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    The Return of the British Empire

    Britain: Okay! I have my former Colonies back!

    British Empire: I'm back!

    Bedrockium: Wait, Where is Bedrock?!

    Marieland: IDK...

    Bedrockium: Wait, Bedrock was a former British Colony! OH, GODDAMMIT!! BRITAIN, WHY?!!

    Redrock: Was I a former British Colony?

    Bedrockium: No, You were my Colony.

    Redrock: Oh, Wow.

    USA: Canada isn't here...

    China: Neither is DR India...

    Japan: Where is Malaysia?!

    Thailand: Myanmar isn't here.

    Brazil: Guyana isn't here either.

    Morocco: Nigeria isn't here either. nor is Egypt or South Africa.

    Bedrockium: They were former British Colonies.

    Indonesia: I wondered why Australia isn't here...

    Bedrockium: Neither is New Zealand nor Pakistan, nor Bangladesh...

    Libya: Britain took some of my area!

    Saudi Arabia: Qatar isn't here. nor the UAE or Oman.

    Bedrockium: Well, Whoever didn't miss the British Empire had no heart, whoever wanted him back had no brain.

    Siberia: Wow. Should we go against the British Empire 2.0?

    Bedrockium: Let's wait, if he goes against Thailand, that's when we form an alliance.

    Siberia: Okay.

    British Empire: [ Declares War on Chad ]

    Bedrockium: Nah. Nope. IDC.

    British Empire: [ Invades Chad and conquers it ]

    Bedrockium: Should I be concerned? Nah, It's Just Africa. it's all ONE BIG Desert.

    British Empire: [ Annexes Benin and Togo and Declares War on Ivory Coast ]

    Bedrockium: Wow. Just Wow.

    Most of Africa: [ Forms Alliance ]

    [ Later ]

    British Empire: [ Annexes some of Africa ]

    Bedrockium: Okay, No More land.

    British Empire: [ Annexes Land from Thailand ]

    Bedrockium: Okay, That does it. Siberia, USA, Russia and China.

    Siberia: Yes?

    Bedrockium: I said if he goes against Thailand! He Just went against Thailand!

    Siberia: Okay, We are gonna form an alliance.

    Bedrockium: [ Forms Anti British Alliance, and calls it Allies ]

    Siberia: [ Joins Allies ]

    USA: Hold, up! I'm Joining too! [ Joins Allies ]

    China: [ Joins Allies ]

    Russia: I'm not Joining...

    Bedrockium: Why? We maybe enemies, But this is Just to go against the British Empire.

    Russia: Well, if it's Just the British Empire. Okay, I'll Join. [ Joins Allies ]

    Mexico: [ Joins Allies ]

    Brazil: Wait for me! [ Joins Allies ]

    Colombia: I'm gonna Join! [ Joins Allies ]

    Saudi Arabia: I'm Joining Because of the British Empire! [ Joins Allies ]

    Chile: [ Joins Allies ]

    Kazakhstan: [ Joins Allies ]

    Stan Union: [ Joins Allies ]

    Thailand: [ Joins Allies ]

    Vietnam: [ Joins Allies ]

    Redrock: [ Joins Allies ]

    Bedrockium: Redrock?! Why do you want to Join?

    Redrock: I'm gonna free Bedrock.

    Bedrockium: Well, If Bedrock doesn't declare independence, I'll give him to you.

    Redrock: Okay, Fair enough.

    France: [ Joins Allies ]

    Spain: [ Joins Allies ]

    Uhack: [ Joins Allies ]

    Bedrockium: I guess Uhack wants a piece of the action.

    Uhack: Yup, The British Empire is too aggressive.

    Bedrockium: Wow, You see the same thing. Okay, Welcome.

    Indonesia: [ Joins Allies ]

    Philippines: [ Joins Allies ]

    British Empire: [ Annexes Syria and Lebanon ]

    Turkiye: [ Joins Allies ]

    British Empire: [ Invades Westopolis ]

    Bedrockium: [ Invades Westopolis ]

    Westopolis: [ Gets split into two ]

    Cuba: [ Gets Split into Two ]

    Venezuela: [ Gets Split into Two ]

    [ Cold War Between the USA and the British Empire Starts ]

    [ Later ]

    [ The Shot Heard around the world Part two gets fired ]

    [ World War 3 Starts ]

    Bedrockium: [ Invades British Bedrock ]

    Westopolis: [ Invades Eastern half ]

    Bedrockium: [ Conquers British Bedrock ]

    Bedrock: Huh? Where am I?

    Bedrockium: You're free now.

    Bedrock: Wow. [ Joins Allies ]

    Bedrockium: Boy, you're the easiest country to conquer.

    Bedrock: Yeah.

    Thailand: [ Capitulates ]

    Bedrockium: Seriously...

    British Empire: [ Invades Saudi Arabia ]

    Indonesia: [ Invades British Empire ]

    Marieland: What's going on?

    Redrock: It's the British Empire.

    Marieland: Oh.

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