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    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    New Story. Wanna check it out?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: Okay, so I am still in first place for Nuclear Weapons. Siberia is now in Second place and Russia is in third place. and USA is in 4th place.

    USA: WDYM?

    Bedrockium: I got 10,000. Siberia got 8,000. Russia got 6,000. and you got 5,000.

    USA: How the frick do you, Siberia and Russia got the capability to produce more nuclear weapons?!

    Bedrockium: I Just do. and so does Siberia, But I do not know how Russia is able to do it. me and Siberia has to keep making more Just so Russia would not surpass us in the number of Nuclear weapons we got!

    USA: so, us allies got 23,000. right?

    Bedrockium: Yes, and it gonna grow if Russia keeps this up. Mainly Mine and Siberia's is. yours, I don't think so.

    USA: Aww...

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    I did some stories in this story.

    NATO's Pressure to Industrialize Bedrock.

    Bedrockium's Industrial Investment Revolution.

    China's continued Pressure on Taiwan.

    Russian Invasion of Belarus.

    and all other stuff.

    What else should I add in the story?

    Industried Ukraine, Syria, Egypt and Morocco.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: Hey, Siberia. even though we are not even a quarter way on Repairing Ukraine. what other countries do you want to repair next?

    Siberia: After Ukraine, Syria, then Egypt and then Morocco, and then Lebanon. I do not know if we should industrialize Iraq after Lebanon...

    Bedrockium: Yeah, let's wait on Iraq. Maybe we should do Moldova after Lebanon. then... No, not Belarus, I'm not doing Belarus! I know! Republic of Georgia then Azerbaijan.

    Siberia: so, first, Ukraine then Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Moldova, Republic of Georgia, then Azerbaijan?

    Bedrockium: Yup, USA, who should we industrialize after Azerbaijan? And DO NOT say Bedrock! [ Stern Sigh ] who else other than the countries we said we was gonna industrialize?

    USA: You realize that industrializing Bedrock--

    Bedrockium: Bedrock says he doesn't want to be industrialized! he says it's bad enough that you have a Military base in his area!

    USA: Greenland?

    Bedrockium: Yeah, good idea. it's Just like Industrializing Siberia, removing all the snow!

    Greenland: Oh, dear god no... Please! it'll put stress on the ice in my area! it's mostly water under the ice!

    Bedrockium: Welp, that plan scrapped. I know! ICELAND!!

    Iceland: Yeah, you're welcome in my area. Just don't put any troops here.

    Bedrockium: Just construction workers pal.

    Iceland: Good.

    Bedrockium: That's 9 countries, we need 10! we cannot do Algeria because it's mostly desert! nor Libya, because that would disrespect SATO...

    Nigeria: I'm open for investment! build me some industries!

    Bedrockium: I think we Just did it. 10 Countries we will do industries in!

    USA: I still think we should do Bedrock...

    Bedrockium: Okay, let's do a UN vote on it! [ to everyone ] Hey, Guys, do any of you want Bedrock industrialized?!

    Bedrock: Dear god, I hope they "No".

    [ Vote for Bedrockish Industrialization starts ]

    [ 1 day later ]

    Bedrockium: the votes are in they they say-- WTF? No, No, please, tell me you don't mean it guys!

    UN: They voted in favor of Bedrock having industrialization.

    Bedrock: No! NO! NO!! I told you I don't want it! and now, I'm gonna have foreign countries try to build industries in my area... why TF did most of you guys go against my word?!

    Bedrockium: I voted against it, Bedrock.

    Siberia: Yeah, I did too.

    Redrock: Me too, in fact the whole Pacific Continent voted against Bedrock having industrialization.

    Bedrockium: Guys, can we call it off?

    USA: No way, we did a vote on it, and it got passed with the UN.

    UN: Let's try the UNSC. let's see what he has to say.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    [ Vote goes into UNSC ]

    Bedrockium: Against!

    USA: In favor!

    Siberia: Against!

    Britain: In favor!

    France: In favor!

    Russia: In favor!

    DR India: Against!

    China: Abstain.

    Brazil: Abstain. IDK why Industrialization is in the UNSC...

    Industried Ukraine: In favor!

    Bedrockium: Oh, Why is everyone going against me?! 5 In favors and 3 againsts! and 2 abstains!

    Bedrock: I told you, I do not want Industries!!

    USA: Bedrock, Just Accept it.

    Bedrock: And WHY?!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    USA: Russia will only be more prone to your lack of industry. Same with China...

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrock: My lack of Industry?! Well, I Just got defeated at the UNSC!! I'm gonna have to change their minds!

    Bedrockium: I'm with you.

    [ Others start talking ]

    Pakistani Taliban

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: I hear that there is a Terrorist organization in Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban. there's also the Mongolian Taliban as well. USA, you think we should help the two nations?


    Bedrockium: Yeah, Unfortunately you do.

    Mongolia: No, Please! I'm Defenseless!

