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    File:Xakaw-icon.png Republic of Xakaw File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png
    Government(1950 - 1985) Absolute Monarchy-icon.png Absolute Monarchy under a Totalitarian Democracy

    (1985 - 1995) Authoritarian Ochlocratic Socialism under Daxlakism

    (1995 - 2000) Majoritarian National Sociocratic Populism under Kajyidism

    (2000 - 2018) File:Royalist-Republic-icon.png Federal Presidential Constitutional Royalist Republic

    (2018 - Present) Totalitarian National Populism-icon.png Populistic Oligarchy-icon.png Oligarchist Republic under Mjaushyuism, Family Dictatorship, Military Dictatorship and Electoral Dictatorship Dictator-icon.png
    Language(s)File:Xakaw-icon.png Xakawese File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png

    English-icon.png English

    French-icon.png French

    Dutch-icon.png Dutch

    Israel-icon.png Hebrew

    File:Arab-League-icon.png Arabic

    Italy-icon.png Italian

    Iran-icon.png Persian

    India-icon.png Hindi

    Thailand-icon.png Thai

    China-icon.png Mandarin (Chinese)

    Nepal-icon.png Nepali

    Bhutan-icon.png Dzongkha

    Sikkim-icon.png Sikkimese

    File:Xinjalka-icon.png Xinjelki File:Xinjalka-icon (Crown).png

    File:Xalkozesia-icon.png Xalkozesian File:Xalkozesia-icon (Crown).png
    CapitalFile:Xavizogae-icon.png Xavizogaeball
    AffiliationUN-icon.png UNball

    File:XTOC-icon.png Xakawese Tactical Oceanic Commissionball (Defunct by 2018 after Mjaushyu won the election)

    File:Mjaushyu Sphere-icon.png Mjaushyu Sphereball
    Religion(s)File:Xakaw-icon.png Xakawese Ethnic Religionball File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png

    Christian-icon.png Christianityball

    Jew-icon.png Judaismcube

    File:Muslim-icon.png Islamball

    Hinduism-icon.png Hinduismball

    Buddhism-icon.png Buddhismball

    File:Xinjalka-icon.png Xinjelki Ethnic Religionball File:Xinjalka-icon (Crown).png

    File:Xalkozesia-icon.png Xolkozismball File:Xalkozesia-icon (Crown).png

    Atheism-icon.png Atheismball
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsCurrent Friends:

    File:Dalawo-icon.png Dalawoball

    Italy-icon.png Italyball

    Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball

    Poland-icon.png Polandball

    Austria-icon.png Austriaball

    NATO-icon.png NATOball

    USA-icon.png UK's child (still love him though)

    Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball

    Spain-icon.png Spainball

    Portugal-icon.png Portugalball

    Japan-icon.png Japanball

    File:South-Korea-icon.png South Koreaball

    Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball

    Brazil-icon.png Brazilball

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball

    Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball

    Former Friends:

    India-icon.png Indiaball

    Nepal-icon.png NepalRawr

    Bhutan-icon.png Bhutanball

    Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball

    File:Xawaq-icon.png Xawaqball

    File:Kazajieo-icon.png Kazajieoball

    File:Hekohla-icon.png Hekohlaball File:Hekohla-icon (Helmet).png
    EnemiesEnglish-icon.png Commonwealthball

    UK-icon.png Limey

    Australia-icon.png Bogan

    New Zealand-icon.png Kiwifucker

    Canada-icon.png Canuck

    File:Isis-icon.png ISISball

    China-icon.png Chinaball

    Russia-icon.png Russiaball

    Belarus-icon.png Belarusball

    Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball

    Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladeshball

    Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball

    El Kadsre-icon.png El Kadsreball

    Taliban-icon.png Talibanball

    File:Gawaxana-icon.png Gawaxanaball

    File:Catazaserak-icon.png Catazaserakball
    LikesRight Wing Populism, Oligarchy, Xakawese Nationalism, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information, File:Xakawese Irredentism-icon.png Xakawese Irredentism, File:Xakawese Revanchism-icon.png Xakawese Revanchism, Xakawese Jingoism and trading to Fascist and Right Wing Populist countries.
    DislikesBritish Imperialism, British Commonwealth, Being a British Dominion, Imperialism, Exploitation, Obesity, Communism, Radical Islam, Monarchy, Democracy, Centrism and Pirate Politics and Criticism to the Regime.
    Historical information
    FoundedDec 21, 1950
    PredecessorFile:People's Republic of Xakaw-icon.png People's Republic of Xakawball File:People's Republic of Xakaw (with hat)-icon.png

    File:Xinjalka-icon.png Neo Xinjalkan Kingdomball File:Xinjalka-icon (Crown).png

    File:Xalkozesia-icon.png Neo Xalkozesian Kingdomball File:Xalkozesia-icon (Crown).png
    SuccessorFile:Gawaxana-icon.png Gawaxanaball File:Catazaserak-icon.png Catazaserakball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes

    Xakawball is a country located in Southern Asia border With Bangladeshball, Indiaball, NepalRawr, Bhutanball, Gawaxanaball and Catazaserakball.

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