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    Wilden-icon.png Wildenball Wilden-icon (furry).png
    Hilleh! (Hello!)
    GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy-icon.png Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
    PersonalityFurry, Cute, BALUT REMOVER
    English-icon.png English
    Dutch-icon.png Dutch
    Portuguese-icon.png Portuguese
    Wildenese-icon.png Wildenese
    Wildenese-icon.png Koholwean/Wildenese
    Wildenese-icon.png Conkish
    Wildenese-icon.png Bunish
    Wildenese-icon.png Purran
    German-icon.png German
    Spanish-icon.png Spanish
    Philippines-icon.png Filipino
    TypeWildenese-icon.png Furrypulus
    • Wildenese-icon.png Canid
    • Wildenese-icon.png Felind
    • Wildenese-icon.png Leporid
    • Wildenese-icon.png Rodentia
    • Wildenese-icon.png Marsupialia
    Wilden-icon.png Aves
    Wilden-icon.png Amphibia
    Wilden-icon.png Reptilia
    1-icon.png7-icon.png Austronesian Sadly I gave EPRball Independence...
    CapitalWildenese Empire-icon.png Croydonball
    AffiliationUN-icon.png UNball
    English-icon.png Commonwealthball
    Portuguese-icon.png CPLPball
    ASEAN-icon.png ASEANball
    Fiji-icon.pngJamaica-icon.pngLuxembourg-icon.pngWilden-icon.pngNew Wilden-icon.pngBritish Indonesia-icon.png Anti-Filipino Team
    Religion(s)Christianity-icon.png Christianity (71%)
    • Protestant-icon.png Protestantism (46%)
    • Catholic-icon.png Roman Catholicism (21%)
    • Other Christian (4%)

    Jew-icon.png Judaism (11%)
    Islam-icon.png Islam (10%)

    • Sunni-icon.png Sunni (8%)
    • Shia-icon.png Shia (2%)
    Other/no religion (8%)
    Relations and opinions
    Historical information
    PR Wilden-icon.png PR Wildenball
    Wilden-icon.png In-exile Wildenese 1904 Constitution Governmentball
    British West Wildenball
    British East Wildenball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes
    BörkWilds Wilds, Furries Furries,
    Soon, I'll retake East Philippines-icon.png that fuck!
    My Furryland, My Furryland,
    All Furrian states united, My Furryland!
    Land of the savages, land of the furries,
    Saving our fatherland, Saving our culture!
    Saving our fatherland, Saving our culture!
    Wilden-icon (furry).png Wildenball singing its anthem

    It has The highest number of its people building their PCs at home Wilden-icon.png Wildenball (Dutch: Wildenbal; Portuguese: Selvagembola; Wildenese: Sãgogebola) also known as the Asian Canadaball huge Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball oppressor Furrylandball or Furriaball meaning Savages in Dutch is a balut remover whose a furry countryball where Doug, Kate, and their friends live in between Southeast Asia and Australia in the southernmost Philippine Sea. Despite being an archipelago, its clay is bordered by East Philippines-icon.png East Philippinesball to the west, Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball to the southwest, and Papua New Guinea-icon.png Papua New Guineaball to the south.

    Its national day is on May 23.


    The Beginnings (742-1043)

    In about 742 CE, Wildenball was born as the Kulas of Conkball uniting all of the Furrypulus Rodentias and Marsupialias at the southernmost of the mainland Wilden. About 3 decades later, the Furrypulus Candids, Felinds, and Leporid does the same thing but the Candids created Kingdom of Koholweball on the West, Felinds created Kingdom of Purrsball on the East, and Leporids created Crown of Bunball on the North. In mid 924 CE, all 4 of the Furrypuluses Kingdoms annexed the Kingdom of the Avesball in a bloody war and ended in early 925 CE.

    The Furrian Unification (1043-1275)

    The Kingdom of Purrsball unites with the Crown of Bunball to form the Purro-Bunish Empireball in 1043. Somewhere in 1077, Kingdom of Koholweball annexed the Kulas of Conkball as the Candids populatition in the Koholwean clay grew larger.

    But the Purro-Bunish Empireball still has a very small clay since 1043, so they ally with the Kingdom of Koholweball. Making both of their ties stronger.

