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    The Repairing of Rebecca

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Imagine they actually made a movie about Rebecca instead of an episode, Suzie finds Rebecca broken Just like Thomas found Hiro Broken, same reason, broken brakes due to a contest of strengh. Nia would still be there as she was on the island before. Spencer would build another summer house, this time away from Hiro's hiding spot, instead near Rebecca's. Here's part of the line...

    Narrator: Then there was trouble, Spencer sneaked onto the tracks behind Suzie.

    Spencer: Found you Suzie!

    Suzie: Spencer!

    Narrator: Suzie's wheels whirred like the wind.

    Spencer: you won't get away from me this time!

    Narrator: Rebecca chuffed as fast as she could. she wanted to wheesh away from Spencer, then Spencer saw Rebecca and gasped. Spencer had never seen an engine as strange as Rebecca before.

    Spencer: Who are you?!

    Suzie: Rebecca!

    Rebecca: Suzie!!

    Spencer: That engine can't even puff properly!

    Think of what patchwork parts Rebecca could lose.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Spencer: You're going to tell Sir Topham Hatt about that silly scrap engine! I'll get there first to make sure your plan doesn't work, that engine will be sent to the smelter's yard where she belongs!

    Narrator: So, Spencer Pumped his pistons and clicketyclacked after Suzie

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    So, With a pounding puff and a heaving huff, Rebecca was on the tracks following Suzie to steam away from Spencer.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    You're probably wondering why Diesel is Sodor's enemy. you should watch Night of the Diesels, Sodor's Finest and The Return of Diesel, then you'll figure it out.

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