    Taliban: How the frick did we even fund the Taliban in Mongolia?! I'd have to get thru Stan Union and then China to get to Mongolia! and no, I don't border China anymore, Stan Union took the panhandle land of my area.

    Bedrockium: Don't think about doing a Terrorist Organization in Stan Union!

    Taliban: I don't want to. 1 nation is enough, two is too much. and three is heck!

    Mongolia: Can someone help me?! They are tearing thru my cities!

    USA: Terrorists, they do no good. and now there's three types of the Taliban regime! What could go worse?!

    Bedrockium: I'm gonna help Mongolia. he says he's defenseless.

    USA: Yeah, good idea. I'll help Pakistan.

    Bedrockium: Okay, Let's do it!

    DR India: I'm gonna help Pakistan too. Just in case.

    If it's Cringe, remove it.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Look, if my pages are cringe, I can remove it. what made one of my pages cringe?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    Wait what?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    I didn't add your page on the cringe category, and that aside, wasn't the Rising Darkness page not belonging to you? I added the cringe category there because it had slurs and was just crapoy dogma.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)
    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    I didn't even edit the page? Not even once...

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Then who put it in the Cringe Category?!

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    [ Face palm ] Sorry, I blamed what I did on you. Please forgive me. I'm the one that put it on the CRINGE category...

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    World War 3 (1939-1940), World War 4 (1963-1973) and World War 5 (2022-2042), Those involved Fighting Russia and China. what makes those different from the one that you said was cringe?...

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    DR India: I'm not gonna fuse you, Nicobar, and that is that!

    Nicobar (which is the old India): I Actually want to fuse! I'm not like Taiwan and China!

    DR India: I'm like Taiwan, who does not want to fuse, and I'm also like China, who is much bigger! You are like China, who wants to Fuse and like Taiwan who is much smaller!

    Bangladesh: Don't you want to put the charge on your flag?

    DR India: I want a clean three striped flag, an Orange-Clean White-Green flag.

    Bangladesh: are you Friends with Pakistan?

    DR India: Of course I'm friends with Pakistan! he helped me get my independence! we may be competitors on Kashmir, which I do not want to claim but Pakistan insists on me claiming it, but other than that, We are friends!

    Pakistan: No charge on the flag?

    DR India: No charge allowed on the flag! the charge represents being friends with Russia!!

    Russia: I thought me and India were friends!

    DR India: You are friends with Nicobar! not me! you are my worst enemy to exist!!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    USA: DR India, what are you waiting for? Invade Nicobar already! Also, the name ofbthe islands are Andaman and Nicolar.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    DR India: But this will spark a war with Russia! and I do not want to go to war with Russia!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)


    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    DR India: Okay. [ Invades Nicobar ] Wait a minute, Why are you supportive on countries invading other countries? do you actually care for Taiwan?

    There's a Topic on Industried Ukraine

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)
    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Uhack: I wanna Join NATO.

    Redrock: Me too.

    Bedrockium: You two can be in NATO if the members will allow you.

    Members of NATO: They can Join! we need more members!

    Bedrockium: Okay, You two, You're in.

    Russia: WTF did I-- oh, wait, this is in the Pacific Continent. never mind.

    Siberia: I wanna Join NATO so frickin bad. But I can't! I'm Rich! Just like Sweden! I don't have Corruption! Corruption Economy if anyone wants to Correct me!

    Corruption: [ WTF? ]

    Siberia: I have a Democratic Government!

    NATO: We'd love to have you in, but, You border Russia!

    Siberia: Finland, Latvia and Estonia border Russia and they are in NATO!

    Prussia: and my Application to NATO is taking too long! Hurry it up!

    NATO: Why, Prussia?

    Prussia: I'm not even at War! Why are you not making this smooth and swift?!

    Austria: I'm Joining NATO. hey NATO, I'm doing an Application.

    NATO: It might take too long.

    Austria: I'll do the fast one. that's quicker.

    NATO: Whatever you say.

    Prussia: Please speed this up! I can't wait forever! You did an Instant thing for Mexico!

    NATO: That was Just to get Canada to shut up. but now, I can't get Mexico out of NATO! This has become a problem... I have to do an Application to get Austria, Prussia, and Siberia in and to get Mexico out!

    Canada: I will go to war with Mexico again if you do that!

    NATO: Canada. Why do we need Mexico?!

    Canada: Mexico is in the North Atlantic! plus we need all of North America! North America has three countries and we need all of them! Mexico included!

    NATO: [ Groans ] I can't convince this guy!

    Mexico: I'm gonna stay in for safety purposes. Just don't call me to your wars, Okay?

    NATO: Okay.

    NATO: Now I Just need to get Austria, Prussia and Siberia in...

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Siberia: I need more factories!

    Bedrockium: You already surpassed China's GDP. Do you really want to surpass USA's?

    Siberia: If the USA doesn't mind.

    Bedrockium: USA, do you want Siberia's GDP to surpass yours? He is on your side. plus he isn't making any threats to anyone whatsoever.

    Russia: [Thinking "I do not think so, he is making a threat"]

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