    In 1168, The king of the Koholweball and the queen of Purr-Bunball got married to form the Kingdom of Koholwes, Purrs, and Buns. Which is also known as Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Furrylandball (then Wildenese Empireball.)

    Rise of Furrylandball (1275-1597)

    Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Furrylandball expands its clay westwards and eastwards in 1277.

    In 1449, its clay expands to the East of Mindanao Island and North of Formosa Island.

    Two decades later, It adopts Jew-icon.png Judaism as their religion, and Jewish culture, combining with the Furrian culture.

    First European Contact

    When Spanish explorers arrived in the main island in 1542, they called it, "Isla de los Salvajes." Meaning Island of the Savages and the reason why they called the island like this is because the Furrylandballs are fighting each other for dominance of their own cultures. The Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spainsh Empireball tries to colonize the western parts of the Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Furrylandball, successful in the westernmost but failed in the centralwest.

    Name change to Wildenball

    In 1560, the Dutch Empire-icon.png Dutch Empireball buys the northern part of the Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Furrylandball from it (Which is then Bovensteball) and Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Furrylandball's response is adopting its orange-white-purple tricolor flag and its name that we know it today (Wildenball) from the Dutch.

    Growth of the Wildenese Empireball (1597-1738)

    As the Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Wildenball grows stronger and stronger at the late 1597, It became an actual empire. It begins annexing its neighbours starting at the mid 1600s.

    First Wildenese War (1681-1686)

    As the Scotland-icon.png Scottish Empireball wanted to trade with the Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Wildenball for clay, Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Wildenball rejected the trade and started a war between the two. And the Portuguese Empire-icon.png Portuguese, the Dutch Empire-icon.png Dutch, the Hospitaller-icon.png Hospitallers, and the England-icon.png English joined forces with Scotland-icon.png Scotland.

    When the Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Wildenball surrenders to Scotland-icon.pngPortuguese Empire-icon.pngDutch Empire-icon.pngHospitaller-icon.pngEngland-icon.png them, it decided to cede some parts of its clay to Scotland-icon.pngPortuguese Empire-icon.pngDutch Empire-icon.pngHospitaller-icon.pngEngland-icon.png them.

    Post-War (1686-1738)

    The Wildenese people are protesting because it lost some of its clay to Scotland-icon.pngPortuguese Empire-icon.pngDutch Empire-icon.pngHospitaller-icon.pngEngland-icon.png these fucks. And its economy is going bad like depression for many years.

    The Downfall (1738-1904)

    the Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Wildenball is having a hard time getting its original clay back to it.

    so the Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Wildenball have nothing to do but declare war to British Empire-icon.png this bloody fuck

    First Republic of Wilden and Second Wildenese war (1741-1753)

    As the Wildenese people overthrew Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png the monarchist, The first President of the Wildenball, Jurran Kolkalpitan came into power and established the Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png First Republic.

    The Divided Wilden


    Independence of New Hospitallers and Croydonball (1904-1939)


    Reunification of Wildenball


    World War 2 (1939-1946)


    Second Republic of Wilden


    Philippine Genocide


    Cold War (1947-1990)


    Wildenese Government adopts Communism


    Wildenese Government Transitions back to Commonwealth Monarchy


    Modern Day (1990-now)


    East Anderaal-Wildenese Conflict




    Flag Colors

    Main Colours

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Navy Blue 0, 0, 139 C100-M97-Y7-K1 #00008B
    Philippine Red 207, 20, 43 C0-M90-Y79-K19 #CF142B

    Emblem Colours

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Philippine Red 207, 20, 43 C0-M90-Y79-K19 #CF142B
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



