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - looks like Nintendo is building factories for it's Switch to be made in Siberia instead of China!
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - You are called Taiwan, not China, Mainland China is called China, I don't recognize you, but you built 125 Semiconducter Chip Factories in my area. You also voted for my independence as "Belarus" Just so China won't get mad, Your vote counts for me to get into the UN as well. If you do get Independence, get Independence as "The Republic of Taiwan" and not "The Republic of China", because there cannot be two Chinas, as there cannot be Two Koreas, Two Carolinas, Two Virginias, Two New Yorks, Two Washingtons or Two Dakotas.

    Neutral[edit | edit source]

    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Okay, we border each other, he recognizes me as an independent country, but Why are you being agressive towards the Quad members?
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - Yeah, we are in Quad together, but here's the problem, IT NEEDS TO STOP LIKING THAT SORRY EXCUSE OF MY DAD!!
    • Green Ukraine-icon.png Green Ukraineball - Darn it, Green Ukraine! You're Independence from me cut me off from invading North Korea! I got into the Quad to counter China and North Korea! Now, How in the world am I gonna counter an aggressive move if you block part of China's borders and all of North Korea?!
    • Tibet-icon.png Tibetball - Why are you blocking the way of India to invade China? India needs to invade China if China does something aggressive! also, South Tibet is not yours! It's India's!
    • Uyghur-icon.png East Turkistanball - Maybe I need to change my strategies in the west as this country is blocking the way of me invading China if China does something aggressive.

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

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