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    Planned countries


    A nested alternate universe (one alternate universe within the other), this is basically an island country off the coast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia created solely by a Panama-icon.png Panamanian YouTuber for his videos.


    • Formed from the continental drift when it split off what would later be the Canadian Arctic. Additional islands formed by volcanism.
    • Populated by Abenaki-icon.png Abenaki and Newfoundland and Labrador-icon.png Beothuk/Naskapi later on
    • First colonized by Dutch-icon.png the Netherlands, then Kingdom of France-icon.png the French and finally British Empire-icon.png UKball.
    • Became a melting pot of different cultures, with the following groups coming in: South African Republic-icon.png Boers, ColAmerica-icon.png American Loyalists, Landgraviate of Hesse-icon.pngGermany-icon.png Hessian mercenaries, Kingdom of France-icon.png French royalists, Iceland-icon.png Icelandic refugees, Dutch Republic-icon.png Dutch Republicans, and CSA-alt-icon.png Confederates. Freed slaves from Jamaica-icon.png Jamaicaball and Belize-icon.png Belizeball also joined in.
    • Later in the 20th century exiled Nazi-icon (hat).png Nazi politicians and Ashkenazi-icon.pngGypsy-icon.pngPolish-icon.pngRussian-icon.png minorities fleeing the Holocaust joined in the migration frenzy.
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