    • UK-icon.png UKball - Adoptive Daddy! I used hate yuo when you lead to my downfall of my empire. But now, it's getting better and I'm now of a Commonwealth realm like my Canada-icon.pngAustralia-icon.png brothers!
      • England-icon.png Englandball - Thanks for saying sorry after yuo annexed me.
      • Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball - Thanks for bringing my modern culture into my clay. But plox be nice to UK-icon.png him.
    • Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball - Adoptive Mommy! Yuo colonized of my northern half of my clay long time ago. Thanks for not sanctioning me. Also I’m not Savages in yuor language.
    • Portugal-icon.png Portugal - Another Adoptive Daddy who took over my southernmost part of my clay.
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - Why the hell are yuo bullying meh immigrants? But you're ok because you're UK-icon.png Dad's brother and my adoptive uncle.
    • Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Wildenese Empireball - Biological Daddy, plox comeback...
    • Canada-icon.pngAustralia-icon.png Brothers - My siblings. I like Bluey, upside-down stuffs, Total Drama, and maple syrup.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Brother. We both have embassies in each other's capitals. But stop supporting Philippines, Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball is of bad. But still, I will be nice to you. My life depends on it; If I put it in Neutral or Enemies, he will hate me, sanction me, and fund West Philippines to kill me. I will do my best to please you.
    • Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball - Same as Germany-icon.png Germanyball.
    • Brazil-icon.png Brazilball - My brother who likes to HUE a lot like my son, Conklandball.
    • Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball - Sabah is yours and you're my kebab brother.
    • Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball - Meh Chinese brother. AaronTheWolf-icon.png AaronMinecraftity00 was born in its clay.
    • Fiji-icon.png Fijiball - Brother that we have a Philippines-icon.png common enemy because we support on Sabah-icon.png Sabahball issue.
    • Sabah-icon.png Sabahball - Yuo are 💯% Malaysia-icon.png Malaysian my nephiew! Anyone who hates Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball and/or East Philippines-icon.png the East is my friend.
    • South Africa-icon.png South Africaball - Sister?
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - Same as Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball except the North Borneo dispute. Although You're friends with this Philippines-icon.png asshole.
    • Borneo-icon.png Borneocube - My Nordic brother who can intro friendship with Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball.
    • New Wilden-icon (furry).png Taasaistanball - Another kebab brother that he is my race. We have Philippines-icon.pngEast Philippines-icon.png common enemies.
    • Patagonia-icon.png Patagoniaball - My very diverse brother even though he doesn't know that he's my brother.
    • British Cuba-icon.png Cubaball - My Latino American brother that he’s one of my best friends.
    • Bedrockium-icon.png Bedrockiumball - My other nephew who welcomes my race to your clay, but please lift sanctions to USA-icon.png my brother.


    Anyone who hates Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball calls it fake communist except for a few ones...

    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - WE CAN BOTH INTO FURRIES!!!! AaronTheWolf-icon.png AaronMinecraftity00 lives in your clay.
    • Israel-icon.png Israelball - Palestine-icon.png Palestineball is yours and your real!
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - That god darn Kosovo-icon.png clay is yours.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - Same as Japan-icon.png the land of the rising sun except that AaronTheWolf-icon.png Aaron the Wolf doesn’t live in ur clay.
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball and Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball - I'm just good friend to them and I don't recognize Artsakh-icon.png Artsakhball, Abkhazia-icon.png Abkhaziaball, and South Ossetia-icon.png South Ossetiaball
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - Don’t worry, my government will protect you from the Russian invasion.
    • AaronTheWolf-icon.png Aaron the Wolf (AaronMinecraftity00) - A Hong Konger who lives in Japan-icon.png Kawaii and made Doug and Kate on my clay. (Well at least yuor not annoying tho.) Also, you're one of the few Philippines-icon.pngEast Philippines-icon.png Pinoys that I like.
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - The only communist that I like.
    • MinhPham2005 - He's friends with AaronTheWolf-icon.png Aaron the Wolf.
    • Misato-icon.png Misato Katsuragi - Thanks for helping me win the war against Fascist Andrew-icon.png this prick. And I like your TV series.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Tawianball - You are the real China. And thanks for making these PC parts for meh people.
    • Illageria-icon.png Illageriaball - Pretty nice universe of yours, I wish I could see it myself though. Also, I hope you win against Hipnolandball.png Hipnolandball.
    • Aceqo-icon.png Aceqoball - We are just normal friends because some of my people can into time travel just like you!
    • Conker the Wolf - (WIP; don't type it yet)
    • Second Philippine Republic-icon.png Second Philippine Republicball - The only Philippines-icon.png Balut that I like?
    • Hukbalahap-icon.png Hukbalahapball - Another Philippines-icon.png Balut I also like?
    • First Philippine Republic-icon.png First Philippine Republicball - What? There are more Philippines-icon.png friendly Baluts!
    • Republic of Biak-na-Bato-icon.png Republic of Biak-na-Batoball - Yet, another Philippines-icon.png Balut that I like...
    • First Philippine Republic-icon.png Republic of Negrosball - Yet, even another Philippines-icon.png Balut that I like...
    • Zamboanga Peninsula-icon.png Republic of Zamboangaball - HOW MANY FRIENDLY BALUTS ARE THERE!?!?!?!?


