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    File:UNAC-icon.png UNACball File:UNAC-icon.png
    PersonalityKind, hypocritical
    Language(s)A lot of them, but mostly:

    File:Animalese-icon.png Animalese

    English-icon.png English
    TypeFile:Animalese-icon.png Animalese
    CapitalMain headquarters in File:Wildberry-icon.png Wildberry
    Religion(s)File:Animalese-icon.png Animal Tradtions

    Christian-icon.png Christianity

    • Anglo
    • Protestant-icon.png Protestant
    • Catholic-icon.png Roman Catholic
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsFile:UNAC-icon.png His members:

    File:FoxFallsball-icon.png Fox Fallsball

    File:Tatalli (hat)-icon.png Tatalliball

    File:Coolsvilleball-icon.png Coolsvilleball

    File:Hel-icon.png Hel

    File:Wildberry-icon.png Wildberry


    UN-icon.png My father!

    NATO-icon.png My uncle

    USA-icon.png He suggested my existance

    Japan-icon.png Same as US

    File:The Jalang-icon.png My friend owo
    LikesUN-icon.png His father, Lib Left/Right, His members
    DislikesPeople calling his father incompetent, being called hipocrictial, Auth Left/Right
    Historical information
    PredecessorUN-icon.png UN
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Some of the countries can

    File:UNAC-icon.png UNAC is a organisation made up of Animalese Countries.

    They are biased towards File:Wildberry-icon.png Wildberry and often gives out that they are being called hypocritical.



    File:The Jalang-icon.png The Jalangball: Bestfriend!


    File:FoxFallsball-icon.png Fox Fallsball

    File:Tatalli-icon.png Tatalliball

    File:Wildberry-icon.png Wildberryball (Main base of operations there)

    File:Coolsvilleball-icon.png Coolsvilleball

    File:Villeville-icon.png Villevilleball

    File:Hel-icon.png Helball


    • Their theme song would be Perfect Nothing by Ghost and Pals
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