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    Svartahofn-icon.png Capital City of Svartahofnball Svartahofn-icon.png

    Höfuðborg Svartahöfnboltinn (Icelandic)

    Prìomh-bhaile Cala Dubhball (Scottish Gaelic)
    Can into Geeky City of Nordics! Svartahofn best city!
    GovernmentPresident-icon.png Mayor-council under a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
    Language(s)English-icon.png English

    Iceland-icon.png Icelandic

    Scotland-icon.png Scots Gaelic
    AffiliationRocalia-icon.png Rocaliaball
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christianity (majority)
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsEvery good person, but especially:

    London-icon.png Twin city
    File:Copenhagen-icon.pngHelsinki-icon.pngOslo-icon.pngFile:Reykjavik-icon.pngStockholm-icon.png The Nordic capitals
    NYC-icon.png Besties!
    Los Angeles-icon.png Movies
    Tokyo-icon.png Center of Japanese culture
    Seoul-icon.png K-Pop and Phones
    Germany-icon.png Atoner
    File:Brisbane-icon.png I love Bluey!
    Toronto-icon.png Center of Canadian culture, including animation
    Paris-icon.png Loveliest city in the world
    Rome-icon.png Known for its ruins
    Taipei-icon.png Center of chipmaking
    Kiev-icon.png Don't worry, the West will protect you.

    Warsaw-icon.png Attacked many times throughout history
    EnemiesEveryone who is a meanie, including:

    File:Beijing-icon.png REMOVE COMMIE!
    Caracas-icon.png Maduro's lair
    File:Pyongyang-icon.png Kim-Jong Town

    File:West Vyond City-icon.png CHILD ABUSER!
    LikesAnything my father likes, furries, D&D, video games, being a melting pot
    DislikesAnything my father hates.
    Historical information
    FoundedMiddle Ages
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Ask my father.
    BörkGeek geek
    FoodAnything my father eats
    Recovering from COVID

    Svartahofnball, officially the Capital City of Svartahofnball, is the capital and largest city of Rocalia-icon.png Rocaliaball. He is located on a peninsula where it meets the Atlantic Ocean and is the exit point for ships carrying grain from the fertile Hatton-Rockall Valley via rivers emptying to the estuary west of the peninsula.

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