    Anyone who have a complicated relationship with Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball or calls it half-communist and half-monarchist.

    • Hawaii-icon.png Hawaiiball - Thanks for making these flags for us.
      • Hawaii-icon.png: Uhm... Yuo're welcome???
    • British Indian Ocean Territoryball - The same as Hawaii. But how the puck you make these flags?
    • EU-icon.png EUball - I’m not a Russia-icon.png Vodka puppet! But pls be nice to UK-icon.png my bappap.
      • EU-icon.png: Okay but what is bappap?
      • Wilden-icon.png: It means ‘daddy’ in Wildenese.
      • EU-icon.png: Oh.
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - Sorry that I have to sanction you. But we are good friends, you know. Also, I am starting my own nuclear program just like you!
    • DR Andrew DA-icon.png New Republic of Anderaalball - Same as USA-icon.pngCanada-icon.pngAustralia-icon.png my brothers. We both speak Dutch and we both have similar culture. But why do you support the Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball?
    • Googleland-icon.png Googlelandball - You’re not an annoying Philippines-icon.png balut supporter. And IDK what to say next...
    • Asuka-icon.png Asuka Langley Soryu - Any reason why did yuo betray me from me winning the First Phillppine-Wildenese War?
      • Asuka-icon.png: Anta baka!!?? because you support that dork shinji x kaworus gay relationship!
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball's friend who supports Russia-icon.png Vodka. But please don't hate me just because I support Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijanball.
      • Armenia-icon.png: Okay?
    • Second Wildenese Republic-icon.png Second Republic of Wildenball - You are the real republic of me! We both hate Philippines-icon.pngEast Philippines-icon.png Pinoys but why the hell you’re friends with Japanese Empire-icon.png THE WORST EMPIRE EVER?!?!?! I’ll consider you as an enemy.


    Anyone who likes Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball or calls it real communist.

    • Fascist Andrew-icon.png Falangist State of Anderaalball - Why do yuo defend Philippines-icon.png Balut to protect them from me and why do yuo supportings and recognizings of ths fake nation that doesn't exist?
      • Fascist Andrew-icon.png: Because I helpings Philippines-icon.png em to win the First Phillppine-Wildenese War (He won't know that I'm playing hoi4 on this wiki (trollge).)
      • Wilden-icon.png: And now I'm supporting your rebels!
      • Fascist Andrew-icon.png: Oh fack nah... wait I can just suppress them
      • East Philippines-icon.png: Aww thank you Fascist Andrew-icon.png East Anderaal for freeing me!
      • Fascist Andrew-icon.png: Anytime, East Philippines-icon.png Oost-Filippijnen.
      • Wilden-icon.png: Shut up you little Philippines-icon.png Balut or else I'll retake you!
      • East Philippines-icon.png: Never you ugly furry with ugly islands!
      • Wilden-icon.png & East Philippines-icon.png: *keeps fighting*
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball and Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - Sorry I can’t recognize both of yuo because my East Philippines-icon.png Filipino minority will get mad at me.
    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - Little nuke man, wtf is wrong with you?
    • Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball - You are just nothing but a big Satan who removes USA-icon.png my capitalist brother!
    • Artsakh-icon.png Artsakhball, Abkhazia-icon.png Abkhaziaball, and South Ossetia-icon.png South Ossetiaball - YUO ALL ARE JUST NOTHING BUT FAKERS WANTED TO REBEL AGAINST THESE Azerbaijan-icon.pngGeorgia-icon.png TWO FUCKS!!!!!!!!! GO BACC TO Azerbaijan-icon.pngGeorgia-icon.png BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!
    • 🐿️ Conker the Squirrel -
    • Kuwait-icon.png Kuwaitball - He hates my prime minster because I hate Philippines-icon.png him.
    • Ishowspeed - Yuo r just nothing but a shit who gets banned in every gaming social platform. So a few words I say: FUCK OFF AND NEVER EVER COME BACK!!!
    • Republic of Vyond-icon.png Republic of Vyondball - Why the hell did you ground Doug and Kate! >:(
      • Wilden-icon.png: Uno reverse card. 😏
    • PR Wilden-icon (furry).png Fake Wildenball - Yuo are nothing but a foaking actual communist that overthrew my second republic during WW2!
    • Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png First Republic of Wildenball - OMFG!!! YUO ARE EVEN WORSE THAN PR Wilden-icon (furry).png PR WILDENBALL! REMOVE FIRST REPUBLIC!
    • 🦊 Toonlandia2002 - BIG GAME BIG GAME BIG GAME BIG GAME!!! DID YOU JUST BECOME A TROLL?!?!?! AND ANY REASON WHY YOU HATE AaronTheWolf-icon.png Aaron the Wolf?!?!?!
    • Nauru-icon.png Nauruball - He hates me because he recognizes East Philippines-icon.png East Philippinesball, Abkhazia-icon.png Abkhaziaball, and South Ossetia-icon.png South Ossetiaball.


