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    File:Yuzk-icon.png Yuzkball File:Yuzk-icon (hat).png
    Nobody targets Yuzk!
    GovernmentAsian Republic-icon.png Unitary presidential constitutional republic
    PersonalityStubborn, jealous
    TypeMajapahit-icon.png Austronesian
    AffiliationASEAN-icon.png ASEANball
    Religion(s)Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism

    Christian-icon.png Christianity

    Islam-icon.png Islam
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsPhilippines-icon.png Philippinesball

    Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball

    Thailand-icon.png Thailandball

    India-icon.png Indiaball

    USA-icon.png USAball

    South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball

    North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball

    File:Saderafa-icon.png Even though I am capitalist

    Japan-icon.png Anime :)

    Republic of Guy-icon.png Republic of Guyball

    UK-icon.png UKball

    Israel-icon.png Refugees

    File:Minecraftia-icon.png Minecraftiaball

    Giboia-icon.pngRingia-icon.pngFile:Tiomunkebia-icon.png Removing Gacha Friends

    File:YinYangia-icon.png YinYangiaball

    Russia-icon.png Go destroy Ukraine!
    EnemiesEl Kadsre-icon.png El Kadsreball

    Ukraine-icon.png Flag Stealer

    East Timor-icon.png East Timorball

    File:Gachamania-icon.png Invaders!

    Sweden-icon.png HOME OF PEWDIEPIE

    ISIS-icon.png ISISball

    South Africa-icon.png In the Beninging

    Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball

    Iran-icon.png Iranball

    Eritrea-icon.png North Korea of Africa

    Spain-icon.png Free Catalonia!

    Azerbaijan-icon.png Fake Refugees

    Zgvto-icon.png Called me a schizo, so I hate him


    Vlokozu Union-icon.png Vlokozu Unionball
    LikesForests, temples, Vinjul Hantukos, Removing Gacha
    DislikesEl Kadsre-icon.png VICIOUS EL KADSREIANS!!! (NEVER FORGET 1973!), Being called Asian Ukraine, Jacob Zuma (He pronounced the word beginning "beninging"), Gays, Gacha
    Historical information
    FoundedMay 10, 1955
    PredecessorYuzki Empireball
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No
    BörkYuz Yuz
    Yuzkball is a island countryball in Southeast Asia.



    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - Brother. Lets his tourists visit my clay!
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - T-Series shall beat PewDiePie!


    • El Kadsre-icon.png El Kadsreball - Gib back my temples you scum! Yuzk stronk! Never forget 1973!
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - YOU FLAG STEALER YOU STOLE MY FLAG I ANSCHLUSS YOU!!!!!!
    • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball - 1987 NEVER FORGET!!! ALSO REMOVE PEWDIEPIE!!! T-SERIES STRONK!!!
    • Awzbseki-icon.png Awzbsekiball - YUO OF HATINGS ME FOR NO REASON??!! >:(
    • Zgvto-icon.png Zgvtoball - This evildoer called me a schizo!
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