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    File:Tatalli-icon.png Tatalli File:Tatalli (hat)-icon.png
    File:2020 12 27 0iu Kleki.png
    Government Federal Capitalist Authoritarian Dictatorship with socialist elements
    PersonalityTrigger-happy, kind, funny
    Language(s)File:Animalese-icon.png Animalese



    Type Celtic-Animalese File:Animalese-icon.png
    Affiliation UN


    File:UNAC-icon.png UNAC
    Religion(s) Christianity
    • Catholic
    • Protestant
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsWhoe Islandball


    File:Coolsvilleball-icon.png Coolsvilleball (Most of the time)

    EnemiesFile:FoxFallsball-icon.png Who? (Neutral) File:Coolsvilleball-icon.png Coolsvilleball (Sometimes)
    LikesMoney, keeping the villagers in line
    Historical information
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No
    Börkfeck boone, feck boone
    Island owned by RTGame

    This is based off RTGame's island Tatalli. I am not claiming the island as my own, I am simply putting it into polandball.

    Tatalliball is an island off the semi-far west coast of Ireland. He the most tropical country in that altitude.



    Tatalli was discovered by Irish people who where slowly making there way across the Atlantic with a boat. Some decided to stay at the island. They all left, but told others about it. Animal villagers moved there, along with an Irish man. The latter declared himself leader for life, and the animals didn't really care.

    Since then (1962-Present)

    He meet up with an ally, Coolsville (and had bad dreaming the next couple nights), he found the kid (Fox Falls) a bit more socialist than him (Which at the time was none). He distanced himself from the child. He was largely unaffected by COVID.

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