    ANYONE WHO DEFENDS Philippines-icon.png BALUT!!!

    • Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball - We are just bitter enemies. And ah yes, the genocide: THERE’S NO GENOCIDE HERE, SO FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! East Philippines-icon.png EAST PHILIPPINES IS MINE AND Sabah-icon.png SABAH IS Malaysia-icon.png MALAYSIA YUO DUMB PRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUO ARE MORE RACIST THAN ME, India-icon.png INDIA, AND Bahrain-icon.png BAHRAIN COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BACK TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!! REMOVE BALUT FROM THE PREMISES!!!!!!!!!! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE! REMOVE!
    • East Philippines-icon.png East Philippinesball - WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! YUO JUST NOTHING BUT A Philippines-icon.png BALUT WHO DECLARED INDEPEDECE FROM ME AND WANTING TO UNITE WITH THAT Philippines-icon.png ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!! WELL FUCK YOU MY EVIL SON!!!!!!!!!
    • Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png Wildenese Monarchist Rebels - WHY DID YOU WANT TO REFORM MY EMPIRE, IT'S OF HISTORCAL!!!!!!! FUCK U!!!!!!!
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK YUO ATTACK Ukraine-icon.png UKRAINE!?!?!?!?!? OH MY FOAKING GOD!!!!!! YUO ARE EVEN WORSE THAN Fascist Andrew-icon.png THAT ASSHOLE AND Philippines-icon.png THIS SHIT COMBINED!!!!!!!
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - YOU!!! FREE Hong Kong-icon.png MY BROTHER AND THAT Taiwan-icon.png LITTLE ISLAND!!! SO FUCK YOU SHITHEAD!!! EVEN UK-icon.png MY DAD HATES YOU!!!
    • Japanese Empire-icon.png WORST EMPIRE THAT I EVER SEEN IN MY HISTORY - THE ACTUAL FOCK YOU’RE DOING TO MY HISTORY?!?!?! YOU ARE JUST NOTHING BUT A SCUM THAT’S EVEN WORSE THAN Philippines-icon.png WEST PHILIPPINESBALL, East Philippines-icon.png EAST PHILIPPINESBALL, Soviet-icon.png USSRBALL, Wildenese Empire-icon (furry).png MY FIRST REPUBLIC, AND- OOOOHHHH I’M TOO ANGRY TO COMPARE HOW WORSE YOU ARE!!!!! But thanks for killings of Filipinos on my clay.
    • Hipnolandball.png Hipnolandball - YUO ACTUAL SCUM, WHY THE FUCC YOU TREAT Illageria-icon.png MY FRIEND LIKE THIS?!?!?!?!
    • Espinelia-icon.png Espineliaball - YET, ANOTHER BALUT!!!


    Map of Wildenese states plus Croydon and Bougainville





    • It doesn’t recognize Philippines-icon.png West Philippinesball’s independence since 1946 because it kept claiming that the West is still a US territory and the East is still a Wildenese State.
    • It has the highest Personal Computers per capita.


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